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Ceiling Fan – Uses, Pros and Cons

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In the past few years, the prices of the air conditioners have gone down, and people are able to get an air conditioner for their houses. But in the olden days, there were just ceiling fans and pedestal fans. The most popular option, which is available even today is Ceiling fans. They are not only available today, but they are available in much advance form, with some advanced features and models as well.

Ceiling fans have always been the first and best choice for the people who want to save a little amount on their power bills. There are many uses of using ceiling fans in the house.

Ceiling Fan

Uses of ceiling fans

  • Compared to other types of fans like pedestal fans, tower fans, and wall-mounted fans, these fans will be able to cool larger areas. The other fans will target just one area of the room, but that is not the case with the ceiling fans.
  • They beautify your house. Yes, ceiling fans are available in so many models, designs, styles, shapes and sizes that you are going to forget about any other kind of option that is available for cooling your room.
  • They come with many advanced features like you can operate them with the help of remote controls, you can use wooden blades instead of the metal blades, there are fans with four blades, they can rotate in both the directions and many other advanced features.

With so many uses, who would like to check out the other types of fans available in the market? So, if you are also looking for the best fans in the market, then there is a lot more that you need to know about the ceiling fans. you love to check : Best Luminous Ceiling Fans in India

Pros of ceiling fans

Have a look at some of the pros of ceiling fans:

  • Cools the room temperature

If you are able to make the right choice of the ceiling fan and the blade size, you will be able to cool the room temperature by at 4 degrees to 5 degrees, irrespective of the size of the room or other things in the room. So, even if you keep the windows open, whether the room is small or large, whether you have an air conditioner in the room or not, you will still be able to keep the room cool. This is one of the best things about ceiling fans.

  • Helps in keeping the room cool and warm

One of the main reasons why people prefer ceiling fans is they push the air down from the ceiling. During this process, a breeze is created, and that will help in keeping the skin cool. Like, we already discussed, nowadays, there are fans that can rotate in the reverse direction as well. That will pull the air towards the ceiling. Now the fresh air is pulled up, and the warm air will be pushed down. So, now you will be able to stay cool and warm with just one ceiling fan.

  • Reduces power bills

Whether you are using in summer or winter, you will be able to reduce your power bills. As it can reduce the temperature in summers and keep the room warm in the winters, you will reduce the use of air conditioners and heaters. Your power bills will be reduced a lot. The best thing is ceiling fan keeps circulating the air continually, and hence the rooms will remain at a particular temperature for a long time.

  • Works outdoors as well

Not just indoors, but can be installed outdoors as well. You will be able to fix the ceiling fan outdoor like in the deck, patio, porch, outdoor kitchen and sunroom. It can be used in semi-outdoor space or outdoor space, without any worries. They will work in the same way outdoor as it works indoors. The best part of these outdoor ceiling fans is you will not have to suffer mosquito bites as well.

  • Light source

Like we already discussed, the latest fan designs come with built-in lights. They come attached to the fan, or you can attach it to the centre of the ceiling fan. Usually, ceiling fans are fixed at the centre of the room, and when there is already a light set to it, you will be able to lighten up the entire room. They come in some fantastic designs and styles along with the light.

Cons of ceiling fans

Have a look at some of the drawbacks of using ceiling fans…

  • They make noise

The modern ceiling fans are expensive when compared to the older types of fans available in the market. The price is because of the features that are offered with the latest ones. Many people consider that they do not make any noise. But that is not true. Even if you are getting the best ceiling fan, the blades and screws get loose over time, and they start making some noise. So, it is almost impossible to find a ceiling fan that does not make any noise.

  • Lighting is low

Maybe the modern designs of ceiling fans come with light fixtures, but the light emitted by them is shallow. If you do not have any extra lighting in the room, and this is the only source of light in the room, then it is going to work well for you. So, you should arrange for an alternate lighting source in the room.

  • Hard to clean

The ceiling fans are fixed to the ceiling of the room, and hence it is going to be tough to clean. It is not going to be an easy task for you to clean the ceiling fans as they are very high. You will need an extra ladder, and if you are not having one in the house, then it can be tough for you to clean. If you apply a lot of pressure and the blades bend slightly, then it can affect the airflow in the room. So, you need to be very careful.

  • Low ceiling problem

If you have a low ceiling, then you will have a lot of difficulty with the ceiling fans. If there are tall people in the family, then it is going to be very tough. You will have to be very choosy while picking the fans. You will have to make sure that the rod of the ceiling fan is small and does not cause any kind of danger to the tall people in the house.

  • Assembling

If you are comparing with any other type of fan available in the market, none of them requires any kind of installation. But when it comes to ceiling fans, you will have to assemble them. You will have to attach the blades and then work on the wiring part as well. You cannot just plug into the socket and start using the ceiling fans.

Finally, the ceiling fans are worth buying because they keep the space fresh, irrespective of the size and the other factors around you. All you need to do is make the right choice, and you will not have any problem. You will also be able to save some money as well with these ceiling fans as they save your power bills.

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