Why Is My Ceiling Fan Making Noise? – Here Is Possible Fix!

Why Is My Ceiling Fan Making Noise? – Here Is Possible Fix!

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Ceiling fans are commonly used appliances in many homes during all types of weather conditions for maximum comfort. So this appliance is one of the most running appliances in homes. Because of this reason, you may hear an irritating sound if something goes wrong in it. The noisy sound can interrupt your comfort and also sometimes may damage the appliance. So it is better to fix the issue before it becomes huge.

Your ceiling fan may create noise due to many reasons. Therefore, you need to understand the problem first in order to solve that. Here are some possible fixes to help you to solve the noise issue of your ceiling fan.

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1. Check If There Any Loose Screws

If your fan is making a clinking sound, then there may be loose parts in it. First, make sure to check the blade screws and tighten them properly. Also, such loosening of screws can be dangerous for your family. With checking the blade screws, you can also check the screws in the motor housing and switch housing and tighten them efficiently. You can do this easily by using a set of screwdrivers. After tightening all the screws, test the fan by running it to ensure there is no noise.

2. Clean The Ceiling Fan

In general, after installing a ceiling fan, many people leave it for months without cleaning. As a result, the fan gets dirty and collects grime on the blades and other parts. Because of the dust accumulation on the fan, it may become an imbalance and create unpleasant noise. So, by cleaning the ceiling fan, the noise may be eliminated. By using a damp rag, you can clean the dust and debris off the ceiling fan easily. First, you can clean the blades, fan housing, and then the canopy. After cleaning the fan, make sure the noise of the fan is minimized.

3. Check The Remote Control Receiver

If your ceiling fan uses a remote control system for operation, then you may get a buzzing noise during operation. Usually, such noise comes when the receiver of the remote control doesn’t function properly. So, check the receiver and if it is not functioning properly, then remove that and run the fan with a direct power supply. Now, make sure the humming sound is stopped.

4. Check The Light Attachment

Many ceiling fans include light attachments for a unique experience. They usually get loosened over time. Therefore, it is better to check this attachment to eliminate the noise of the fan. So take the cover out and clean it thoroughly. Then attach it to the fan and make sure the noise problem got solved.

5. Check The Canopy

Sometimes the canopy of the ceiling fan can create noise while operating. Therefore, you can also check the canopy of the fan to stop the noise. Check the canopy with your hand and make sure it is not moving. If there is any movement, then you need to tighten it to solve the issue. If the canopy is placed with a fastener, then you can use a screwdriver to tighten that appropriately. Now, check the fan and ensure that it is running without making noise.

6. Check The Capacitor

If the ceiling fan is not operating properly and making noise, then the problem may be due to the capacitor. You can test the fan by replacing the capacitor. You can also define this problem if there is a low voltage problem. So check the capacitor and replace it if required. After that, you can test the fan and ensure there is no noise.

7. Check The Fan Mounting:

Sometimes the noise may come from the mounting part of the fan due to rubbing with the ceiling joist. Over time the noise may increase and cause a bigger problem. So, you can use a standard hanger to reduce this rubbing noise. The hanger can mount the fan safely between the joists and reduce the rubbing noise.

8. Fix The Motor Cover

Many ceiling fans come with a motor cover that is located over the blades. Sometimes it gets loosen and creates noise. Therefore, you need to check the motor cover and tighten it to reduce the noise. To tighten the motor cover, you can turn off the fan and locate the screws on the motor cover. Now, tighten the cover with a screwdriver and ensure that it doesn’t rub with the blades. After tightening, turn the fan slowly to check whether the problem is still there.

9. Lubricate The Motor

The motor of a ceiling fan requires lubrication for optimal performance. So you can try lubricating the motor to minimize the noise. First, access the oil hole of your fan, which is located near the Downrod. Then apply a few drops of oil in that. Also, you can refer to the user manual of the fan to lubricate the motor properly. After lubricating the motor, make sure the problem stops.

10. Call An Electrician

If the above fixes don’t work or there is any sparking or bad smell in the ceiling fan, then you can consider calling a professional to address the issue. If the fan suddenly stops creating weird noises, then you should stop using the fan and get the help of an electrician to solve the problem.


Noising of a ceiling fan is a complex problem and needs to be solved immediately for better performance. Also, fixing this problem of a ceiling fan is easy, and any person can do it by following the instructions. With a set of repair accessories, you can easily solve this issue and make your fan run smoothly again.

We hope the above solutions can help you to address and resolve the noise issue of a ceiling fan.

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