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10 Best Usha Ceiling Fans in India 2024 – Expert Reviews

Best Usha Ceiling Fans in India 2024  : Ceiling fans are undoubtedly a necessity in India. This is because our country is exceptionally hot, and we always need an appliance that can continuously help avoid heat. Surely Air Conditioners can do the job better, but when you think about the fact that a vast population in India belongs to the Middle Class, you will realize that not everyone can afford an AC. Hence, it is best to stick with an appliance that is more accessible and economical. After your assessment, you will find that it has always been the ceiling fans.

Even in the present and the future, it is, and it will be the ceiling fans. In fans like this, you will find motor housing where the blades of the appliance are fixed. The number of blades can vary, but you will generally find them in the range of three to five. You will also find parts like a canopy and down rod in some of this appliance’s deals. As the motor housing rotates, it makes the blade move in a circular direction. This eventually makes the ceiling fan throw air in the downward direction.

So, you must have already realized that there is only natural air involved in the process, which is better for your health. Additionally, In India, multiple companies manufacture and sell many ceiling fans throughout the year. However, for us, the company called Orient is the best. So, we are here with ten of their ceiling fans. We have included every type of ceiling fan so that the range would seem extensive to you. As you move along, you will also realize how amazing Orient fans are. You can then choose them according to your budget and liking towards the design of the appliance.

Best Usha Ceiling Fans in India 2024

Let us discuss all the ten options now –

1. Usha Bloom Daffodil Ceiling Fan

Usha Bloom Daffodil Ceiling Fan

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Inspired by the Daffodil flower, the design of this fan is unique and exquisite. Rather than a fan, it looks more like the flower. It comes in a shiny brown design that will pop from light-colored ceilings. You can also get it installed in rooms and areas with a golden theme. This is because this ceiling fan also comes with gold adornments and pieces on its blades that run towards the central piece. The fans’ blades are shaped in such a way that they appear to resemble petals of a flower. This is undoubtedly the best looking Usha ceiling fan that you can find.

Usha also promises you that this ceiling fan will prevent the deposition of dust on its body. You can always be sure that you won’t have to clean it again and again. The dust resistance is possible as the product is coated with a lacquer coating. Other than a unique design, this ceiling fan also works quite well in offering great and smooth air delivery to anyone who sits beneath the ceiling that the fan is fixed in. Additionally, the most distinctive feature of this fan is that it can also resist moisture and oil pretty well.


  • The Daffodil flower-like design of this fan is what wins the heart of everyone.
  • It comes in a brown design that looks and blends well with gold tones.
  • Its body can resist dust, moisture as well as oil.
  • The hydrophobic and oleophobic surface of this fan always works well.


  • Its price is higher than the regular price of ceiling fans.

2. Usha Striker Platinum Ceiling Fan

Usha Striker Platinum Ceiling Fan

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Most people choose to go with anti-dust ceiling fans because they are easier to maintain. You do not have to hop on a ladder frequently to clean their blades and body. Therefore, Usha offers a wide range of anti-dust ceiling fans to its customer base in India. However, in that range, it also focuses on the pricing, functionality, and longevity of the appliance. Therefore, we are now going to deeply discuss the specification of their Striker Platinum ceiling fan. Getting it installed in the ceiling of your home will help you maintain the hygiene at all costs.

Other than that, even if it does develop dust particles on it, you will notice that you will never have to apply a lot of pressure while cleaning it. Just softly wipe its blades with a clean cloth, and you will be done with it. The lift angle of the blades after installation is high so that they can throw air in all corners of the room without missing any spot. The air sweep of this fantastic ceiling fan is 1200 mm while its wattage is only 80 Watts. For modern décor, this is the one true ceiling fan that will seal the deal.


  • Even in low voltage conditions, the Striker Platinum ceiling fan can work well.
  • Its overall appearance is unparalleled as the gold pieces work well with the dark brown design.
  • The air delivery rate of this ceiling fan is high, that is, 240 CMMM.
  • The blade geometry of the fan will impress you a lot.


  • The packaging of the ceiling fan can be improved.

3. Usha Racer 1200MM 400RPM Ceiling Fan

Usha Racer 1200MM 400RPM Ceiling Fan

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Have you ever come along ceiling fans equipped with a motor that can run the blades at a maximum of 400 RPM? If you have, you surely know how fast these fans are. However, at high speed, the motor bears a lot. Therefore, it must be constructed in such a way that it could take all that pressure and force from the high speed and remain functional. If searching for fans like that is something that you find tricky and challenging, then you can choose to go with this ceiling fan by Usha with the name of Usha Racer 400RPM Brown ceiling fan.

With high air delivery and smooth operation and functionality, this is the ceiling fan you have been looking for. You will also get color options while purchasing it, which will include colors like rich blue, rich ivory, rich red, rich white, and rich brown. You can then choose the color of the fan that you think will blend the best with the interior designs and wall colors of your homes. Furthermore, if you come to have a problem with the fan within a period of two years, you can try claiming the warranty and save money on the servicing.


  • The price of this ceiling fan is highly economical when compared with other Usha ceiling fans.
  • It can move its blades at the ultra high speed of 400 RPM.
  • Its wattage is only 78 Watts.
  • Its overall body is coated with coats of glossy powder.


  • The design of this ceiling fan is not that modern.

4. Usha Bloom Magnolia Ceiling Fan

Usha Bloom Magnolia Ceiling Fan

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You have already seen the ceiling fan’s design inspired by Daffodil’s flowers on number one of our reviews this ceiling fan that we are going to describe is from the same series. It has a blue design that is purposedly inspired by the beautiful flowers of Magnolia. With a matte design and leaf-like metal adornments, this ceiling fan is the definition of modern appliance designing. This, too, has blades that look like the petals of flowers. Other than that, the matter of paint on its body is what takes its finish and looks one level up.

Other than all the superb features of this ceiling fan, as mentioned above, you will also find that the lacquer on it makes sure that it does not deposit any dust on its surface. It is easier to maintain the fan this way for weeks. After that, if you feel the fan needs cleaning, you can wipe it slowly with a clean cloth. Like a regular Indian ceiling fan design, it comes with three blades that can be well attached to the motor piece at the center. With dual color designs, it will suit the choices of a lot of color pallets.


  • The design and finish of this fan are exceptionally modern.
  • Other than dust, it is also known very well to prevent the deposit of oil and grease.
  • The highest RMP of this ceiling is known to be 380.
  • Even in high thrust, the blades rotate very well.


  • The high price of the ceiling fan is the only con that we found.

5. Usha Aerostyle Ceiling Fan 74-Watts

Usha Aerostyle Ceiling Fan 74-Watts

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74-Watts is one of the lowest wattages that you can find in ceiling fans. Such low wattage will ensure that the fan lasts for a long time at your home without causing excessive cost spike in the electricity bill of your house. The Usha Aerostyle ceiling fan comes in three colors, namely, rich brown, brown, and white. Most people choose the white version of this ceiling fan if they wish to get it installed in rooms that have light-colored interiors. This way, the ceiling fan is able to blend very well with other things.

For an added peace of mind for all customers Usha also offers a warranty for a period of two years on this appliance. During this period, if the fan comes to have any defects or stops working, you can quickly get it all fixed within a few days. With Usha ceiling fans, you won’t find the maintenance process to cause any havoc. This is the reason why many Indians invest in their ceiling fans blindly. Usha is a big brand name, and you will never regret purchasing and installing their ceiling fans in your homes.


  • You can choose the color of this Aerostyle ceiling fan from three different options.
  • Its design is classy yet exclusively elegant.
  • The RPM of the appliance is 350.
  • If the voltage of your house is low or fluctuating, this ceiling fan will still perform well.


  • The quality of this ceiling fan’s down rod in the deal can have enhanced quality and strength.

6. Usha Fontana Lotus Ceiling Fan

Usha Fontana Lotus Ceiling Fan

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We had only discussed the details and specifications of ceiling fans with three blades; however, right now, we are here with a ceiling fan with four blades. A fascinating thing about this ceiling fan is that you can also fit lights on it. This way, the appliance will look very attractive when it is installed near chandeliers on the ceiling. Its speed can be easily controlled with the strings and brought to the level that you like and are most comfortable with. Other than the speed, you will see a different string using which you can turn the lights on the fan on and off.

It comes in a highly glossy design that looks amazing with ancient and antique interiors. The voltage that this ceiling fan requires to work well is 230 Volts. Additionally, its motor speed is quite high and is rated at a maximum of 310 RPM. How impressive is that? You should furthermore know that its motor Is electroplated, which is why it will last more than any other ceiling fan motors. Apart from that, the design of this ceiling fan is so good that you can also replace a chandelier and simply install it in place.


  • The highly stylish and antique design of this ceiling fan is quite attractive.
  • It comes with electrical steel lamination on its motor.
  • You will notice separate chords on its design for controlling the speed and light.
  • You can also try installing this ceiling fan in place of a chandelier.


  • This ceiling fan is not made to blend with modern and minimalist interior designs.

7. Usha Fontana Ceiling Fan with Five Blades

Usha Fontana Ceiling Fan

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Even though the demand for ceiling fans with decorative lights is not high, you will still see them in most high-end restaurants with an Indian ethnic theme. The fans make the entire design of the halls and rooms look more antique. As we discussed a four-blades ceiling fan before this, we are now going to shed some light on the Fontana ceiling fan’s specifications by Usha. This is one of the ceiling fans that will help elevate the antique interiors by multiple folds and make it reach an unparalleled level.

You can choose the fan from two styles, which include brass as well as steel. So, go according to the pieces that you have in the area that you are supposed to fix this ceiling fan in. It has lights on its design that can be easily turned on and off just by the pull of a string. The string-pulling feature will remind you of the old ceiling fans that you could come along in India in the old times. For controlling its speed also you can pull the other string that you will find in the fan. All in all, this ceiling fan can be the dream of people who are obsessed with antique designing.


  • The five blades of this superb ceiling fan are very lightweight.
  • The wattage of this ceiling fan is only 70 watts.
  • It also has decorative lights for enhanced antique touch.
  • It is available in two styles which are Maple Steel and Maple Antique Brass.


  • This fan will also not be the best for rooms with exceptionally advanced and modern designs.

8. Usha Fontana One 1270mm Ceiling Fan

Usha Fontana One 1270mm Ceiling Fan

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You are surely not going to come along a lot of antique ceiling fan designs in the country. But, Usha is here to prove this notion wrong. After all, Usha is known for the best and most extensive range of ceiling fan designs in the country. Other than that, when it comes to ceiling fans’ antique designs, one is always looking for something that will suit best with the rooms that have ancient designs and patterns. This way, the tone of the entire room does not break because even the ceiling fan blends with everything very well.

The Fontana One ceiling fan comes in the regular ceiling fan size. However, it has four blades. This way, the entire body of this product remains balanced once everything gets fixed. You will find that the base color of the four blades is white. However, the adornments are made using gold pieces. If you do not like gold, you can also go with the antique brass version. The choice depends on your liking. But no matter what you choose, this fan will surely help elevate the entire interior of the surroundings.


  • The speed of this ceiling fan can be controlled by pulling the three-speed chain.
  • It has decorative designs on its body made using gold and brass tones.
  • It also has decorative lights on it.
  • The power consumption of this fan is rated at 70 Watts only.


  • The price of this Usha ceiling fan is comparatively high, so you will have to put a massive investment in it if you are going to buy more than one fan.

9. Usha Swift Ceiling Fan

Usha Swift Ceiling Fan

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Some people just wish to have a fan that works smoothly no matter how long it is used and operated per day. They do not care about the design. They also do not care about their finished look. All they care about is the functionality and durability of the ceiling fan. For such people, the Usha Swift ceiling fan is a great option. It comes in a rich-ivory colored design and will entirely blow your mind. Part of the reason for such an impression is also because the price of this ceiling fan is such that many consumers in India can afford it quite easily.

But you also have to know that the design of this ceiling fan is not entirely bland. In the central piece exteriors, you will find elegant rings that enhance its look by little folds. The motor used in the product can make the blades rotate at a maximum of 350 RPM. Such high speed will be enough in humid and hot weather. With the automatic windings in its design, the Usha Swift ceiling fan is only here to win hearts and nothing else. If you have problems with it, you can try claiming the 2-year that you will be able to enjoy the deal.


  • The functionality and lifespan of this ceiling fan are top-notch. Its design is simple, yet it will suit most house interiors.
  • You can get it in shades of white and brown.
  • It comes with three blades that are shaped well for better air spread.
  • Its motor can make the blades rotate at the maximum speed of 350 RPM.


  • A few consumers may find the design of this ceiling fan to be very simple.

10. Usha Striker One 1200mm Ceiling Fan

Usha Striker One 1200mm Ceiling Fan

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Lastly, we are going to discuss the Usha Striker One ceiling fan. You must know that it comes in a brown colored design. This brown shade is on the darker side and won’t suit with light-colored interiors. You should choose it only if you have rooms painted or covered with dark-colored paints and wallpapers. Even though the entire design of the appliance is simple, you will still find it working well. After all, not everything is about the design of the ceiling fan. You should also have your focus on its functioning and durability.

To extend it away from the ceiling a little bit, you can get it fixed with the help of a down rod. This will help enhance the air delivery if the ceiling is far up. However, you have to make sure that you pick a durable and robust down rod. For an improved and long life, this ceiling fan comes with a well electrically steel laminated motor. This will also offer high permeability so that the quality of all the pieces of the fan remains unmatched.


  • With economical pricing and low wattage, this fan is one of the best.
  • Its air delivery can be easily enhanced with a down rod.
  • The finish and working of the appliance are very smooth.


  • If you consider its design, you will then think of its price to be a little high.

Why Choose USHA Ceiling Fans in India?

There are many reasons to fall for Usha ceiling fans. However, the main and primary reasons are listed in a descriptive way below. These points will make you understand why you should only think choosing Orient ceiling fans over the others –

  • As we moved across and studied everything about Orient ceiling fans, we found that almost every fan that they sell comes with a warranty. This way, maintaining an Orient fan is known to be more comfortable and quicker when compared with other local or high-end fans. You can also get them fixed easily as the entire process never turns out to either tricky or challenging. This is also the reason why the Orient has remained to be the priority of many Indian consumers.
  • The pricing of Orient ceiling fans is also something that we find highly economical for a lot of people. Most people in India buy fans in a set according to the number of rooms at their homes. This way, they come along many deals, and it also costs even lesser than the MRP of a single fan. Orient is well known for such deals as it understands the needs of many Indian customers across the country. With Orient, everything is better.
  • Another fantastic thing about Orient is the hard work that they put in designing their ceiling fans. You will find the most modern as well as the most antique ceiling fan designs as you move along their range. Customers in India love it as they get numerous options to choose their ceiling fans from. These days, the ceiling fan design matters a lot as it can easily make or spoil the entire décor of the room.
  • Other than innovative and functional designs, Orient ceiling fans are also very well-known for their long life as well as durability. Nobody wishes to have ceiling fans that only last for a couple of years. People want to invest in appliances that have extended longevity and quality parts. When such this is put into in-depth consideration, Orient fans simply top the list leaving many high-end ceiling fan companies behind.
  • The last aspect that we want to come towards is the wattage of Orient ceiling fans. This wattage is never above the normal limit. This is why such ceiling fans prove to be fantastic money-saver in the longer run. Lower wattage equals to lower electricity bill. So, as you install Orient ceiling fans, you won’t have to pay higher-than-normal money. We love Orient fans for everything they put in the process to understand the demands of their customers.

Final Verdict

Although you might come across numerous ceiling fans while you go through several options in the market, we are sure that you will not find anything as qualitative as Orient ceiling fans. As you move across each of the options of their fans as put forth by us, you will understand why we are so obsessed with them. However, if you happen to miss those points, you can go through our section called ‘Why You Should Choose Orient Ceiling Fans.’ We are sure that you will like Orient Fans a whole lot more than we do. You can try choosing the ceiling fan that you personally find to be the best.

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