Philips Trimmer QT4011 vs Mi Trimmer | Which is Best in 2023?

Philips Trimmer QT4011 vs Mi Trimmer | Which is the Best Trimmer 2023?

Philips Trimmer qt4011 vs Mi Trimmer: Are you looking to buy the best trimmer under your budget but you are confused between Philips qt4011 and Mi Trimmer then here all your doubts would be cleared with full packed information?

We all know that trimmer is one of the most essential products every man should have and while purchasing a trimmer there are many points which should be considered like charging time, blade quality, look, and many more specifications.

Philips Trimmer QT4011 vs Mi Trimmer
Philips Trimmer QT4011 vs Mi Trimmer

Here, I will guide you and tell you that which trimmer you should buy with a full explanation so that all your confusion is cleared and you make a good decision.

Philips Trimmer qt4011 vs Mi Trimmer: Detail Guide 2023

Just check a detailed comparison to find that which trimmer is best for you to trim your beard. Both the trimmers are really good but the comparison will help to know that which is good to choose.

Philips qt4011

This trimmer has a very simple look and comes in black color with a red wheel. You can charge the trimmer for 1 hour to get 90 minutes of cordless use. The blades come with 20 different lock settings from 0.5mm to 10 mm and have 0.5mm precision.

Talking about the blades, it is made of titanium which is self-sharpening. This means blades are more skin-friendly as compared to stainless steel and will give you the best trimming experience after many uses also. You can easily remove the head and clean it with running water to remove the hairs and then dry it before putting back.

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Within the box, you get a charger through which you can charge this Philips trimmer. There is a LED light that turns green when the battery is full and orange when the battery is low. The light blinks green while charging.

You get the 2 years of warranty + 1 year when you register. So totally you get 3 years of warranty by Philips which shows the quality of the trimmer.

Mi Trimmer

Mi is one of the best companies which gives good products at less cost and it is a Chinese’s company. The look of the trimmer is very premium and comes with a matte finish. You can charge the trimmer for 2 hours and can be used cordless for 90 minutes and it also charges quickly for instant use when the trimmer is completely discharged. You can charge the device with any micro USB cable and you use the device while charging also.

The blades of the trimmer are made of Stainless steel which is self-sharpening blades and hence is skin-friendly to use. It has 40 different length settings with 0.5mm precision. You can clean the blades and whole body with running water as the device comes with IPX7 ratings and also comes with a safety lock that can be used while traveling.

This trimmer comes with 1 year of warranty and overall, the device comes with really good specifications.

Which trimmer to buy: Philips Trimmer QT4011 vs Mi Trimmer

So, above we have discussed all the specifications of Philips and Mi trimmer and know the time to know which trimmer is best to buy.

Here, you will get to know which trimmer is best and which one you should buy. A comparison table is made so that you can easily understand.

Comparison of Trimmer: Specification wise 2023

SpecificationsPhilips QT4011Mi Trimmer
LookSimple LookPremium Look
BladesTitanium (best for skin)Stainless Steel (good for skin)
Battery1 hour’s charge, 90 min use2 hours charge, 90 min use
Cutting Length0.5-10 mm (0.5mm precision)0.5-20 mm (0.5mm precision)
CleaningDetachable head to clean with waterFull body can be cleaned with water (IPX7 rating)
Warranty2+1 years1 years
Customer SupportExcellentNormal
PriceCheck PriceCheck Price

So, from the above comparison table, it is clear that both the trimmer has good specifications. Blades of Philips are made of Titanium which is more skin-friendly but the Mi Trimmer is completely waterproof.

Talking about customer service is really important and very few people talk about this. So, Philips has very good customer service as compared to Mi.

So, in my opinion, you should go with Philips trimmer in 2023 as it has good features and customer support but if you want to spend less then Mi is best.

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