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Tower Fan Vs Pedestal Fan: Which is better?

Fans are one of the essential commodities of the house. No one can think about surviving without a fan, especially during the summer months. Not everyone is capable of spending much on an air conditioning unit. Fans are relatively less expensive and the power consumption is also less. It is the best option to keep your home cool in hotter times of the year. They will leave your rooms chilled and you can comfortably feel the chill at home.

There are many types of fans available in the market like a desk fan, tower fan, ceiling fan, and pedestal fan. Deciding on the right type of fan for your home can be a challenging task. It solely depends on your budget, size of the room, and your personal preference. Today we are here with a comparison between the tower fan and the pedestal fans. This article might help you decide on which one to buy.

Definition of a Tower and a Pedestal fan

Tower fans

They are a tower-shaped fan with a rotating base. It is tall and has inlets on the side to pull in the air. The tower fans blow the air out at an angle of 90-degree and therefore they can cover a wider area. Some of the tower fans are equipped with a dust filter as well.

Pedestal fans

They are oscillating fans that run on electricity and are supported by a detachable and adjustable stand. The pedestal fans use a single-phase AC induction motor and the blade is attached to the spindle that extends to the motor.

Differences between Tower Fan and Pedestal Fan as per their features

Height –

Both the tower and the pedestal fans are tall fans; however, the difference lies in airflow. Tower fans blow air from their entire length and the pedestal fans stand mighty and high, blowing air only from a specific height. As the pedestal fans blow air from a height, they can be accustomed to any object. They are neither a next-generation fan nor have a pretty look, but can be conveniently located behind a couch or any other furniture. On the other hand, the tower fans cannot be located behind an object, as they would block the airflow from the fan. They have to be placed in front of you so that the airflow reaches you optimally.

Power –

The power of the airflow is different in both the fans. Pedestal fans are considered as a real powerhouse when it comes to airflow. They can work so dynamically because they work in the same way in which the old propeller planes used to get powered. This tells you how powerful they can get. The latest models of the pedestal fans pack an awesome amount of force behind them. They have powerful optimized fan blades and also possess sturdy bases. It is capable of providing as much airflow as you need. The tower fans work more like old windmills or turbines. A spinning set of the blade is used to spin up and shoot out air through their opening.

Noise –

There is a huge difference in the noise made by the tower and pedestal fan. The tower fan no matter how modern it emits more sound than the pedestal fans.

The mechanism with which it works is nosier than the tower fans. The tower fan is equipped with turbine-shaped blades throughout the entire tower, which spins around inside the cylinder. This makes it louder than a pedestal fan. On the other hand, you can barely hear the blades spinning even when the pedestal fan is set on the highest setting. The noise that you would be able to her is because of the strong airflow from the blades of the fan.

Mobility –

Both the tower and pedestal fan is the same for the mobility feature. Both are easy to be moved from one place to another. The hassles of the plugs are there and their weight is also the same. As the pedestal fan can be placed behind any object, therefore, it serves to be a great office fan.

Space –

Both the Tower and the Pedestal fans are great space savers, however, they have different reasons. Tower fans are mostly sleek in design, easy to be placed, and barely occupy any floor space. These features make it one of the best fans to be positioned next to your bed or couch. When you have limited floor space, then tower fans are the best option for you. There is a huge sturdy base attached to the pedestal fans. This is necessary because of the extra power they have and to balance the whole fan while it works with full force. The pedestal fan requires little more space because of the base; however, they make it up by making the airflow to a longer distance. That implies that you have more options to place them.

Extra features –

Both the new advanced pedestal and tower fans are well equipped with plenty of features that help you to conveniently use the fans. Features like oscillation, various modes, remote control, child locks, and timer setting are available in the modern models of the fans.

Looks –

The tower fans look incredibly good and it also forms a decorative piece of the home. The sleek, slender, and tall design make blends in well and complements the modern living spaces. Pedestal fans are brilliant in power; however, they are not as glamorous as the tower fans. Their looks are monotonous as there is nothing much to improve on the fans. Some of the latest models look respectable and look sober when kept at a corner of the room.

Price –

The price is almost the same for both the fans. The price range of the fans falls between $20 to $80. Pedestal fans have a super high-end category, which can go above $100. The reason behind this is that it is powerful, silent, and super reliable. It will last for a decade and will never give up. The maintenance costs of the pedestal fans are also quite low.

Advantages of the Tower Fan:

  • Broad pricing range– No other fans give the freedom of choice as the tower fan gives. They come with a wide range of pricing which most of the modern-day customers expect.
  • It can be accommodated in a variety ofspaces – The base of the fan isn’t wide like the pedestal fan, hence you can place the tower fan even in congested spaces.
  • Extra benefits– The tower fans are the new generation fans that come with versatile features. For example, special features like lionizer or a nightlight would be available only in tower fan.
  • Air purification– Several tower fans are equipped with an ionizing feature built to purify the air. They help prevent dust and is good for asthma patients.
  • Safety and easy to clean– The fan blades of this fan are encased inside the units so there are very few chances of getting injured. You just have to clean the grill of the fan with a brush and it is easier than cleaning any other fans.

Its Disadvantages:

  • Not very powerful– The airflow is not very powerful to cover large spaces and cool them. It does not serve as a replacement for the air conditioning.
  • Noisy– Some of the tower fans make a loud noise while they function.

Advantages of the Pedestal Fan

  • Airflow control– The best thing about the pedestal fans are that you are it allows you to control the direction of the airflow. You can adjust it up and down and also left and right. Most of the time you can control the tilt of the fan also.
  • Area of the airflow– The actual area where the air flows are larger than any other fans. You are well aware of the airflow and you can adjust the seating arrangement likewise. The pedestal fan can reach larger spaces.
  • Very powerful– The pedestal fans are generally more powerful than the tower fans because of the large-sized blades.
  • A good option for the offices– For official use, people are less concerned about the looks instead, they search out for a fan that functions great. Offices have huge rooms; hence, pedestal fans are perfect for office use.

Its disadvantages

  • Can’t fit into smaller spaces– To fit in a pedestal fan, you need a more huge space. They are unable to move into congested spaces because of the wide base.
  • Less in safety– The blades of the pedestal fans are encased in grills, which have spaces left for a finger to squeeze in. Therefore, it is dangerous for kids.
  • Do not have a filter– Unlike the tower fan, the pedestal fan is not equipped with any filtration feature to make the air pure.

Tower fans are practical and a new generation fan. It is well equipped with various advanced features to suit your needs. Pedestal fans on the other hand is dynamic and powerful. It has more control over the airflow and is good for larger spaces. You should go with the one that would ultimately suffice your needs and expectations.