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Tower Fan Vs Air Cooler: Which is Better?

The soaring summer temperatures desperately call for a home cooling appliance for our comfort. An air conditioner would be a great option but is high priced and consumes high electricity levels. For people looking for some affordable options within a limited budget, a pedestal fan, air cooler or table fan are good alternatives. Both serve fans and coolers serve the same purpose, but are different on various levels like their cooling capacity, electricity consumption, etc. Often people get confused while choosing the better one out of the two. This article differentiates and compares a tower fan and an air cooler, helping you to select the right one.

Before we proceed further, we have provided you with a short detailing of their mechanism.

What Are Tower Fans?

As the name goes, it’s a tall tower shaped fan, which is fixed at a base over which it revolves. The height of the fan spreads air across a wide area at a 90° angle, giving more coverage. There’s a small inlet at one corner of the fan, which draws in atmospheric air. A fan works on the arrangement of blades and an impeller.

Nowadays, with upgradations and latest innovations, most tower fans have an inbuilt dehumidifier and air purifier system, ionizers, and remote control systems in them. Tower fans come with a detachable air filter. The purpose of this air filter is to pull in dust and pollens if present inside the room. They don’t cool the atmospheric air. They circulate air inside a room, covering a huge area. Continuous circulation of air results in evaporation of your body sweat, giving you a cooling effect.

What is an air cooler? 

An air cooler works on the principle of vaporising water. Using a set of water cooling systems and fans, the air cooler pulls the hot atmospheric air. The water inside the cooler absorbs the heat from the air, leaving it with cool air to be circulated from the device. If you aren’t financially stable enough to afford an air conditioning system, you can prefer buying an air cooler. Of course, it isn’t as efficient in cooling air conditioning systems are, but it would provide you with satisfactory services.

Choose a wet type cooler, as they are more efficient than the dry ones. Firstly, users need to add water to the storage chamber. When turned on, the blower pulls the atmospheric air to the chamber. The water inside the chamber consumes the heat of the outside air, evaporating slowly. Meanwhile, cool air is thrown into the room, reducing the temperature considerably.

As we can see, a tower fan simply circulates the air to a wide area. Whereas, an air cooler serves you with cool air, providing you with comfort and relief during hot summers. This is most importantly, why air coolers are much efficient home cooling appliances. An air cooler continually provides cool air, helping the room temperature cool down.

Read below to know about the features of both appliances. It would make it easier to compare the two.

Features of tower fans 

  • Tower fans are safe for households. The newest models of fans have a special cover that protects the blades of the fans. Some models don’t even have blades. Thus, if you are having kids at home, buying a tower fan would be a better option.
  • As we said, modern fans come in a variety of aesthetic designs, Which are pleasing to anyone’s eyes. There are hundreds of looks and designs to choose from, which are sure to fit in any interior decor. The newest models are slim and modern which would meet any requirement of homeowners.
  • Modern tower fans have a timer function, allowing you to control the device as and when you want! Using the time option, you can set the functioning duration of the fan and after the set period, it would automatically go off. This feature is helpful if you prefer to have fresh air inside your room before going to bed.
  • One of the best features that a tower fan has is its inbuilt Ionisers. They make the appliance, especially useful for asthma patients or for anyone who has allergies from dust. Ionisers absorb the dust, pollen, or other particles if present inside the room, thus helping the fan circulate fresh air.
  • Users also get a lot of other modern features in today’s fans like humidifier function, misting fan mode, etc.

Features of air coolers

  • The cooling pads fitted in modern air coolers are made using cellulose materials. They can retain water for a longer time, thereby enhancing the cooling efficiency of the appliance.
  • The latest air coolers make use of copper motor fans. Copper being an extremely good conductor of electricity increases the longevity of the motor and lets the appliance consume less electricity. However, air coolers consume more power than tower fans do.
  • Most of the modern models allow users to add ice cubes to the storage chamber which facilitates cooling further. Make sure not to add excess ice, because it will prevent evaporation of water.
  • Another convenient feature is marking the water level. This lets the users know about the water level inside the chamber without having to look into the appliance.
  • Similar to modern fans, air coolers too come with remote control systems. Now, you can regulate the fan speed of the cooler at the press of a button.

In certain aspects, buying a fan is more beneficial than an air cooler. For example, tower fans don’t emit noises and let you be in peace. On the other hand, air coolers can be noisy. However, with better features being added, the latest models of air coolers function much better than the old ones. Let’s examine the advantages of tower fans and air coolers individually

Advantages of using a tower fan 

  • Space-saving, stable and portable

Tower fans are extremely lightweight. They are slender and tall and can fit into any corner of your room. Also, being lightweight you can shift it easily from one corner to the other.

  • Circulate fresh air

They have built-in air filters and Ionisers which absorb dirt and dust and pollens if present inside the room. Thus tower fans provide you with a pure environment to breathe in.

  • Low energy consumption

They consume less electricity. Also, you can set the timer and the fan will automatically shut down after the set period.

Advantages of air coolers

  • Portability

Air coolers aren’t permanent units and can be easily carried. Though, shifting them is a bit tough than shifting tower fans. Some models even have caster wheels which make carrying them even easier.

  • Easy to install

Air coolers are easily installable. You don’t have to call engineers or technicians. The job can be done by an adult. All you need to keep in mind is fox it outside or close to a window for better functioning and cooling.

  • Health benefits

Through the process of natural cooling, air coolers don’t interfere with your good health.

The appliance makes use of only air and water for cooling. In places of high temperatures and low humidity, air coolers are the best cooling appliance to be used.

Similar to the advantages, each of them has its disadvantages. Let’s see some of them.

Disadvantages of tower fans 

  • Less efficient than air coolers

Tower fans, as we said, circulate the hot atmospheric air at high speed, resulting in evaporation of your body sweat. The relief and comfort it provides is nothing when compared to the cooling efficiency of an air cooler or AC.

  • Less Durable

Some models aren’t durable enough. In the long run, you have to spend more money for their proper maintenance and functioning. So, it becomes stress and hassle maintaining them.

  • Airflow direction

Yes, tower fans oscillate, but they don’t offer a range of control regarding the airflow direction. Users need to move the entire fan unit manually, to get air at a particular position.

  • Noise Levels

Some modern models are noise-free. You need to purchase the right model because some models are too noisy.

Disadvantages of air coolers 

  • Noisy: 

Both the blower and the fan create enough noise, when the cooler is operated, which happens to be disturbing enough for the people inside the room. However, to overcome the issue, you can install the air cooler outside the window.

  • Difficult to maintain

Air coolers need to be taken care of if continually for their proper functioning. Also, adding water to the storage chamber every time is an added hassle. If you are facing water shortages, you won’t be able to use the cooler.

  • Breeds germs

When the air cooler operates, the water stored inside evaporates, causing a rise in humidity. This, in turn, fosters the growth of germs like bacteria, mold, viruses, etc. in the water. Because of this unhealthy side effect, asthma patients must be cautious.

It’s evident how an air cooler is more effective in cooling the room temperature than a fan is. What people look for is comfort and relief during summers, which a cooler is better at providing us with when compared. The entire room gets cooled down and the cool air is uniformly distributed throughout the space unlike tower fans, which cover a wide area but have one-directional airflow. Modern-day air coolers come with a sanitising technique that kills bacteria or other germs that breed in the stored water, thus providing users with healthy, clean air to breathe in.

Keeping in mind every aspect of both appliances, air coolers are the better option. They are practical, cooling efficient, convenient, and healthy. Most importantly, they provide us with our most needed relief and comfort whenever needed.

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