Difference between Gaming Chair and Office Chair in India 2024

Difference between Gaming Chair and Office Chair 2023 | Office Chair vs Gaming Chair

Gaming Chair vs Office Chair: Hi, if you are confused between a gaming chair and an office chair then through this post, I will clear all your doubts and you will get to know the difference between Gaming Chair and Office Chair.

Many people get confused among these chairs and think that an office chair can also be used as a gaming chair or some people think an expensive chair means a gaming chair.

If you have any such doubts or are confused about that which is good to go with then be relaxed and read the post completely to clear all your doubts.

Difference between Gaming Chair and Office Chair
Difference between Gaming Chair and Office Chair

Difference between Gaming Chair and Office Chair – A Complete Guide 2023

In India, people have started playing online games like PUBG, Free Fire, and many more games and many of them stream them on their YouTube channel. While sitting on a normal chair and playing the game for more than 7+ hours daily will make your body uncomfortable and you will start to face back and neck pain. So, sitting in a good posture is very important while sitting for long hours.

After pain starts, people start to search for a gaming chair that comes at less price and gives comfort while sitting. Many people have a budget of Rs5,000 or around Rs10,000 but a gaming chair below 5000 would not be the best option as most of these chairs are office chairs in this price segment and will not meet the requirement in long term. So, in my opinion, the gaming chair under 10000 should be the best starting budget to go with.

Gaming Chair: It is such a time of chair that comes with fully adjustable functions of every part so that you can adjust it according to your need. This type of chair comes is expensive when compared to other types of chairs like office chairs but will provide you full comfort.

Office Chair: These are such chair that comes with a simple design with full rock back features that can be normally used in the office as executive chairs. These chairs’ height and backrest angle can be adjusted. The price of such chairs is less when compared to gaming chairs. Check out our list of best office chair in India

Gaming Chair vs Office Chair: Comparison

Here, you will get a detailed comparison between both types of chairs so that you can easily understand the difference and know that which one you need as per requirement.

1: Look and Feel

Talking about the look, you will find the gaming chair will look more attractive when compared to office chairs. You can get the gaming chair in different colors and looks really premium when compared to office chairs. While the office chairs are very simple in design and very few office chairs come with the design.

2: Different Adjustable Support

Office chairs come with a simple backrest design in such a way that it provides normal lumbar support. It also comes with a simple headrest for neck support and an armrest also. The gaming chair comes with fully adjustable lumbar support, headrest, 3D armrest that can be easily adjusted.

3: Foam

Both the chairs come with good quality foam but overall, the price decides the quality of foam. Office chairs come with more thick foam when compared to gaming chairs.

4: Price

Both office chairs and gaming chairs come in different price ranges but you can get a good office chair under 10000 while a good gaming chair can cost you around 20k.

5: Need

This also one important factor to decide what actually you need which is not been discussed very much on the internet. Many people think that a gaming chair under 5000 would be a good option which is ok but a proper gaming chair can cost around 20k. So, just do not decide everything on the basis of budget but decide on the basis of need. So that you can get the best things to use in long term.

These were the few points to compare between a gaming chair and an office chair through which you can know the difference. All the points covered here are to help you to know more about the chairs.

If you have any doubt or have any query regarding the difference between Gaming Chair and Office Chair or think I have missed any point then just comment below. I would really love to add it to the comparison points.


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