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Ceiling Fan Vs Tower Fan: Which Is Better?

Are you planning to renovate your house? Are you not sure which type of fan should you select for your house renovation? Usually, ceiling fans are standard and the oldest type of fans. But if you are looking for the latest style in fans, then Tower fan is an excellent option to consider. It may be still confusing to decide which the best option for your house is.

So, now to make a choice, let us have a look at the features of both ceiling and tower fan to get a better idea about each of them.

Ceiling Fan vs Table Fan


If you look at the design of the tower fans, just like their name suggests, it comes in the shape of the tower. They are long and come with some openings through which the air is pushed and pulled. There are several blades inside the tower, and that helps in quickly pushing out a large quantity of air. That is why they can cool an ample space in a very short time. They are placed on the floor and to be plugged into the socket.

The ceiling fans are the most traditional, and everyone is aware of their design. They have a motor; usually round and the blades of the fan are attached to that motor. When the motor starts, the blades rotate and circulate air in the room. The older ceiling fans had just three blades, but now they come with four blades as well. Along with that, ceiling fans rotate in only one direction in the older models. But in the latest ceiling fan models, they can turn in both directions, and you can adjust it as per the weather conditions. They are mounted to the ceiling, and a lot of wiring has to be done to get it started.


When talking about the size of the fans, both ceiling fan and tower fan are available in different sizes. You are free to choose a size that suits your requirement. A 6-inch tower fan is suitable for cooling one person, but if you wish to cool down a large space, then you will need a 72-inch tower fan. But, when it comes to the ceiling fans, the size of the blade is different. You can pick a 29-inch to 36-inch blade for a smaller room, while you will have to go for at least 60-inches blade for a hall of at least 300 sq. ft. It all depends on the space that you wish to cool with the help of the fan. One size is not perfect for all kinds of rooms.


When it comes to space, ceiling fans are the space-saving options as you will mount them on the ceiling, and it does occupy any space in your room. But if you look at the tower fans, they occupy space in your room. Tower fans are indeed tall and slim, but still, they occupy some space in the room and hence if the area is an issue for you, then you will have to think twice.

Energy efficient

Compared to tower fans, ceiling fans are considered to be the most energy-efficient option. For a ceiling fan, the energy required will depend on the size of the blade and for a tower fan; it depends on the size of the fan that you are choosing. Usually, a ceiling will require between 55 watts to 80 watts for running the fan, while the tower fans need between 48 watts to 100 watts.

Air circulation

A ceiling fan will push the air from the ceiling towards down. It will take the air from outside and try to push away the warm air away from the room. For a tower fan, there will not be any outside air. It will just circulate the air that is present within the room and make sure that the room remains cool for a long time.


When it comes to assembling, the tower fans come fully assembled. You need not have to do anything. You just need to plug in the fan into the socket and start using it. But for a ceiling fan, you will have to attach the blades to the fan and then you will have to attach it to the hook on the ceiling. You will also have to take care of some wiring work to get the fan running.

Speed settings

Speed settings are present for both the fans. When you have the option to adjust the speed of the fan, you can control the temperature in your room. If the fan comes without speed settings, then you will have to use it at the same speed in any weather condition. But the tower fans usually come with three speed settings and the ceiling fans come with five-speed settings. So, you can now adjust the speed of the fan as per the requirements.

Noise levels 

Noise level is another critical thing to consider when comparing the ceiling fans and the tower fans. Tower fans are considered to the quiet fans when compared to the ceiling fans. Tower fans come with night mode in some specific models. In such mode, you will be able to enjoy a quieter atmosphere during the night time. This is not possible with the ceiling fan.

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Remote operated

Nowadays, fans come with the remote control so that you need not have to move from the place where you are sitting or sleeping, to switch it off/ on or change the speed settings. You will get a remote control for doing this. Both tower fans and ceiling fans come with this feature in the latest models. But they are going to cost you a bit high than the standard fans without remote control operation.

Other features

Ceiling fans come with lights and different designs attached to them. This kind of designs can add more beauty to the room and also you will not have to buy the lights separately. The tower fans do not provide this feature.

Final Word

Now, which fan do you think is the best – Ceiling fan or tower fan? It would be best if you compare both the fans and then decide which is the right choice for you. If the beauty of the room is more important, then both the fans come in different designs. But if you are looking for a fan for ample space, then ceiling fans are the right choice. Tower fans are suitable for compact space only. You will not be able to use it in a large space. So, now compare them well, weigh their pros and cons and then make a choice.

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