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Ceiling Fan Vs Wall Fan: Which Is Better?

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Irrespective of the weather outside and season, most of you want the fan in your room to keep running. And when summer is approaching, you will be more careful. You will try to fix the problems in your fans or try to replace your old fans with a new one. But with so many different kinds of fans available, people often get confused about which one to pick. The oldest and traditional fans that are in use from ages are a Ceiling fan and a wall mount fan. Now the question is which fan among these two is the best option. Are you also looking for an answer to this most confusing question? Then you will have to continue reading the article…

Before we talk about which is the best fan – Ceiling fan or Wall fan, let us have a look at each of them separately.

Ceiling Fan Vs Wall Fan

Ceiling Fans

Ceiling fans are the most common kind of fans that will be able to find in almost every house. They were first introduced in the 1860s. Many experts say that these are the oldest fans available in the market. The design and the features of the ceiling fan have improved a lot in the past few years. They come with many useful features and beautiful designs as well. You will be able to find them in many different colors also.

They come with an electric motor, and this motor is connected to the blades of the fan. When the motor starts running, the blades attached to the motor will start to rotate. The blades rotate in just one direction and will circulate the air in the room. Earlier, ceiling fans have only three blades, but they come with four blades as well. When the number of blades increases, then air will also be circulated faster.

Advantages of Ceiling fans

  • Ceiling fans are best compared to the wall mount fans because they are energy efficient. They consume less energy.
  • Even when there is no change in the room temperature, you will still be able to feel cooler when you are sitting under the ceiling fan.
  • When there is a power cut, your ceiling fan will still work with the help of the inverter, and hence you need not have to worry.
  • A ceiling fan comes with a number of useful features like attached light, some kind of artwork and they can be operated with the help of a small remote. They can act as a piece of décor for your room.
  • You don’t have to do a lot for the maintenance of the ceiling fans when compared to the pedestal fans or wall mount fans.
  • In winters, your ceiling fans can be beneficial in keeping the room warm. Usually, warm air is stuck near the ceiling of the room, and your ceiling fan will propel the warm air to the ground, which makes the room warm. So, they are helpful in any season.

Wall fan

Wall fans or the wall mount fans are also one of the oldest fans in the market, but not as popular as the ceiling fans. The design of a wall fan is entirely different from the ceiling fans. You will be able to mount a wall fan on the wall. The fan comes enclosed in a cage-like design so that when mounted on the wall, the blades do not hurt the people passing by. The best part of these wall mount fans is you will be able to place them in any direction that you wish to. You will just need a socket wherever you want to place the fan. The head of the fan moves in both directions to make sure that the cool air is circulated in all directions in the room.

Just like the ceiling fans, these wall mounted fans are also available in different colors, different designs, different shapes, and different sizes and with various features as well.

Advantages of wall fans:

  • The oscillation feature of the wall fan is beneficial. The ceiling fans will propel air in only one direction. But the wall fans can circulate the air in two directions, which makes it easy for cooling the room of large space.
  • You will be able to move the direction or place of the wall mount fan whenever you wish to. You can easily change it from one room to another room without any worries.
  • It is a space-saving option if you don’t like to use a ceiling fan. You need not have to waste the space in the house for pedestal fans.
  • When you are buying a wall mount fan, you are buying it fully assembled. You need not have to worry about attaching the blades, taking care of the wiring and any other work. You just need to plug it into a socket, and it will start working. It does not waste your time at all.

Ceiling fan Vs Wall fan – Which is better?

When it comes to the comparison, it is not going to be a simple question to answer. Both of them are in the market from years and still the best options. Ceiling fans and wall fans, both come with a set of advantages and disadvantages as well. Again, these advantages and disadvantages will depend on the person using them. Some people may not find any flaws in any of them, while others do. So, it is a choice of the person who is going to use it. But if you still want to know, then here are advantages of one over the other…

  • If you have got some beautiful artwork on your ceiling, then a ceiling fan can hide the complete beauty of the artwork. So, in that case, a wall mount fan can be a good choice.
  • If you have a too low ceiling, even in such a situation, you should go for a wall fan, as they are safe.
  • If you have large space and you need constant airflow in the entire room, then it is good to go for ceiling fans as the wall fan oscillates from one direction to another. So, only the direction where the head is facing will have airflow and not the other direction. Even when you switch off the oscillation feature, you will have air only in one direction.

So, now it is your turn to check out the complete details of each type of fan and then decide which is going to be the best option for your house or room.

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