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10 Best Table Fan in India 2022 : Reviews and Buying Guide

Our Best table fans in India Picks

#1 Usha #2 Bajaj #3 Orient
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The use of some of the portable electric appliances is quite evident due to the compact features and other function. These functions doesn’t only help you out for the specific season, but also enables you to get the benefit throughout their life. One of the best electric appliances that massively helps in the summer season is the table fan. These are compact and portable appliances that provide ample airflow. This airflow keeps you away from sweating. There are instances when people don’t get a mole airflow from the ceiling fan, though the traditional approach is the ceiling fan, often people opt for these table fans that make their life simpler by providing ease. These appliances can be shifted from one place to another as per your need. Here we are providing an elaborative analysis of some of the best table fan that comes under minimal costing.

Best Table Fan in India 2022 Reviews

The following are some of the critically selected table fans that are equipped with excessive features and helps the user to attain a cold environment. These are selected based on different attributes that make this best table fans in india efficient machinery for the home. Apart from these products are affordable and provides all the relevant functions that are way efficient.

#1. Bajaj Midea BT 07 400mm Table Fan

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With the scorching summer, the need for portable table fan becomes evident. If you want to get rid of the sweat due to the summer season, then this best portable fan helps you in all the possible ways. There are somehow the best features that keep this top quality table fan apart from all the other ones. With effective pricing, you can get value for money easily.

It comes with the sweep length of 400mm. the minimal usage of power for the working makes it apt for saving energy. You can expect an air delivery of 75CMM that provides ample airflow. The motor rotates at 1300RPM that makes it quite fast and apt for the usage. You can get consistent air delivery that helps you in the summer season efficiently. These features make it quite appealing.

It is equipped with an overload thermal protector that acts as a fuse for the motor. It saves the motor from the uneven damage. With the high speed, you can get optimal function. Apart from these functions, it comes with 2years warranty that provides stress-free usage. The package includes the Fan Unit, Instruction Manual, and Warranty Card. This brand is known for its optimal speed. To get the experience just opt for this fan.

What we like:

  • Effective pricing
  • 1300RPM
  • Overload thermal protector
  • Premium
  • Energy efficient

#2. Varshine laurels wallcum table fan

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When it comes to table fan, the users want high air delivery and all the other essential functions that makes it quite efficient. This is one of the best fan brands that is equipped with ultimate features. These features cannot be denied as it provides all the relevant function. At this price tag, if you are getting these features, then you will get maximum value for money.

It is equipped with high air delivery that is the most suited for hot and humid conditions. It is way suitable for all places. You can use it in any place whether it is a shop counter, showroom, or kitchen. This best table fan has a 3 speed air control mode that will help you extensively for modulating the speed. The high-speed RPM motor has optimal copper winding. Apart from this, the best thing about this product is manufacturing in India.

The powerful motor that is designed for efficient functioning, then it can be used for Indian weather conditions. Apart from this the blade sweep of 225mm and the 2400RPM motor makes it quite at based on a technicality. It is equipped with 1 year of warranty that will provide hassle-free benefits. One of the innovative features of this fan is the fuse to protect the motor during thermal overloading. With this product get ready for nice and cool air delivery.

What we like:

  • High Air Delivery
  • 3-speed air control mode
  • High-speed RPM motor
  • Powerful Motor
  • Fuse To Auto-Protect

#3. Usha Maxx Air 400mm 55-Watt Table Fan

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There are some of the table fan designs that consist of optimal support as well as efficient functioning. The decorative style of this fan makes it quite trendy. This is one of the best appliances that have an apt design. With effective design, it has all the relevant attributes that provide maximum efficiency. Apart from these features, there are some of the nest technical features that keep it apart from other competitors.

This best table fan has high air delivery due to the apt 55 watts of electrical impedance. The blades of the fan are made up of aerodynamic polypropylene that is apt for maximum air delivery as well as minimal noise. It has jerk-free functioning that provides the uniform oscillation. It consists of a powder-coated guard that provides prevention from wear and tear. The longevity of this table fan is due to the 100% copper motor.

Apart from these functions, there are some of the efficient functions that save the essential part of the fan. It has auto heat protection for the motor. With the unique pivot arrangement you can, you can get uniform oscillation that saves it from all the wear and tears. This provides impressive performance. The portable and durable approach of this fan makes it very handy. You can use it efficiently in all places.

What we like:

  • 55 W Power Consumption
  • 1280 RPM Motor
  • Noiseless Operation
  • Jerk free oscillation
  • Innovative Design

#4. HNESS Powerful Rechargeable Table Cum Wall AC DC Fan

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Apart from all the electric driven table fan, there are some of the fans that are rechargeable and also runs on battery. This battery function helps the user in the best possible ways. If you are equipping this fan, then it is quite easy to get all the relevant perks. It consists of efficient and innovative functions that help the user to grab the maximum value. Just opt for this brand and get a stress-free approach to occupy an effective electrical appliance.

This fan works in both AD and DC power. It is equipped with a 2 step speed that helps to regulate the speed easily. It also consists of 17LEDs that provides an optimal brightness. With this, you can effectively decorate your space. The LED lamp can be used for 8 hours and the fan can be used for 4 hours. If you are using both of them simultaneously, then it gives a backup of 3 hours.

You can also mount this fan at any place whether it wall or table. With this, it can easily be carried anywhere. It is one of the light weighted fans that can be recharged with minimal efforts. There are some of the specific buttons that help while calibration from one-speed range to another speed. You just have to learn it efficiently. Though the process of switching is not that hard.

What we like:

  • 2 step Speed
  • USB charging
  • Stepless speed change
  • LED button
  • High speed

#5. CITRA 6610 Model Powerful Rechargeable 7 Inch Table Fan

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The table fan that comes under mid-range pricing holds some for the best features. It is equipped with those functions that can provide all the benefits to the user. In the scorching heat, you can get optimal satisfaction by being under this fan. Apart from this, there are some of the efficient innovations that make it unique.

It runs on both AC and DC power supply. One of the USP of this appliance is the recharging option by solar energy. This is equipped with a solar panel board that can recharge it in a jiffy. It comes with a 2step speed that helps to calibrate the same easily. It has a LED lighting function that will provide good light. With the portable and compact body, this can effectively be mounted in-wall or table. If you want to carry it, then also it is quite apt.

The charging of this fan is efficient and it provides long-lasting running status. It can also charge your mobile device in a jiffy. If you use the fan only, then it provides longer life up to 8 hours. This is the same for the LED lighting function. If you are using both of them at the same time, then it can be operated up to 4 hrs. The rechargeable time for this fan is 8-12 hours.

What we like:

  • Back up to 8 hours
  • Portable LED Light
  • Longer life
  • Green environment-friendly

#6. HNESS Powerful Rechargeable Table Fan

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This brand is acquiring its fair share of popularity due to its effective functioning and the innovative features it comes under an affordable brand that consists of all the relevant features. If you want to get a rechargeable fan that has an effective long-lasting operation, then this is an apt alternative, acquire this and get the maximum value for the same.

It comes with 2 step Speed for the effective speed regulation and also the 19 LED that has a function of getting dimmed or bright as per your need. It is equipped with a single button that is used for operating both fan and light. The compact feature of this appliance makes it apt to attach at any space you want. The lightweight material helps it to acquire the best approach.

The rechargeable timing of this fan is ample and it specifically needs 8-12 hours for the effective recharge. One of the best aspects of this appliance is the usage of environment-friendly substance used for the manufacturing of the body. This is the core reason for the lightweight body that is responsible for almost all the efficient features.

What we like:

  • 17″ Inch Leaf Table Fan
  • 2 step Speed
  • 19 LED
  • Rechargeable
  • Green Environment-Friendly

#7. DIGISMART High-Speed 300mm (12 Inches) Mini Pedestal Fan/Table Fan

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There are some of the effective best table fans that have heavy-duty parts installed which makes it very productive. This is one of them and holds an effective place. The powerful motor of this fan outputs only 22 watts. With the best functionality and affordable pricing range, this can be a product that has excellent features.

The specific technical specification provides detail about the motor that has manufactured with double ball bearings. This helps you to get minimal noise as compared to other fans. This fan works at 2400 RPM and the X-flow technology helps it to generate maximum air thrust. It also has a function that enables you to set the height as desired.

The body of the fan is coated with a processed powder that keeps it away from corrosion. It has also a bird guard safety that protects it in the running condition. It comes with a 1-year manufacturing warranty that helps to get hassle-free performance. You can easily install it on your own by getting the information from the manual.

What we like:

  • Heavy Duty Powerful Motor
  • Easily Inverter Operatable
  • Double Ball Bearings
  • 2400 RPM
  • X-Flow Technology

#8. RAKITIC Powerful Rechargeable Fan with 18 SMD LED Light Fan table fans

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It is prevalent for a table fan that has equipped with all the relevant features and also some of the innovative ones. This is the best table fan that has all. It is driven by electricity and battery both. This is one of the full-featured, user-friendly, green environment-friendly appliances that help you in combatting the scorching summer. With the lightweight body and effective functioning, it holds a very unique space.

The features that make it quite apt for all the spaces are lightweight. With this feature, you can help yourself in the best possible ways. You can keep it a table or attach to the wall, it will provide all the function wherever it can be. At this affordable pricing if you are getting these benefits,then it is way superior to others. You should opt for this fan without giving second thoughts.

This is the table lamp that can be used for a long time. It provides the last longing life of almost 8 hours. It is equipped with a LED light that can also be used for almost 8 hours. When you will use both at the same time, then the battery will last up to 4 hours. The recharging time this fan needs is 8-12 hours. With these functions, you can easily get the best out of this fan.

What we like:

  • Lightweight
  • Long life
  • Charging time
  • Rechargeable led lamps
  • LED lights

#9. Luminous Buddy 230mm 55-Watt High-Speed Personal Fan

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If you want a table fan that is equipped with technology as well as effective mechanical functioning, then this is the ideal one. it provides a stylish look due to the meshed structuring and also consists of soft copper grade windings that save the motor from uneven power load. This is crafted with par grade raw materials. The body of the motor and the blades are made up of non-corrosive material that provides longevity.

This best table fan is suitable for any of the spaces. It can be used for dressing table areas, bathrooms, kitchens, shop counters, and other spaces. With these functions, the portability and effective functionality help it in the best suitable ways. Apart from this, the stylish look and trendy approach of this fan helps the user to attain a good interior for their space. It can provide all the desired design aspects and compliments the one which you have.

The effective features that keep this table fan away from the peers are apt for the users. Some of them are the assured hi-speed performance that helps in maintaining quality. With the effective and stronger motor in the large body helps the fan to provide good air-flow. The aerodynamic design blades help the movement of the fan. With these effective functions, you can get an optimal air thrust.

What we like:         

  • 2800 RPM
  • no speed controller
  • Optimum performance
  • Higher air delivery
  • Power Consumption

#10. RAKITIC Foldable Desktop Aromatic Rechargeable USB mini 6 Inch Small Fan table fans for home

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This is the most affordable yet full of features table fan that provides satisfaction to the user. It doesn’t only provides effective functioning, but keeps the sweaty environment at the bay. With the great features of this table fan, you will get all the desired needs of being cool all day long throughout the summer. Apart from these the superior grade technical features help to gain portability as well as durability.

It is equipped with a removable front mesh that can save it from the dirt and other harmful materials. You can also add essence to these fans and acquire the feel of aroma easily. It is equipped with a 3 step speed that can provide better regulation. The effective working of this fan lasts for 4 hours or more. This fan is compact and sturdy. It can be attached to any wall or table that provides effective functioning of the same.

The specific fan size is 166 x 166 x 75mm. it is made up of ABS + PC material that is way suitable for these types of electric appliances. The easy cleaning feature provides access to cleaning just by removing the mesh cover the usage time of this fan with one charging is 4-8 hours. The package comes with effective charging cable and trendy designs.

What we like:

  • Removable front mesh
  • 3 step Speed
  • Aromatic USB Fan
  • Easy Cleaning

Best Table Fans in India 2022 : Buying guide

While buying some of the portable and compact electrical appliances, often people get confused. This is because they ponder only the portable attribute. Though it is very important to get a grab over all the other features. It not only provides value for your money but also helps you in the best possible ways. While buying a best table fan in India , you should effectively look for some of the best attributes. This buying guide will provide hands-on knowledge about some of the attributes that help in buying the same. Let’s delve into those:

  • Speed

This is one of the foremost function that provides effective functioning of any type of fan. You should look for the specification of the motor and the speed at which it revolves. This will not only help you to grab a fair share of information but also makes the most out of your investment. With the effective speed the air thrust increases which result in maximum airflow. While buying look for the specification under the motor as it provides effective information.

  • Body

The overall body of any table fan should be compact and small. People prefer this type of body not just for moving to places, but also to help you to attached wherever you want to. If you are getting a bulky body of the table fan, then believe me it is just going to be the other showcase material. It is recommended to check for the effective construction of the body.

  • Electric driven or rechargeable

This function is the most popular at these times. With the advent of technology and innovations, the table fans also include some of them. These innovations are quite effective and help you out to get the maximum. While buying you should look for that table fan that has both the function. Apart from this, the backup should be considered while buying these types of appliances.

  • Portability and durability

The foremost of all the attributes is the portability of the table fan. People opt these types of fans over others is due to the portable and compact design. They only want those table fans that have maximum usage. The ease of use is very important. If you are considering this factor while buying, then it is going to help you in the best possible ways to keep the scorching summer at a very far place.

Final Words

The above information provides hands-on knowledge about the different attributes of the table fan. With these sets of selected table fan, you can narrow done the choices that help you in getting maximum value. Apart from that, the discussion about buying guides helps the user to buy this at a price segment that helps a lot to the user. In this list, there are two of the best table fans in India based on their effective attributes. The first one is, DIGISMART High-Speed 300 mm (12 Inches) Mini Pedestal Fan/Table Fan/Pedestal Fan with Adjustable Height with X-Flow Technology (Ivory) which is an apt example of a technologically sound table fan. Apart from this, HNESS Powerful Rechargeable Table Fan with 19 LED Light, Table Fans for Home is the second most preferred due to its recharging function that makes it quite productive.