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Everything You Wanted to Know About BLDC Ceiling Fan

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BLDC stands for brushless direct current, and the ceiling fan which uses BLDC motor instead of a conventional induction motor is called BLDC Ceiling FanHigh energy efficiency is the hallmark of BLDC ceiling fans. BLDC motor consumes 40% to 70% lesser energy as compared to induction motor and also has a much longer lifespan. BLDC ceiling fans cannot be controlled using a regulator and can only be operated by remote control.


BLDC motor does not use brushes for commutation. A commutation means changing the direction of current in the motor to drive the rotational motion of the fan. Instead, an electrical algorithm performs the task of commutation. Since there are no brushes to come into contact with, the commutators do not undergo wear and tear, and the motor lasts much longer as compared to the induction motor.

SMPS present in a BLDC ceiling fan converts AC supply to DC supply. The microcontroller receives input data from the remote control and provides the output data to the inverter. The inverter drives the motor after receiving a signal from the microcontroller. A permanent magnet is used in the rotor, which reduces energy consumption significantly. The electrical circuit enables the integration of several features such as timer mode, sleep mode, compatibility with home automation systems, etc.

Examples of BLDC Ceiling Fans 

Gorilla range of ceiling fans by Atomberg Technologies are 4-star rated BLDC ceiling fans. Renesia and Efficio are the two models coming under Gorilla range of BLDC ceiling fans. The power consumed by both the models is just 28 W which makes them highly energy-efficient. The blade size of the Renesa model is 1200 mm while the blade size of Efficio model ranges between 900 mm and 1400 mm. Air delivery provided by both models is 230 CMM while the speed is 350 RPM. Renesa Smart model is compatible with both Alexa and Google Home.

SUPERFAN Super X 1 BLDC ceiling fan is highly energy efficient. It consumes just 35 W of energy. The BLDC motor saves 56% of energy. The energy-efficient motor does not overheat. There are five-speed settings set by remote control. Timer mode can be set up to 2 hours to slow or switch off the fan. The aerodynamic blades provide high airflow rate. The blade sweep is 1200 mm. Voltage fluctuations do not affect the performance of the ceiling fan, and it also functions well at low voltage. It also works for long hours on the inverter.

Jupiter is another brand specializing in BLDC fans. The two models, Tricopter and Quadcopter, are 3 blade and 4-blade BLDC ceiling fans respectively with both models having a blade sweep of 1200 mm. Power consumed by the Tricopter model is 25 W while the power rating of the Quadcopter model is 30 W. Thus, both are highly energy efficient. Tricopter provides 210 CMM airflow while Quadcopter provides a slightly higher rate of 240 CMM. The top speed of a Tricopter is 385 RPM while the same is 365 RPM for Quadcopter. The direction of rotation can be changed in Jupiter BLDC ceiling fans.

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