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What is Table Fan Uses, Advantages and Disadvantages?

When you think about the scorching heat of the summer months, your mind is automatically reminded about the fans. Fans are one of the essential commodities of home and offices that acts as a cooling agent for the summer season. People can do without an air conditioning machine, but cannot survive the heat without a fan. It engages less power to run than the air conditioner and is easy to maintain. Everybody loves the cool breeze of the fan to beat the heat produced in the hotter months. There are several types of fans available in the market like tower fan, pedestal fan, table fan, and ceiling fan. Every fan has its uses and its pros and cons. People choose the one that suffices their needs and is also easy on the pocket. For example, in a large gathering, pedestal fans are hit, whereas for homes with lesser space tower and ceiling fans are sufficient. Today we will talk about the table fan in detail.

Features of a Table fan

  • Table fans are an easy and quick solution of cooling for both office and home environments.
  • Table fans just need to be placed on the desk and plugged into the PowerPoint to enjoy the cool breeze.
  • Some table fans come with a timer attached to it that automatically switches off the fan when not in use.
  • The new generation table fans are equipped with a remote control that helps you to change setting from a distance.
  • Most of the table fans are quiet yet they are powerful at work.
  • The oscillating head of the table fan ensures that a larger area is being cooler.

Uses of the Table fan

The table has a variety of purposes and that is why it is being preferred over many other models. The uses of the Table fan are:

  • The main use of the table fan is to get personalized cooling comfort at any corner of the room. Unlike the ceiling fan, this can be adjusted and placed anywhere as the requirement of the individual. The table fan is user-friendly and can be installed by anyone. Table fans can be considered when the ceiling fan is not able to deliver the required cooling effect inside a room.
  • Table fans come with a portable base and a cord that gets be easily connected to the pug point with the help of an extension board. As it is small and easy to carry, it can be placed even at outdoor locations like a garden, terrace, and balcony. During the summer months, it becomes difficult to stay outdoors, but at times you feel like getting connected to nature. A table fan would help you survive at the outdoor locations close to the greenery.
  • The table fan horizontally facilitates air ventilation so that effective ventilation prevails in rooms and other larger areas. The equal distribution of air allows you to relax even if you are seated at a distance from the table fan. That is the reason; table fans can be used in the library, hospitals, offices, and rooms. The 180-degree rotate feature of the table fan ensures equal distribution of the air throughout the room at specific intervals.
  • It is a fact that table fans work at a higher speed than the ceiling fans and this is one of the attractive features that draw attention. The blades move much faster and help in cooling up space earlier. When you come home after a hectic day, you can quickly cool your body and mind when you sit in front of the table fan.
  • The new improved versions of the table fan come with remote control. You can make the speed changes easily with it. Even the oscillation of the fan can be controlled with the help of the remote control. That way you can make the required changes to the table fan even from a distance. You don’t have to manually move and adjust the fan’s speed by going near it.

Advantages of a Table fan

The table fans serve as a favourable option in terms of durability, economic needs, and flexibility. The several advantages of a table fan are mentioned below:

  • Can be placed anywhere conveniently– One of the basic convenience of the table fan is that it can be placed and carried away anywhere. Unlike the air conditioners and the ceiling fans, table fans aren’t fixed to any particular surface and hence can be moved. It can easily be placed at the side of the table or any corner of the room. You can even carry it to your balcony and terrace.
  • Reaches wider space– Because of the fan’s portability, the fan reached too far off the length with the help of the extension cord. That is the reason it can be carried to your garden or any picnic spot. Even when being close to nature, you can enjoy the cool breeze of the table fan and stay cool anywhere.
  • Equal distribution of air– The equal distribution of air that emits from the table fan horizontally provides ventilation. It keeps your room more ventilated than any other ventilation proving systems. You wouldn’t feel suffocated even in a small room if you have a table fan placed at one of the corners. The 180-degree rotate feature of the table fan assures that everyone present in the room gets the soothing breeze of the fan at regular intervals.
  • Remote control feature– The design and the technology of the appliances are constantly upgraded to match up the levels of advancement. Better convenience is always targeted in all the upgrades. The new generation table fans are equipped with remote control. You can easily regulate the speed and direction of the fan just by clicking the buttons on the remote control. You can also switch on and off with the help of the remote control. This makes operating the fan hassle-free.
  • Decorative item– The table fan serves the secondary purpose of decoration. Even if there is no use of the table fan in a household, they can use it as a piece of decoration of their living room. It forms a quirky decor accent or a vintage decor form. You can choose from several colours and sizes available on the online or offline shops to decorate your home. It is advisable to choose the option that would best compliment the hue of the wall.
  • Budget-friendly– We all know that there are several options for ventilating a room. The air conditioners are the best form, however, fail to perform during the winter months and also it is quite expensive. The ceiling fans are less capable of conditioning the air. Table fans are the ones that offer a budget-friendly option for you and can work on all seasons. Nothing can beat the capacity of the latest high-speed table fan and it is one the greatest option for an affordable cooling solution.
  • Less energy consumption– The table fan consumes a very less amount of energy to operate. It requires around 50-100 watts, which is way too lower than the air conditioner that uses 900 watts of energy power. The table fans save you from getting a high amount of electricity bills during the summer months.

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Disadvantages of the Table fan

Every item has its pros and cons. Even though table fan has a great ability to perform and is preferred by many, still there are some disadvantages of this fan. The disadvantages are mentioned below.

  • The blades can cause accidents– Table fans are powerful fans and the blades rotate at a high speed. The blades are caged inside the case, however; there is space for a finger to go inside. That is why keeping table fans at the reach of the children can prove to be dangerous.
  • More consumption of electricity– Table fans generally do not consume much electricity, however, the upgraded fans that come with numerous features tend to eat up more power energy. If the fan is keep switched on for a longer duration, the bill of the electricity can be huge.
  • Tough to maintain– It is not very easy to maintain a table fan as the cleaning process is tough. One has to open up the cage to reach the blades and then clean the blades with a cloth. The process is time taking and tedious.
  • The chords can be dangerous– The chords of the fan is allowed to lie on the floor can cause accidents. It is a bit difficult to manage the whole thing.

If you avoid the petty disadvantages, the table fan has always proved to be a beneficial item of every house. At the present time, the purchases of the table fans have incredibly increased a lot. There are various kinds of table fans available in the market to choose from. It is sure that once you start using a good table fan, you would get used to it. Also Check : best ceiling fans under 1500

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