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How to Clean Ceiling Fan Properly

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No matter the type of ceiling fan, each one of them would end up having a huge quantity of dust sticking on the blades after a few weeks of constant use. If you assumed that a ceiling fan is free from dust and dirt to build up, then you are wrong. Ceiling fans attract and blow away both air and all the particles in it. While most particles are blown away, some of the particles stick on the blades, which makes it messier in the long run.

A dirty fan blade works comparatively less efficient than clean blades. For most people cleaning a ceiling fan seems to be a difficult chore. If you are a person dependent on a ceiling fan, you should not neglect this task. If you find the cleaning task challenging, here are 4 methods that you could consider to clean your ceiling fan with ease.

Ceiling Fan

From floor 

  • Vacuum cleaning
  • Using duster

From an elevated platform 

  • Using pillow cover
  • Hand cleaning

1. From floor 

Table of Contents

  • Vacuum cleaning 

Since vacuum cleaning is one of the easiest ways of cleaning a ceiling fan, we will start with this method. Compare this method to other cleaning methods, you will find this method easy. However, this type of cleaning has its drawbacks.


  • Vacuum cleaner
  • Vacuum cleaner dusting or ceiling fan attachment
  • Long sturdy vacuum tube

Most commonly handheld or compact vacuum cleaners do not come with such attachments. If you do have such attachments, you are lucky. Here is how to use clean the ceiling fan.

Step 1: assemble the dusting brush, vacuum tube, and then connect it to the vacuum powerhouse. If you do not have an adequate dusting brush and if you are planning to purchase one, instead of purchasing a circular brush, consider purchasing a wide and flat dusting brush.

Step 2: check if the length of the tube is adequate to reach the ceiling fan. If the length is small, consider using a chair or set up an elevated platform to adjust the difference in length.

Step 3: now, switch on the vacuum cleaner, start brushing the fan blades slowly. As the brush loosens the dust, the vacuum powerhouse sucks the dust into the dust chamber through the tube. PS: remember to brush slowly and to make a full sweep of each blade in a single direction.

Step 4:  do not jerk the fan or make harsh and quick back-and-forth sweep motion, such brushing could send the dust flying around.


  • Easiest cleaning
  • No expertise required


Only one side of the blade could be cleaned with this method, if the opposite side has to be cleaned, you will have to set up a tall elevation and clean it.

  • Using a duster 

As you have seen cleaning a ceiling fan with a vacuum cleaner from the floor is not an efficient method. While on the side could be cleaned completely, the opposite side could remain untouched. However, cleaning using a duster could overcome such a drawback.

As of today, there are three common types of dusters, magnetic duster, Swiffer duster, and flexible head microfiber duster. All these dusters are efficient and useful. However, we recommend flexible microfiber head dusters.


  • Long handle duster
  • Floor mat or disposable plastic or fabric sheet

While vacuum cleaner sucks the dust, in this method the dust and dirt would fall. If you lay a large floor mat or any sheet on the floor, you could simply throw them away.

Step 1: assemble the duster

Step 2: If you are using a flexible microfiber duster, then you will have to fold the flexible head to a rectangle so that the microfibers are inside the rectangle shape.

Step 3: now, insert the fan blade into the rectangular duster head and drag the duster from one end to another slowly to loosen and move the dust.

Step 4: Continue this back-and-forth duster motion for at least 4 or 5 times. Remember to move the duster slowly for maximum efficiency.

Step 5: if you are using a magnetic duster, you should first charge the duster. To charge the duster, you need to insert the duster into a plastic shopping bag, grip it around the head and then rub back-and-forth. This could static charge the duster.

Step 6: now, brush the fan blade with the magnetic duster, as the duster is statically charged it will attract the dust and hold the dust. Move the duster back-and-forth to remove the dust completely.


  • Very efficient
  • Easy to use


  • Surrounding could get dirty based on how you pull off the dust or dirt from the fan.
  • If you have people with breathing issues around, this type of cleaning could make things worse as this method of cleaning commonly sends dust flying around.

From an elevated platform 

The user has first set up an elevated surface to reach the ceiling fan. Once you have set up the platform follow any one of the below-mentioned methods.

  1. Using a pillow cover 

Cleaning the ceiling fan using a pillow cover is one of the most efficient and easiest ways of cleaning. Like a duster, a pillow cover could clean both sides of the fan blade with ease.


  • Pillow cover (3 or 4 no’s)
  • Elevated surface

You could use a used pillow cover or an unused pillow cover, it is all up to you. Here is how to use a pillow cover to clean a ceiling fan.

Step 1: climb on top of the elevated platform

Step 2: Insert the fan blade into the pillow cover, remember, pillow cover should be inserted in such a way that you could grab it and pulled away in one direction.

Step 3: After inserting the blade into the pillow cover, grab the pillow cover in such a way that when you pull off the pillow cover the dust will also come with it.

Step 4: once you pull off the pillow cover from a fan blade, continue the same with other blades. You must be careful to use dry pillow cover only.

Pros –

  • Comparatively easier
  • Very efficient
  • Does not send the dust flying around


Without a proper elevated surface, this cleaning method is not efficient

  • Hand cleaning 

Hand cleaning is one of the most efficient and best cleaning methods. This is one of the most common and oldest cleaning methods. Unlike most of the ceiling fan cleaning methods, this one is more efficient.


  • Dusting glove
  • Damp cloth
  • Elevated surface
  • Water spray bottle

When compared to all other cleaning methods, hand cleaning a ceiling fan is the most efficient as it could clean every nook and corner of the ceiling fan. Here is how to hand clean a ceiling fan.

Step 1: get on top of an elevated platform

Step 2: now, wear a dusting glove or a take a damp cloth

Step 3: with the glove or damp cloth start pulling off the dust and dirt on the blades. As you can see the fan blades, housing closer, you could clean it to perfect neatness.

Step 4:once you have brushed off the dust using your glove or cloth, spray some water on the housing and blades, remember, too much water could kill the fan.

Step 5: now, with the damp cloth wipe to clean the blade and housing. Continue the spraying and wiping until all the dust and dirt is removed.


  • Very efficient


  • The dust and dirt would be flying around
  • Time-consuming process

If you have read the above-mentioned methods, then you would understand that cleaning the ceiling fan is an easy task. However, you must follow the instructions carefully.

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