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Different Types of Fans and Their Uses in Home

Summer season is near and people are ready to buy air conditioners so that they can keep themselves cool in the warm and humid climate. Not all of us are capable of buying an air conditioner and that’s why we have another best option which is also very much common in our society and that is a fan. Fans are one of the best choices in comparison to an air conditioner. They have their pros and cons. If you are using an air conditioner in your home, then you have to pay a heavy bill throughout the months of the summer season. Not all of us are capable and able to afford such a hefty electricity bill. So, here comes the best option in the form of fans as they are convenient and energy saver. There are many types of fans available in the market which you can buy.

The best thing about fans is that they are long-lasting and durable. This means you can use the same fan for many years without any repairing cost or maintenance cost. The less consumption of electricity is the best part of it. In comparison to the air conditioner, it will make you feel cool in a small point of time. You need not worry about the price as they are affordable, the difference is only about design and brand. Let’s take a look at different types of fans that are used in homes by us.

Here is the list of different types of fans that we used to use in our home. They are different in shape, color, function, etc.

  1. Ceiling Fan

A ceiling fan is one of the oldest types of fan which people are using for a long time. A ceiling fan is mounted on the ceiling of a room as the name suggests. The wires of the fan are connected to the panel from where electricity is provided. The control board is there on the walls with the speed controller with the help of which users can use the ceiling fan accordingly. The installation process of this fan is very easy and it can be installed even by you.

Use of a ceiling fan

  • You can use a ceiling fan in your bedroom, outdoor space, garage, etc.
  • A ceiling fan is used so that users can get cool air and get themselves relaxed.
  • The ceiling fan is best in giving quick service to the users.
  • Different types of ceiling fans are available in the market, which is enough to cover almost all the space of your room easily.
  1. Pedestal Fan

Pedestal fan is counted in the category of a durable and robust fan. They are strong and known for their heavy-duty. If you are using a pedestal fan then you must be knowing the fact that how efficient they are and serve you quickly when you are sweating. The blades of the pedestal fan are visible so it might not look good, but in terms of performance, this fan is quite excellent. There are different sorts of pedestal fans available in the market and you can own any one of them from the market. There are several features of this fan like they are lightweight, height can be adjusted, remote-controlled, etc.

Use of a pedestal fan

  • You can use a pedestal fan for outdoor places like a terrace or balcony.
  • There is no problem if you use them for your bedroom but you may get irritated with the noise coming out of it when it is at top speed.
  • You may get distracted from your work or might get disturbance in your slumber. Apart from all these things, the overall performance of this fan is praiseworthy.
  1. Window Fan

A window fan is another good choice for those who can’t afford air conditioners as the working module of a window fan is as equal as an air conditioner. There are two fans attached to a window fan. The first fan is supposed to take cold air inside the room and the other fan acts like and exhauster and throws out hot air from the room. The mutual working of both fans is responsible for making the environment of the room cold and good during the summer season. You can install a window fan inside your kitchen, bedroom, or even inside your bathroom. There are different types of window fan and you can buy that one which can fulfill your demands.

Use of a window fan

  • You can use a window fan in your bedroom as a secondary fan.
  • You can also use this fan in your garage, kitchen, storeroom, dining room, etc.
  • This fan will work and you will feel good about your decision of installing these fans ion your home.
  • You are supposed to choose a good window fan with a good CFM rating.
  1. Exhaust Fan

An exhaust fan can be found in almost all the kitchens and bathrooms. The exhaust fan is responsible for the freshness of the kitchen as well as the bathroom. Mostly, exhaust fans are used in the kitchen as they help in maintaining the temperature of the kitchen and those who are working in the kitchen may feel good. The humidity inside the kitchen can make you feel bad and you would feel how to escape from that place immediately. Now there is no need to escape as you can install an exhaust fan in your kitchen and your problem will be solved. The exhaust fan is also helpful for the wares and edibles in the kitchen which can be damaged by moisture.

Use of an exhaust fan

  • The exhaust fan is exclusively used for bathroom and kitchen.
  • They are installed in the bathroom and kitchen so that the temperature, as well as the freshness of these places, can be good and fresh.
  • You can also install an exhaust fan in your garage so that you can work in carefreeness.
  1. Wall Mounted Fan

It’s not all about ceiling fans as you can also use your walls for fans. You can buy wall mounted fans which are very similar to pedestal fan or ceiling fan. They are small in size with small blades and can install very easily on the walls of the room. It is not necessary to use this fan on the walls of your room, but you can use it everywhere. The 180 Degree oscillation of the wall-mounted fan is its plus point as the air can be felt in every corner of the room. You can use this fan to reduce the electricity cost by using an air conditioner.

Use of wall mounted fan

  • The use of a wall-mounted fan is very dynamic as it can be used anywhere.
  • You can use it in your room, study room, dining room, garage, balcony, etc.
  • It allows the users to enjoy cool air if he is sitting in any corner of the room.
  1. Desk/Table Fan

This is a small oscillating fan, which we call generally s desk fan or table fan. This is apt for a single person as they can use this fan in their office as well as in their bedroom. There are several features given in this fan, which allows this fan to be the best choice of the users. You can use this fan by putting it on the desk as well as on the table. It is totally good in both conditions.

Use of a desk/table fan

  • Desk or table fan can be used by those who are working in an office.
  • This fan can be used by students also as they can install it on their study table.
  • A small space is required for this fan to be installed on your table.
  • As long as you are working, you will be enjoying the pleasantly cool air coming out of this fan.

What fan you should choose for your home?

There are different sorts of fans, described above with their features along with pros and cons. If you have to decide what fan will suit your home, then you need to search for what place you are looking for a fan? If you are looking for a fan for your bedroom, then you can buy a ceiling fan of a good brand so that it can last long. You can also install a window fan in your bedroom so that you can be facilitated with the cool air. You need to decide for the place and fans are described above with their performance and apt place of installation.


Fans are exclusively made for making the user feel cool and comfortable especially during the summer season. If you are out to buy a fan for your home, then you must buy something durable and brand. You will be benefitted after buying a branded product as it helps you in saving your money for maintenance for a long time. Fans are the best alternatives for those who can’t afford an air conditioner for them. More or less, we can say that fans are the best alternatives to an air conditioner during hot months.