Best Soundbar under 5000 in India [2023 ] for You | Best Sound bar under 5000

Best Soundbar under 5000 in India | List of Best Soundbars 2023

Hi, looking to buy the best soundbar under 5000 in India 2023 and if you are confused then you have visited the right. Here, we are providing you the best soundbars that will increase your sound experience while you watch movies or TV shows. Just stick with the articles to get the latest and best soundbars in your budget.

Our Best soundbar under 5000 in India Picks

#1 Mi#2 boAT#3 Zebronics
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As technology is growing, people are more interested in buying electronic products and soundbars are such products which people are loving nowadays. Having a good quality soundbar will increase your audio experience while watching your favorite TV shows.

While buying a soundbar, people are confused that which is the best soundbar under 5000. So, you don’t have to be confused, just choose any soundbars which we have recommended to you.

As we have worked hard for you and provided the list of the best soundbars after testing them. These soundbars are the best in quality and will give you a better sound experience.

Best Soundbar under 5000 in India
Best Soundbar under 5000 in India

List of Best Soundbar under ₹5000 in India 2023: A Detailed Guide for You

Talking about the best soundbar under 5000 in India, it is a type of loudspeaker through which sound is projected and is much wider than it is tall. Soundbars can be used with TV, PC to get good sound quality. These soundbars are cheap as compared to other speakers. One of the main benefits of the soundbar is that it reduces clutter by just eliminating the speakers and cable which are present in the room.

While buying the best soundbar under 5000, you may be confused about many things like audio quality, Bluetooth feature, portability, connectivity options, and many more such doubts. But you do not have to be worry, just stick with the article and your all doubts will be cleared.

Now, time to share the details of the best soundbars from which you can pick any one of them according to your need. We have worked hard to bring the list of the best soundbars under 5000 so that you don’t have to work hard to search for the best soundbars.

Just choose any of the soundbars, we are recommending here so that you get the best soundbars that can fulfill all your needs.

1: Mi Soundbar

best mi soundbad under 5000
best mi soundbad under 5000

This is one of the best and most recommended soundbars which is present in the market under Rs 5000. As we all know that Mi is one of the best companies and provides value for money products. Talking about Mi Soundbar, it has amazing sound quality with the best user experience and we recommend you to buy this if your budget is around Rs 5000 as this soundbar offers excellent sound and has a premium white color. It is also available in black color in India.

Talking about the connectivity, you can easily connect the Mi soundbar with your device via optical, S/PDIF, Aux-in, or Bluetooth very easily and with its 8 sound drivers, your sound experience will improve. It has Bluetooth 4.2 LE versions available. The look of the device is very simple which makes it a premium soundbar with white and black color.

It has a 50Hz to 25000Hz frequency range which helps to get the clear and magnifies audio quality and hence your movie and music experience will increase. It has passive radiators that enhance the base and gives you a cinematic experience at your home.

Mi soundbar has an amazing design in a bar shape with the fabric mesh which makes it look very attractive and you can connect it with any device like TV, Android, or iOS smartphone.

Overall, the Mi soundbar is very lightweight and compact. You can install it on the wall using the screws which you can find in the box or keep it on the tabletop. It has a rubber grip that will hold it on any type of surface. And it comes up with 1 year of warranty.

If you are interested in a top-quality soundbar with Dolby atmos then you can check out the list of best soundbars under 15000.

How to connect Mi Soundbar with TV?

If you want to connect your Soundbar with Mi soundbar, then just follow the 3 simple steps –

  1. Plug SPDIF cable
  2. Power the Mi Soundbar
  3. Switch source on the TV to the SPDIF

Overall, Mi Soundbar is one of the best soundbars you can purchase and we recommend this soundbar to purchase as it has amazing features with a premium look.

  • It has 8 sound drivers.
  • Easily connect with Bluetooth.
  • Premium Design
  • Attractive Look
  • Multiple connectivity options
  • Lightweight and compact
  • No Remote
  • No indicator
  • Less Bass (not a big issue in this price range)

2: boAt Aavante Bar 1160


Boat is a good company in the audio industry and this particular boat Aavante Bar 1160 soundbar produces a crisp high sound with a decent punch. The is one of the best soundbars that you can get under 5000 in India.

Talking about the product, you get this product in black color having a company branding at the front middle side and this soundbar looks very attractive. You get many connectivity options like Bluetooth, AUX, and coax port options. If you have a pen drive then you can easily insert it into a USB port available at the backside. You do not get the battery in this soundbar so you have to give it a power supply.

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On the one side, you get few buttons to control the soundbar and also a remote that you can easily control the soundbar from far away. This soundbar comes with a 2.0 channel with different modes like music, news, movies which you select as per your need.

The soundbar comes with 1 year of warranty that is good to see and you can easily install it on the wall. Overall, if you are looking for a soundbar that produces quality sound and comes at less price then this is the best soundbar that you can bring to your home.

  • Top-quality sound
  • Has bass
  • Many modes
  • Remote control
  • Easy to mount on the wall
  • Many connectivity options
  • No such cons

3: Zebronics Zeb-JUKEBAR 3500

Zebronics Zeb
Zebronics Zeb

This is one of the popular brands that produce different audio products and the quality of the product are really good.

Talking about this soundbar, it comes with a very solid look with a premium design. At the corner of the front, you will see a company branding. With this soundbar, you get many connectivity options like AUX, USB port for pen drive, HDMI ARC, and coaxial input option. If you want to connect your TV with his soundbar then HDMI ARC is the best option for top-quality sound output.

You get an RMS of 60 watts. This USB port supports a maximum of 32 GB of pen drive. On the side, you get few buttons to control the soundbar and good quality remote is also provided so that you can control the bar from far. You also get Bluetooth connectivity of version 5.0 which is based on new technology.

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This device comes with 1 year of warranty and you have to go to the service center if you have any issues as no home service is provided. The sound quality of this soundbar is good and if you want movies and music then this is good for a small family. Overall, a good product that can enhance your audio experience.

  • Easy to install
  • Many connectivity options
  • Bluetooth connectivity available
  • Good Bass
  • Has pen drive support up to 32 GB

4: boAt AAVANTE Bar 1190

boAt AAVANTE Bar 1190
boAt AAVANTE Bar 1190

This is another soundbar from boat below 5000 that comes with really amazing specifications that will enhance your experience.

Talking about the product, it comes with an attractive design having 2 circular shape speaker type design that looks good. At the front middle, boat branding is given with few buttons at the side.

Like other soundbars, you get many different connectivity options like HDMI, AUX, USB, and Bluetooth for wireless connectivity. Bluetooth 5.0 is been installed in this bar that gives very stable connectivity. Remote is also been provided with this soundbar and also has a button to control.

It comes with a 2.2 channel that produces 90W output with clear audio having good bass. The boat signature sound is really good and this soundbar comes with different modes.

These modes are movies, news, music, and 3D which you can change as per your choice to get the best sound quality. This soundbar comes with 1 year of warranty from the boat that is good to see.

Overall, if you are looking for a soundbar that can replace your default TV speaker then this is one of the best options for you. It has all the features needed for a soundbar to use daily.

  • Boat signature audio
  • Many connectivity options
  • Bluetooth 5.0
  • 2.2 channel
  • No such cons

5: Creative Stage

best Creative Stage sound bars under 5000
best Creative Stage sound bars under 5000

Want to get crystal-clear sound quality then this soundbar is for you. It has a dual driver with a big size which will provide you a bass that you will love. If you want to purchase a soundbar that can fit with your computer monitor then this device is only made for you.

Here, you get Bluetooth and AUX connectivity through which you can connect your device with a soundbar. If you connect the device with or without wire then in both cases you will get amazing sound quality and it is compatible with almost all the devices. You get a control option at the side of the device from which you can control all the functionality of the soundbar without any issues. Buttons are very well designed and work well.

Talking in detail about this amazing soundbar, it has a minimalistic design with a stylish premium look. Through this speaker, you will get a really loud and clear voice with an amazing sound experience and hence watch all your Web series and TV shows with the top-quality audio experience. It has a 2200 mAh of battery if charged full can give you about 6 hours of battery backup.

Overall, the soundbar is really good and you can use it at house parties where only a few people are present. This device is packed with every feature and is one of the best soundbars in its price range.

  • Less weight
  • Compatible with all the devices
  • Good Bass
  • Good battery life
  • Decent sound quality

6: Portronic POR-891_Pure Sound Pro

POR-891 sound bar
POR-891 sound bar

If you have a slightly tight budget and want the best soundbar then Portronic POR-891 is for you. This soundbar is one of the best soundbars which you can buy with the best audio quality. It is a portable soundbar with easy connectivity options. You can connect your device with a soundbar with the help of AUX, USB cable, or Bluetooth which depends upon you.

The soundbar has amazing 10W powerful speakers which will give you a better audio quality and hence your experience will increase while watching movies or TV shows. 2500mAh battery can give you a playtime of around 7 hours which is very decent with the price. Talking about the soundbar body, it has a very solid look because of the side grill around its body.

You can all different buttons on soundbar like Volume button, Play & Pause Button, and different ports like Aux port, charging and USB port with indicator light. It has 180HZ to 18KHz of frequency range which is high and signals to noise ratio are 75dB which will help to give a powerful performance. So, overall sound quality is good concerning the price tag.

For connectivity, Bluetooth is one of the best ways to connect and it has Bluetooth 4.2 version which gives quick connectivity. You can charge the 2500mAh soundbar battery within 3 hours which will give you the playback of 7 hours which is good.

  • Best audio output
  • Less weight
  • Good battery life
  • Many connectivity options
  • Decent Bass (Not big issue in this price)

7: Mulo Arena 5000

Mulo Arena 5000 sound bar for home tv
Mulo Arena 5000 sound bar for home tv

If you are looking to buy one of the best soundbars under 5000 in India 2023 except Mi soundbar then Mulo Arena 5000 is for you which is giving tough competition to Mi. As Mi is popular, people who are interested in buying Mi products buy this soundbar can also become your favorite when compared to other soundbars under the price range. It looks very stylish and has a sleek design.

2.1 channel and wired 25W subwoofer designed in a way that it gives a thumping bass and hence your experience while watching TV shows, movies, or Web Series increases and hence you enjoy watching it. Talking about the connectivity, you can connect all your device live TV, Smart TV, smartphones, Tablets through Bluetooth, USA, and AUX cable easily. It has Bluetooth v4.2 which helps to give a perfect audio output.

You get a remote through which you can fully control the soundbar so that you enjoy your movies and songs without any problem and remote can also be used to change the EQ modes in soundbar which depends upon the user. The audio quality of the soundbar is really impressive and beats almost all the soundbars in audio quality which makes it one of the best soundbar you can buy in this budget. With the soundbar, you get a 25W wired subwoofer that has powerful bass that produces impactful sound quality.

Many people face issues while installing the device, but this Mulo soundbar comes with 2 wall mount EVA pads and screws that make the wall mount installation process very easy for the user. Overall, if you are not interested to buy Mi Soundbars then this soundbars is for you. So, just grab it.

  • Really good sound quality
  • Subwoofer for powerful bass
  • No connectivity issues
  • Stylish look
  • No Optical Port

8: Portronic Sound Slick 2 POR-936

Portronics best soundbar under 5000
Portronics best soundbar under 5000

This is our 2 Portronic soundbar in the list of best soundbars under Rs 5000. If you want a powerful soundbar at less price then this device is for you. The look of the device is very simple and black color makes the device more attractive and the material used to make this device is metal and plastic. So, we can say that the built quality of the device is good and will give an appealing visual look in your guest room.

It has 40W stereo sounds which give you a truly powerful music feel and can be easily be connected with Bluetooth or with AUX-IN and USB cable which means you get hassle-free connectivity. It has Bluetooth 4.2, so no need to worry about wireless connectivity issues. If you have any type of device like an android device, flat TV, or iPod then also you will not face any connectivity issues.

The weight of the device is about 1.8 kg which means you can easily carry the device with yourself and you can easily wall-mount the device.

Talking about the soundbar control, you get the buttons on the body of the soundbar which is placed very accurately from where you can control the device. If you want to operate the device on your fingertip then you can do it with the help of a remote which you will get inside the box. This will make it easier for you to control the device.

Overall, the soundbar is good and gives a vibrant sound quality. All the features are best when with the price tag and you can buy and use the product.

  • Remote control
  • Easy connectivity
  • Premium Look
  • Stereo Sound
  • Remote quality is not good

9: Instaplay 300BT

Instaplay sound bar
Instaplay sound bar

Want the best soundbar under Rs 2000, then you can choose this soundbar to buy. We have taken this product on our list so that if your budget is very tight then you can pick this. This soundbar also has an amazing crystal-clear sound with a bass with full clarity.

The design of this soundbar is very unique and at this price point, it has an amazing look and lightweight. So, you can travel with this soundbar where you want and start the party at any place. Talking about the connectivity of the soundbar, you can connect any of your devices live TV or smartphones easily via wired (AUX) or wireless medium (Bluetooth) as the soundbar is compatible with almost all the devices. Here you get Bluetooth 4.2 version means it will be connected to the device within 10 meters of range and you can control the device using the button which is placed at the side of the soundbar.

If you connect the soundbar via any medium you get the best audio output as the device uses DSP technology which helps in better and smooth transmission speed and gives stable connectivity and when you charge the device it will give a battery backup of 8 hours means to watch movies or listen to all your favorite movies for 8 hours without any interruption. You can also pick up your phone call the talk through the soundbar as it has a built-in microphone which is a very interesting feature and you may love this.

The weight of the device is 930 gram which means you can easily take the soundbar when you re in travel or can be installed on a wall which will give a pretty good look to the room. Overall, this device is very simple and has almost all the features a soundbar must-have in this price segment with 1 year of warranty. So, you can think to buy this product.

  • Stereo Sound
  • Uses DSP technology
  • Call chat feature
  • Simple look
  • Bass should be more

10: F&D E200 Plus

F&D E200 Plus sound bar in india
F&D E200 Plus sound bar in India

Looking for the speaker with the best audio quality with the good build quality and look then F&D E200 Plus is one of the best soundbars you can choose. It has 2 inches of a full-range driver with integrated 2.0 speakers designed to give you a better output with base.

It has a 2600 mAh battery which can be charged with the micro USB cable easily and has side controls through which you can control the soundbar. You can also connect it with any device using a 3.5 mm jack.

Talking about the design of the soundbar which is very simple and makes it look like a premium stylish soundbar through which it emits audio in a wider radius. It has led lights (red, green, blue) which makes it easy for you to know the connectivity details. You can connect any device with this soundbar like Laptop, android, or iOS device and listen to all your favorite songs with good audio quality.

Talking about the compatibility of the device, you can connect it with DVD, PC, TV, Smartphones, iPod, Laptop, computer very easily with Bluetooth, USA, or AUX.

Overall, the performance of this device is an excellent machine. The weight of the device is less which makes it portable. So, if you are traveling you can carry it with you and enjoy listening to your favorite songs when you want. You can get around 3 hours of really good battery backup. You can use the device indoor or outdoor.

Overall, after getting this device in this budget you will be satisfied with it and enjoy using it.

  • Good Battery Backup
  • Simple design
  • Different LED Lights
  • Quick connectivity
  • Build Quality is not good (not a big issue)

10: Portronics Sound Slick III 80-Watt Wireless Bluetooth Soundbar

Portronics sound bar in India

Soundbars are a pretty quintessential inclusion to your home entertainment system. And, if you are considering buying one under INR 5000, the Portronics Sound Slick III 80-Watt Wireless Bluetooth Soundbar is your best bet.

Besides the fact that the soundbar is sleek and space-saving, the product also stands out in terms of the ergonomic construction and overall sleek design. The primary motive of this product is to support mobility without imposing any risks of lags and delays in the process. 

Along with the premium finish, the product also features and user-friendly interface and experience that makes the process easy to understand for tech novices too. It supports remote control operation for smoother control of the sound levels and other audio settings in the system. So, if you don’t want to stay stuck in front of the system to control the audio, this soundbar takes care of that.

Not only do you get to experience hassle-free connectivity with the device, but it also supports seamless connectivity, especially with the wireless Bluetooth 5.0 connectivity. Also, the sound sleek III contributes to providing the users with an immersive listening experience, which again, is always a benefit.

The soundbar is integrated with two separate driver units with 80W sound output that ensures clear audio output with optimal clarity. Also, if you want to experience a 3D-like surround sound experience, you won’t have to worry about the same with this soundbar.

This soundbar is latest release in 5000 budget range. in coming days we put the detail reviews of this best soundbar under 5000 in india 2023.

  • Sleek and space-saving design
  • Easy to use remote control function
  • Smoother connectivity options
  • Emits 3D-surround sound output
  • Budget-friendly
  • Bass control isn’t the best

So, these are the list of best soundbars under 5000 which you can consider while purchasing. We have worked hard for this post to bring you the best list of soundbars so that you get the best list while you visit our website.

List of Best Soundbar under 5000 in India 2023

Mi Soundbar₹ 5,960
boAt Aavante Bar 1160₹ 4,154
Zebronics Zeb-JUKEBAR 3500₹ 3,499
boAt AAVANTE Bar 1190₹ 4,154
Creative Stage₹ 4,299
Portronic POR-891_Pure Sound Pro₹ 3,899
Mulo Arena 5000₹ 5,499
 Portronic Sound Slick 2 POR-936  ₹ 3,199
 Instaplay 300BT  ₹ 4,312
 F&D E200 Plus  ₹ 2,319

Checklist to remember while buying soundbar under ₹5000

If you have decided to buy the best soundbar under Rs 5000 then just pick any of the soundbars we have suggested to you below. These soundbars are the best in audio quality and have all the features which you need.

Checklist to remember –

If you are thinking to buy any soundbar with your decision then just follow the checklist to find the best soundbar for you under ₹5000.

1: Brand Value: If you are buying any electronic item for around Rs 5000, then the product brand value has to be considered. You cannot buy any random brand products. So, while buying a soundbar remember to check the brand value as price varies with brand.

2: Dimension and quality: While buying a soundbar, size should be considered. You cannot buy too many large soundbars with less sound quality and more weight as they will not look so attractive. So, while buying a soundbar, quality matters.

3: Connectivity: One of the most common features everyone searches on the soundbar is Bluetooth connectivity. So, while buying a soundbar you must check the connectivity details.

4: Sound Quality: It’s one of the most important factors which should be considered before buying as we cannot compromise with the audio quality.

5: Warranty: Many different soundbar brands provide different warranty periods and while buying you have to check the warranty periods of the device.

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These were the few points that you can check while choosing the best sound under 5000 in India 2023 for yourself. If you feel that I have missed any soundbar model the just comment below. I would really love to check out that model.


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