How to clean gas stove burner holes 2023 | A Detailed Cleaning Process Explained

How to Clean Gas Stove Burner Holes in Details 2023

Hi, confused that how to clean gas stove burner holes then you have visited the right website. Here you will get different ways to clean your burner whether it is made of brass or aluminum burner.

When people see that their flame from the burner is reducing or see burner is very dirty then think that it is very difficult to clean and hence, they call a technician to clean the burners. A technician would charge around ₹100- ₹400 for cleaning as per the location.

If you are using a 2 burner gas stove, 3 burners or 4 burners just follow the steps provided and your burner would be easily cleaned. The process of cleaning a clogged gas stove is very simple and requires only 10 minutes.

How to clean gas stove burner holes
How to clean gas stove burner holes

So, in my opinion, you should do it by yourself rather than paying someone else for cleaning your burner.

How to clean gas stove burner holes 2023 | A Detailed Cleaning Process Explained

I have provided 2 methods to clean clogged burner so that you need not search again that “how to clean clogged gas stove burner” on any search engine.

Both the process is very simple and require very less time. If you are a student or living alone then also you can easily clean without any other requirement. So, please follow the instruction carefully.

Method 1

This method is a very simple method to clean the holes and can be done within few minutes.

Step 1: Turn off the gas and make sure that the burner is not hot.

Step 2: Remove the burner head

Step 3: Take a safety pin or other such items like a toothpick and start to put it inside the holes of the burner heat from the backside. All the dirt present inside the hole will come out.

Step 4: Now, clean the burner with water.

Step 5: Dry the burner and place it on the gas stove.

This was a simple step to clean your burner. This process can be done within 5 minutes and you will also save your money. But if your burner is too dirty then you can follow 2nd method that will help you to clean a dirty burner.

Method 2

This method needs around 20 minutes but you have to work for 5 minutes only.

Step 1: Turn the gas off through the knob provided.

Step 2: Make sure that the burner is cool and remove the burner head

Step 3: Use a safety pin to clean the holes and wash them with water.

Step 4: Boil water and put it in a bowl. In the hot water bowl, put the burner and then squeezing lemon juice in the bowl.

Step 5: After squeezing a lemon, put Eno in it slowly and then put a plate in the bowl.

Step 6: Leave it for around 15 minutes and put out the burner from the bowl.

Step 7: Now, use a brush and detergent to clean the burner manually.

Step 8: After that, your burner will be cleaned and then make dry.

Step 9: Now keep the burner on the gas stove and start to use it.

If you have to clean 2 or 3 burners then just repeat the process and all your burners would be cleaned easily. My mother is also doing this to clean the burners. here is the list of best stainless steel gas stove in India

Many people think that why to clean burner regularly but there are many reasons due to which you should clean your burners.

Reasons to Clean Gas Stove Burner

Below are the main reasons why you should clean.

  1. Life increase: Cleaning of the burner on regular basis will increase the life of your burner
  2. Intensity: After the holes of the burner are cleaned, the intensity of the flames will increase and will give a distribution of heat will in equal.
  3. Low cost: When the burner will be cleaned the efficiency will also increase and hence you will save a few bucks.

So, in my opinion, these are the few reasons why you should clean your burner and on regular basis. Main people just ignore cleaning gas stove which is really bad.

I Hope, you may have understood that how to clean gas stove burner holes. If you have any doubt or need any help then just comment below. Also check : Best induction cooktop in India


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