Mi Trimmer vs Philips BT3221 Trimmer Review | Which is the best Trimmer in 2023

Mi Trimmer vs Philips BT3221 Trimmer Review | Which is the best Trimmer in 2023?

Mi Trimmer vs Philips BT3221: Hi, want to buy a trimmer but are confused between Mi Trimmer and Philips BT3221 trimmer then stick with this article to find that which trimmer is best to consider. Both the trimmer comes from the best companies and both are very popular trimmers. So, comparing both the trimmers will be interesting.

I have personally used both the trimmer which will help me to compare this and you will get the best comparison.

Philips BT3221 vs Mi Trimmer
Philips BT3221 vs Mi Trimmer

Mi Trimmer vs Philips BT3221 Trimmer: Detailed Comparison Review 2023

Before comparing both the products, firstly you will get to know all the specifications of both the products so that you know the basic information and then we will compare both the products through a table so that you can easily know which one is best.

Mi Trimmer

best mi trimmer under ₹1500
best mi trimmer under ₹1500

This trimmer comes with a unique design and premium look with black color. The design is made in such a way that you can easily control it while trimming. The blades of this trimmer are made of stainless steel and have 40 different length settings having 0.5mm precisions. The blades are made of stainless steel and have self-sharpening technology.

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When comes to battery, you can use the trimmer for 90 minutes when you charge the Mi trimmer for 2 hours and you get a charging cable inside the box which can be used with any smartphone adapter. This trimmer can be used corded and cordless. The device comes with IPX7 ratings which means that this trimmer is fully waterproof. You can completely wash the trimmer with water so that hair is removed from it.

It comes with a travel lock which means the trimmer is completely safe during traveling.

Philips BT3221/15

Philips BT3221 Titanium blade
Philips BT3221 Titanium blade

We all know that there are many trimmers launched by Philips which are loved by people because of their performance.

Here, Philips has 2 trimmers with model BT3221/15 in which 1 has more battery backup than the other while all other features are the same. The trimmer which has more battery is black and the price is also high while the other is green in color. Here, we will compare it with the green color variant but below you will get the link of both color trimmers.

Talking about the trimmer, it has a simple but attractive look and design with a great finish. It comes in green color and has 20 different lock settings from 0.5mm to 10mm having 0.5mm precisions and the blades are made of titanium steel which does not heat when used for a long time. The blade’s tip is rounded so that your skin does not get hurt.

Talking about the battery, you can use the trimmer for 60 minutes when charged for 1.5 hours. You can use the trimmer while charging also which is a good thing. There is a battery indicator LED on the trimmer to know when the battery is empty or full. You can clean the blades with water and put them in the body when it is dry because the body is not waterproof. 

The design of the comb of this trimmer is made in a way that while trimming the comb will lift the low-lying hair so that you get the smooth trimming experience.

Which trimmer to buy: Mi Trimmer vs Philips BT3221

Above I have discussed in detail all the features of both the trimmers but now time to compare the trimmer using a table so that you understand easily.

Comparison of Trimmer: Specification wise

SpecificationsPhilips BT3221Mi TrimmerPhilips BT3221
LookAttractive LookPremium LookAttractive Look
BladesStainless Steel (good for skin)Stainless Steel (good for skin)Titanium (best for skin)
Battery1.5 hour’s charge, 60 min using2 hours charge, 90 min using1 hour’s charge, 90 min using
Cutting Length0.5-10 mm (0.5mm precision)0.5-20 mm (0.5mm precision)0.5-10 mm (0.5mm precision)
CleaningDetachable head to clean with waterThe full body can be cleaned with water (IPX7 rating)Detachable head to clean with water
Warranty2+1 years1 year2+1 years
Customer SupportExcellentNormalExcellent
PriceBuy Now Buy NowBuy Now

From the above table, you can easily compare all the specifications of both the trimmer and from it is clear that Philips BT3221 is best over Mi Trimmer. But Mi trimmer comes with IPX7 ratings which means the device is waterproof.

Overall, the Philips trimmer is the best and it is a little expensive when compared with Mi Trimmer but comes with 3 years of warranty which is a plus point. So, in my opinion, you can go with the Philips trimmer which my brother is also using for the last 6 months and it gives the best and smooth trimming experience.

One more thing I want to add is that it can invest a little more than Philips trimmer with a Titanium blade will be the best option as through this you can trimmer hair of sensitive parts also with a problem as titanium is more skin-friendly as compared to stainless steel.

Hope you have liked our comparison of both the trimmer. We have compared both the trimmers as people were asking for Mi Trimmer vs Philips BT3221 comparisons.


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