Wired vs Wireless Earphones 2021 | A Complete Comparison to Help You

A Guide on Wired vs Wireless Earphones in India 2022

Wired vs Wireless earphones: Hi, if you are confused between wired and wireless earphones then you have visited the correct website. Here, I will differentiate you between wireless and wired earphones so that you can easily decide which best for you.

Wired vs Wireless Earphones
Wired vs Wireless Earphones

In today’s era, most of the people are using a wireless earphone and it looks very attractive. There are different types of wireless earphones like neckband, tws, and many more. You can get the best tws under 3000 in India that have really powerful bass and audio quality. As your budget increase, you get high-quality wireless and wired earphones.

Wired vs Wireless Earphones | A Complete Comparison to Help You in 2021

Most of the people in India are confused in deciding between a wired and a wireless earphone as in Indian market many wireless devices are available at a very cheap price and hence people get attractive. A wireless earphone indeed looks attractive but if you are thinking to buy a cheap wireless earphone then please change your decision. 

Wired EarphonesWireless Earphones
Less ExpensiveExpensive
No need to chargeNeed regular charging
Better sound qualitySlightly lag
Compatible with every deviceHas compatibility issue
Has wireNo wire
Easy to useNeed to connect to device for usage

So, these are the few points on which you can easily compare a wired earphone with a wireless earphone. Both of them have their pros and cons but you must check the table before you decide to purchase an earphone for yourself.

My opinion on Wired vs Wireless Earphones

Everyone has their own opinions on a different topic and there may be opinion conflict among 2 persons. Talking about my opinion, in a single line I would say that I LOVE WIRED Earphones but my current regular earphone is wireless. You may be thinking that why I am saying this and the reason is simply that currently I am testing OnePlus Buds for the last 6 months and you will soon find my review on it.

The reason I love wired earphones is that you get fantastic wired earphones at a very less price. Many TWS bud’s audios drop regularly while using and this is happening with my OnePlus Buds. Previously I have used boat and Sennheiser earphones which I loved it but this is not the case with TWS. The price of OnePlus Buds is 5000 which is triple the price of Sennheiser earphones, then also audio drops.

So, I would say that if your budget is around 3000 then go with a wired earphone as it will provide you a better audio experience. If you have any doubt or need any help then please comment below.