Usha food processor 3810 vs 3811 | Usha FP 3810 vs 3811 Analysis 2023

Usha food processor 3810 vs 3811 | Comparison 2023

Hi, if you are also confused between Usha food processor 3810 vs 3811 then here you have visited the right website as you will get a complete difference between USHA FP 3810 and 3811.

If you are searching for Usha FP 3810 vs 3811, it means that you are interested in USHA brand food processor but confused about both the models. So do not worry, many people like you are confused, and been confused means you are on the right path of choosing the best food processor for yourself.

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Usha food processor 3810 vs 3811
Usha food processor 3810 vs 3811

I have also created a chart that will help you in differencing both Usha food processor models.

Usha food processor 3810 vs 3811 | Usha FP 3810 vs 3811 with Details Analysis 2023

While I was searching Usha food processor 3810 vs 3811 during my research, I came to know that most people have certain doubts that are not be cleared. So, this post will guide to with a complete analysis so that you can easily understand Usha FP 3810 vs 3811 specifications with differences.

Both the USHA models are good with their features and come with many accessories that will help you in different ways. You can easily make juice, chop vegetables and do all other works.

Firstly, I would like to tell you a little about both the products so that you can know the specifications of both and then a comparison table that will clear all your doubt within a minute.

Usha FP 3810

The design of this USHA FP 3810 comes with a box design having the motor on which you have to keep different jars for a different purpose. The body is made of Plastic and stainless steel that makes the body very strong.

On the front side, a grey color speed knob is provided that helps in changing the speed of the motor. It comes with 3 levels of speed which you can choose from. The motor comes with complete copper wire binding with 1000W of the motor. Very few food processors come with such powerful motors and this motor makes the machine a kitchen beast for making food.

You get 3 jars and 1 main big bowl for using the food processor. The main bowl comes with 2.4 liters while the blender jar comes with 1.5 liters, the multipurpose jar comes with 1 liter, and the chutney jar with 0.5 liters. The 2 jar comes with stainless-steel body with other 2 jars are completely transparent.

Through this processor, you can make juice, atta kneading, chopping, slicing, and many more functions easily. The base comes with anti-skid legs and proper airflow is also provided. This device comes with 2 years of warranty and overall a really good product to bring in the kitchen.

Usha FP 3811

The design of this USHA FP 3811 is slightly different from USHA FP 3810. The height of the lower part is slightly high and at the front side speed controlling knob is provided which is grey. The complete body is made of strong plastic and stainless steel. The design is really attractive.

The knob comes with a 2-speed option for changing the speed of the motor while using it. The food processor comes with 1000 watts of motor that can be used to perform many different functions in the kitchen. If you are looking for a powerful food processor then this is a good option.

With this food processor, you get a total of 5 different jars and a bowl. The main transparent bowl comes with 3.5 liters of capacity, a transparent blender with 1.8 liters, and 2 stainless steel jars. One multi-purpose jar comes with 1.2 liters and another chutney jar comes with 0.5 liters of capacity. You also get a dedicated centrifugal juicing attachment that can be used in making juice easily.

With the help of this food processor, you can easily use it for slicing, making juice, chutney, grating, atta kneading, and many other uses. It comes with legs that are made vacuum with the base so that it does not move while heavy uses. Overall, a good product that comes with extra capacity and is good for a medium-size family.

Which Food Processor is Best? | Usha FP 3810 vs 3811

Above I have given a complete detailed specification of both the USHA models so you can easily understand that what you will get in both the food processors. Below is a table to provide a complete difference between Usha FP 3810 and 3811.

Comparison Table: Usha Food Processor 3810 vs 3811

SpecificationsUsha FP 3810Usha FP 3811
SafetyOverload protection and safety lockOverload protection and safety lock
Accessories13 different accessories13 different accessories
Warranty2-year warranty2-years of product warranty and 5 years of motor warranty
CapacityLess CapacityMore Capacity
Main Bowl2.4 litre3.5 litre
JuicerNo dedicated centrifugal juicerDedicated Centrifugal Juicer
Speed3 speed settings + pulse2 Speed settings + Pulse
PriceLow PriceSlightly High

So, through this table, you can easily understand the difference between Usha food processor 3810 and 3811. This table will help you in understanding both models very clearly.

My Opinion on Usha food processor 3810 vs 3811

As both the food processors are really good and come with almost all the functions that a food processor must-have. In Usha FP 3811 food processors, you get an extra capacity of bowl and jars when compare to Usha 3810. You also get extra centrifugal juice in 3811 for juicing but in USHA 3810 you get a normal jar for juicing.

In my opinion, USHA FP 3811 is best but if you do not make juice regularly then Usha 3810 is good for you. The final decision is in your hands that which food processor you want.

If you have any doubt or need any query regarding the Usha food processor 3810 vs 3811 then just comment below. I would love to help you.

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