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10 Best Table Fan in India 2022 : Reviews and Buying Guide

Our Best table fans in India Picks #1 Usha #2 Bajaj #3 Orient Buy at Amazon Buy at Amazon Buy at Amazon The use of some of the portable electric appliances is quite evident due to the compact features and other function. These functions doesn’t only help you out for the specific season, but also … Read more

Rechargeable Fan Uses, Advantages and Disadvantages

With the summer season knocking at the door, many of us are thinking about installing a better fan to counter the stark heat that is just around the corner. Air conditioning is of course one of the smoothest ways to enjoy the cool environment at your home, but with the increasing environmental awareness around us, … Read more

Different Types of Fans and Their Uses in Home

Best Wired Beard Trimmer in india

Summer season is near and people are ready to buy air conditioners so that they can keep themselves cool in the warm and humid climate. Not all of us are capable of buying an air conditioner and that’s why we have another best option which is also very much common in our society and that … Read more

Tower Fan Vs Air Cooler: Which is Better?

The soaring summer temperatures desperately call for a home cooling appliance for our comfort. An air conditioner would be a great option but is high priced and consumes high electricity levels. For people looking for some affordable options within a limited budget, a pedestal fan, air cooler or table fan are good alternatives. Both serve … Read more

Exhaust Fan Vs Kitchen Chimney – Which is Better?

One of the most puzzling choices ever is choosing between an exhaust fan and a kitchen chimney since both are used for kitchen purposes. The Indian cooking style is quite disparate from that of the other countries as it creates a lot of fume as well as greasy leftovers because of the methods involved like … Read more

What is Table Fan Uses, Advantages and Disadvantages ?

Best Soundbar under 15000

When you think about the scorching heat of the summer months, your mind is automatically reminded about the fans. Fans are one of the essential commodities of home and offices that acts as a cooling agent for the summer season. People can do without an air conditioning machine, but cannot survive the heat without a … Read more

Tower Fan Vs Pedestal Fan: Which is better?


Fans are one of the essential commodities of the house. No one can think about surviving without a fan, especially during the summer months. Not everyone is capable of spending much on an air conditioning unit. Fans are relatively less expensive and the power consumption is also less. It is the best option to keep … Read more

10 Best Usha Ceiling Fans in India 2022 – Expert Reviews

Best Usha Ceiling Fans in India 2022  : Ceiling fans are undoubtedly a necessity in India. This is because our country is exceptionally hot, and we always need an appliance that can continuously help avoid heat. Surely Air Conditioners can do the job better, but when you think about the fact that a vast population … Read more

Are 5 Ceiling Fan Blades Better Than 3?

Our Top Picks #1 Atomberg Renesa+ #2 Havells Leganza #3 Orient Electric Apex-FX Buy at Amazon Buy at Amazon Buy at Amazon You might be lead to believe that a fan with more number of blades would provide more air. But, this is far from the truth. The truth is that the amount of air … Read more