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Rechargeable Fan Uses, Advantages and Disadvantages

With the summer season knocking at the door, many of us are thinking about installing a better fan to counter the stark heat that is just around the corner. Air conditioning is of course one of the smoothest ways to enjoy the cool environment at your home, but with the increasing environmental awareness around us, air conditioners are increasingly being replaced by efficient fans. The summertime in the east is one of the most dreaded seasons and the fright increases when you are reminded of the consistent power cuts of your locality. Even just imaging those days of sweaty afternoons and humid mornings and evenings are enough to give you nightmares and keep you awake at night. Here we are going to talk about such appliances that will solve this problem of power cuts forever. They are yet to reach the fame that they deserve. So for people who have not heard of it yet and are in utter amazement, the name is fans, rechargeable fans.

Fret not, as we have brought to you a solution to all your problems. Rechargeable fans are the answer to all your worries. It is one of the most efficient pieces of the appliance of this century. The best part of the appliance is that it can work even when there is a power cut, without an inverter. All you need to do is to keep changing its batteries and keep enjoying fresh air anytime you want. If you were unaware of the presence of such a great inventory of mankind, then it’s high time that you gain some knowledge about it. No need to go elsewhere as we bring the bag of knowledge right at your fingertips, just a few scrolls away!

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What is a rechargeable fan?

Rechargeable fans are not a different category of fans. It can be a ceiling fan or a pedestal fan or a wall mount fan or any other. What is different in it is the way it is built. It comes equipped with machinery within it that enables it to store power and later use it to work the blades even at times of power cuts. This is one of the most useful reasons why being the owner of a rechargeable fan pays off a good time. If you are wondering as to if you should buy a rechargeable fan or not, then do read along. As you read you will see the advantages and disadvantages that the appliance might possess. Depending on the information you could take the decision to or not buy the fan.

Rechargeable fans have batteries that give you genuine and efficient service even when there is a power cut. It can carry on with its stored power for quite a long time. However, if the power is absent fir too long then the device would just stop working. There are other  many problems that you would have to face if you are the owner of a rechargeable fan. Then why do people still go for such fans?! It is a valid enough query, and the answer is not too hard either. The appliance has a plethora of advantages that compel its customers to buy one from the latest collection

Uses of a rechargeable fan: 

When a product spreads throughout the market, there is more than one reason behind it. A rechargeable fan too has multiple uses. Let us now take a look at some of its characteristics that helped it to make and keep a firm grip on its hard-earned position in the market.


They are available in varied shapes and sizes. While most people prefer to have smaller sizes of the fans to accommodate them in their homes, many customers want their appliances to be extravagant as well. The fans cater to all such demands of all such customers. However, it is often advised to opt for a smaller appliance to save space and for more convenience. Size may not matter usually, but in this case, it does. If the size of the fan is small enough, it also helps in convenient enough locomotion of the fan.

Multiple uses

The rechargeable fans have more than one uses. Some come equipped with inbuilt machinery that enables them to be used as automobiles in many cases too. The larger ones, however, do not usually have this advantage.

Medical benefits: 

Rechargeable fans have variable airflow that helps in smooth breathing. Many of us have breathing problems due to the increasing pollution levels across the globe. Those individuals can especially benefit from the smooth and variable speed of the air that the fans produce.

Battery capacity:

The fans work on batteries. While buying the gold you must remember to take a look at the batteries, as except for batteries the device has no other way to function. However, these batteries prove to be very helpful as and when there are power cuts as then they can give service to you for longer periods than a fan run by inverter.

  • Advantages of a rechargeable fan:

Any appliance must have some added advantages that other appliances do not. That is what makes them desirable to customers. The advantages that rechargeable fans have are what make it so special and innovative. Here we have tried to jot down some of the advantages that rechargeable fans offer.

  1. The rechargeable fan will come fully equipped with all its parts and machinery. All you need to do just is to plug it in and start using it.
  2. They are battery-run. They are designed in a way that they will work even after a power cut without the availability of electricity. After a power cut, it can go on on its battery capacity for quite a while.
  3. The rechargeable fans come with fittings and fixtures in their packages. If and when a customer wants them to be put up on their walls or ceilings, they can do so easily. No extra cost is related to the affair.
  4. The smaller rechargeable fans are easily portable as well. They can be taken from one place to another pretty easily. It is hence convenient as well.
  • Disadvantages of rechargeable fans: 

Nothing on earth is completely hood or bad. Everything that is man-made or natural, has flaws and defects. However, those flaws are what make them perfectly imperfect. In the case of electrical machinery, however, the lesser the defects the better is the appliance. The rechargeable fans give you exactly that. They are of course not devoid of any flaw but they are minimised to the greatest extent possible. Let us now take a look at the demerits that the fans pose for their customers.

  1. Even though one of the major advantages of rechargeable fans is that it can be run on battery, it is here important to note that if the power is gone for too long it is of no use. If the power is gone for too long a period then the fan too becomes useless.
  2. Again, if the batteries provided in the appliance are faulty then the whole appliance becomes faulty. The fans do not become just faulty, they rather prove to be completely useless. While buying a rechargeable fan, it is important to check the batteries fitted in the device.
  3. Rechargeable fans are inefficient in cooling larger rooms. Especially if you have purchased a smaller fan to save up on space and for convenience of portability, the fan will surely not be able to cool a large room. This problem can of course be minimised but not eradicated.

All in all rechargeable fans are the future of electrical home appliances. It is important to mention that electrical appliances are delicate. If the appliance goes wrong or dysfunctional for once it would be impossible to bring back the proper kind of efficiency in the device again. This is the case for all appliances we know. Even for a phone, if and when it starts to get hand for a few times, there is no turning back to save it. So it is advised that whenever you buy items of daily use and electrical use, the best option is to check everything and then go for the purchase.

 Indeed one of the best innovations to date, rechargeable fans are worth a try. If you live in a locality with frequent power cuts then this appliance is just for you. It will serve you even when your entire locality is suffering from grave problems. Summers in the eastern countries are not easy times, especially in the humid regions. These fans have hence gained special popularity in such nations. They are efficient and convenient to be carried around as well. If you have not yet bought a rechargeable fan, it is high time you could try and own one. After all, it is one of the wisest purchases a person could ever make.

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