10 Best Small Ceiling Fans (600MM) In India 2022 - Expert Reviews & Guide - ReviewGuy

10 Best Small Ceiling Fans (600MM) In India 2022 – Expert Reviews & Guide

Our Best Small ceiling Fan in India Picks

#1 Bajaj Maxima #2 Sameer 24 Gati #3 Crompton Fan
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best 600mm ceiling fan in india 2022 : A little flow of air can help feeling comfort and let you take breathe of relaxation. When the wind is not blowing, and the temperature is high, sweating can make it hard to sit for more than five minutes. The most effective solution is an air conditioner, but it is probably the most expensive and less preferred option because not everyone can afford it. The cost of running an air conditioner is also high, so looking at a reliable solution requires a maintenance cost factor.

The use of ceiling fans can provide the best value for money option, and there are some of the reliable options that you can choose for. But, when you are looking for a ceiling fan in tight space, you might have issues with a typical ceiling fan with 1200mm blades. A compact sized ceiling fan fulfills the same need and provides an intense airflow with better rotation speed. The ability to provide intense flow makes them a better option than wall-mounted or standing fans.

Small fans offer better RPM, and they are also available at a lower price point. Maintenance is cheap, and you can find a low cost of use. Everything seems flawless about small ceiling fans, and the Indian market is flooded with these types of fans. You can look for a range of brands that are manufacturing 600mm ceiling fans. They can fulfill the need effectively and provide better value for what you spent. Consideration of these qualities can ensure that you are getting the best use.

The kind of use depends upon your place because some use small ceiling fans in the kitchen, whereas some prefer it in the washroom or at a small shop. The location might vary; the use is similar in every case. The roof height is mostly less or equals 10 feet, so the fan gives a perfect wind flow in all the directions. The speed and quality of air distribution vary from product to product, so you have to find the best product for great use.

Best 600mm Ceiling Fan in India 2022

During the purchase time, the variety can confuse anyone, and if you are not sure about a particular size, you can feel lots of stress. Chances of buying the wrong kind of ceiling fans are higher in such cases. That’s why it would be a better option to compare the most liked products. Below are the top 10 best small sized ceiling fans available in India for an affordable price point. Let’s explore the list and learn about all the essential aspects –

1. Bajaj Maxima 600 mm Ceiling Fan

Bajaj Maxima 600 mm Ceiling Fan

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Most liked products usually have qualities like simplicity, effective usability, and best value. The same qualities are easy to find in Bajaj Maxima 600 mm Ceiling Fan. Most probably, you have seen this fan in almost every shop or kitchen in India. It has a sweep size of 600mm, and it provides air delivery of 110CMM. This much airflow with an intense rotation speed of 870RPM offers the most effective use in almost every purpose. You can find that the color choice is pretty remarkable and better to consider over the other options.

It has a double ball bearing, which will keep this smooth fan working, and you won’t be noticing much noise from the motor. Even the motor is completely quiet, and you can hear the noise of intense speed air. The motor is powerful and offers a quick start for better use. It can achieve high speed under a few seconds and eradicate issues related to the comfort level. The best part about this ceiling fan is that Bajaj offers two years of warranty to cover any kind of manufacturing faults.


  • The speed of the fan is pretty impressive as it reaches 870RPM under a few seconds.
  • The build quality looks impressive as compared to the other options.
  • The motor is offering quiet working with its double ball bearing working technology.
  • Manufacturing is backing up its customer with two years of warranty.
  • There are three impressive color options: Brown, White, and Bianco.


  • No cons reported about this model practically.

2. Sameer 24 Gati High-Speed Ceiling Fan

Sameer 24 Gati High-Speed Ceiling Fan

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Most people go with well-known brands, usually, but when it comes to a deal with great features and affordable prices, the temptation is hard to avoid. Well, Sameer 24 Gati High-Speed Ceiling Fan is quite an eye-catchy option with its features and great design that can make you consider a try. This fan has a 70w motor to rotate four blades of this fan. The small size and adequate size motor provide an intense speed of 850RPM, grabbing your attention and making you fall in love with this product.

There are four-speed settings for this fan, which can provide you effective use and less power consumption. The manufacturing is also providing the simplest look with such a low price tag that can ensure a great use. Now, the most favorite reason which attracted us to the purchase of this product is, this fan is made in India. Most people are trying to support the country, so buying Indian made products can help in the country’s growth and give a feeling of satisfaction.


  • You can expect low power consumption using this fan, which will provide the best use.
  • One year of warranty to cover any kind of defectiveness during the manufacturing process.
  • The design is pretty simple but looks eye-catchy due to four blades and a small size.
  • All the blades are rounded so that they make less noise and provides an effective use.


  • The single color option might be the worst issue for those who want to go with simple colors like white or Bianco.

3. Crompton High Speed 600 MM Ceiling Fan

Crompton High Speed 600 MM Ceiling Fan

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Crompton is a well-liked brand all over India, and they have a range of products to offer. This brand is known for its great after-sale services and quality products. You can expect the same thing from Crompton High Speed 600 MM Ceiling Fan. This fan has a simple design with a sturdy body so that you can expect great use. Simplicity ensures that you get a smooth and reliable use of this product. The overall finishing and design is the primary reason to catch this deal.

Apart from that, looking at the build quality can ensure that you are getting such a reliable deal. The finishing is impressive, and it is easy to clean the fan with dust-resistant coating on top. It has a powerful motor that can provide higher rotation speed to distribute air properly in a medium-sized room. The only con is, this fan consumes slightly extra power, which might make you look for other options. Except that, everything seems fluent here.


  • The design is simple, with rounded blades for proper air distribution in the entire room.
  • The blades are easy to clean due to dust-resistant coating on the top of the paint.
  • It works on 320RPM but has a great airflow, which makes it quite a reliable option.
  • Silent working is the best thing about this small ceiling fan that you will cherish.


  • It has a slightly high price.
  • Power consumption is slightly high but unnoticeable.

4. Havells Nicola 600mm Fan

Havells Nicola 600mm Fan

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Havells has a remarkable market in the electronic department, and they have offered a range of products in the past several months. Getting fans from them can make you expect great quality use and premium after-sale services. It is a bronze copper looking fan, and the design is quite simple with a unique finish. A metallic paint finish reduces dust to collect on the surface and ensures that you get a convenient user experience.

This fan provides optimum performance, even working on a low voltage, which ensures better use. It can provide a speed of 880RPM and get you an intense airflow in a large room. The motor used with this fan works on a double ball bearing, which keeps the fan stable and quiet. Everything is flawless here except one downside of not having variety with colors. There is this single color option that you can choose with Havells Nicola 600mm Fan.


  • The motor works on 62w and still provide great performance during the use.
  • You can expect optimal speed with less voltage consumption with this fan.
  • Havells provide two years of warranty to cover manufacturing fault with this fan.
  • The looks are premium, and it provides a great use for kitchen, bathroom, and other spaces.
  • The fan speed is pretty intense, as it can reach 880RPM under a couple of minutes.


  • It is available in a single color option, which might feel slightly troublesome.

5. Min Max Activa 600mm Hi-Speed Ceiling Fan

Min Max Activa 600mm Hi-Speed Ceiling Fan

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Are you looking for an affordable high-speed ceiling fan? Well, Min-Max Activa 600mm Hi-Speed Ceiling Fan is not going to disappoint you at all. This is the fifth product in our list, and it nailed the spot based on two key qualities. The first quality is pure copper winding motor. You might not know that copper motors are way more powerful, durable, and reliable. You can expect great use for years with less maintenance.

The second reason is the cheaper price point. This fan might look simple, but if you look for the price point, it is extremely credible for what you are paying so far. The manufacturer is offering two years of warranty to cover any kind of manufacturing fault, ensuring a great purchase. Even it has 85w motor so you can expect high-speed operations and it won’t be taking more time to reach its potential speed.


  • It works on 85W copper motor, which provides high speed working during the use.
  • The motor is extremely powerful and highly durable to use over the other options.
  • There is a glossy finish on a fan’s blade, so they are easy to clean with a wet cloth.
  • The design is simple, elegant, and acceptable for almost every space you want to use it.
  • It comes for one of the most affordable price points in the whole list.


  • Claiming warranty is one of the difficult things about this brand, you can learn it by checking reviews.

6. Kent Nano 600 MM Ceiling Fan

Kent Nano 600 MM Ceiling Fan

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You might not know that Kent is not only in water-purifiers anymore. They are working on other types of electric appliances. Kent Nano 600 MM Ceiling Fan is the primary example to help you know about their other products’ lineup. It is a double ball-bearing fan with a powerful motor. The build quality is extremely impressive about this fan, which ensures a better purchase. The dark brown color gives a premium finish and ensures that you can use this fan anywhere.

This fan has 99.99% copper winding motor, which will provide you great speed while rotating. The design is adequate, and durability is intact, so you can’t find many issues. Even, this fan is available for quire a genuine price point. The only issue is extra power consumption. When you are using this fan for hours every day, there will be a significant difference; otherwise, you don’t have to worry about it anymore.


  • This ceiling fan works on 80w motor, which provides great rotation speed to blades.
  • The blades are easy to clean and have rounded edges at the corner to provide great airflow.
  • Superior quality electric steel is used in the manufacturing process to provide the best durability.
  • You can expect quiet working with the equipped double ball bearing motor.
  • The fan is lightweight itself and ensures a greater use for kitchen, bathroom, shops, and other spaces.


  • It has a higher power consumption.
  • There is a single color choice available only.

7. LONGWAY® STARLITE DECO Anti Dust 600 MM Super Speed

LONGWAY® STARLITE DECO Anti Dust 600 MM Super Speed

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In case you want something affordable and better to prefer option, going with the purchase of LONGWAY® STARLITE DECO Anti Dust 600 MM Super Speed is a better option. It is a heavy-duty copper motor and enough to provide intense airflow to the entire room. It has 14 pole motor to provide the best use over other options. The blades are completely aerodynamic, which provides the best use over other options.

The flow of air is effective, and you can expect less power consumption with a powerful motor. The blades are completely rust-free, and they are also avoiding dust in an effective manner. The high gloss finish will help you understand that you can use a wet cloth to clean off the dust and having a reliable use. The only issue is regarding after-sale services, which might feel poor with this particular product only. The best part is, it has a standard design which will make it highly reliable.


  • There is a heavy grade copper motor used in the manufacturing process.
  • Durability is not a major concern about this product, which ensures a better purchase.
  • The manufacturing is offering any kind of fault with two years of warranty.
  • It works with the same efficiency and provides the best use over the other ones.
  • The quiet working ensures that you are getting the best value for money deal.


  • Color might vary to a given photo.

8. Anchor by Panasonic Ventus 600mm Ceiling Fan

Anchor by Panasonic Ventus 600mm Ceiling Fan

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The sweep size of 600mm is such a comfortable size for home use. The Anchor is such a popular brand, and they have a credible after-sale services network in India. You can find that Anchor is providing great value for money deal with this product because it comes for quite an affordable price point, and it contains a powerful motor. The working of the motor is on 70W, which ensures a better rotation speed over the other ones.

The looks of this fan are decorative, and the body ring is ensuring a better use. The power supply might be high enough, but you can have a greater air thrust, which will get you the best use. If you consider the shiny blades and metallic finish, you can find that cleaning this fan is quite easy and provides the best value for money deal. The only issue about this ceiling fan is a slightly expensive price tag, which can make you reconsider over the other options.


  • The speed offered by Anchor is 810RPM, which provides quite reliable speed.
  • The design is stunning good and provides the best finish in every place.
  • The high-speed option with decorative body ring is ensuring a better use.
  • The manufacturer is offering two years of warranty from the date of purchase.
  • The after-sale services are quite positive about the brand, and you can expect a greater use.


  • The price is slightly high, which might make you reconsider again.

9. SHILTON GOLD Classic 600mm (24″) 4 Blade HIGH-Speed Ceiling Fan

SHILTON GOLD Classic 600mm

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When it comes to a reputed brand, Shilton Gold is quite a genuine brand in the Indian market. It is a 24″ classic Shilton fan with 85w motor to provide the best use. The motor is extremely powerful and can go to high speeds. The motor speed is 850RPM, which is good enough to get you a comfortable use. You can adjust this fan to five different speed settings and expect a comfortable flow for small and medium-sized rooms mainly.

The key thing about Shilton Gold is its stunning look. It is worth noticing that the design is pretty looking here. The manufacturer is using a fine coating to protect from any kind of issue related to dust or dirt. You can have a great experience while using this fan. On the other hand, having five years of warranty ensures quality use, fulfilling the need and reducing doubt regarding credibility. So, there is no other greater choice in terms of usability factors.


  • You can find that this fan has 24 inches of blades for greater use.
  • The motor is powerful and offers a rotation speed of 850 RPM effectively.
  • The manufacturer is backing up its customer with one year of warranty.
  • The fan blades are eye-catchy and look pretty awesome during the use.
  • There are five-speed settings that will get you optimum performance.


  • There is only a single color option available with this fan.

10. Lifelong Mini Glide 600mm Ceiling Fan

Lifelong Mini Glide 600mm Ceiling Fan

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The last option in this whole list is Lifelong Mini Glide 600mm Ceiling Fan. A brown color fan always looks comfortable with any kind of décor and color choice. So, if you are not sure about the theme or color options, then Lifelong Mini Glide 600mm Ceiling Fan will fulfill your need in a better manner, and it will provide you a greater use. The blade size of this fan is optimal for tight spaces, and it looks pretty good in most areas, which will make you feel comfortable with the use.

The size of the fan is compact, and it has four blades to get you greater speed. The aluminum body is offering rust-free experience, and this fan can provide better durability. The motor is slightly underpowered but offers the best use with less energy consumption, which can make you get better value here. The aerodynamic design is ensuring the proper flow of air in every direction of the room. On the other hand, this fan feels comfortable for a long time period, and it can provide great durability for sure.


  • One of the reliable fans with positive reviews regarding the impressive durability.
  • The fan is easy to clean with a wet cloth due to glossy paint finish on the blades.
  • The design is simple; that’s why it suits with most color schemes and locations.
  • The blades are aerodynamic and provide an intense flow of air in every direction.
  • The motor is powerful yet optimal to save electricity while working effectively.


  • It is slightly noisy when working at a higher speed; otherwise, everything is positive here.

Note – Fans with silver motor and higher energy savings are great for low cost use. However, durability is significantly lower from the copper power motor. Due to this, you should be sure about the fact that you are choosing the right type of winding.

List of Best 600mm (small) Ceiling Fan in India 2022

Product Price
Bajaj Maxima 600 mm Ceiling Fan ₹ 1,304
Sameer 24 Gati High-Speed Ceiling Fan ₹ 2,899
Crompton High Speed 600 MM Ceiling Fan ₹ 2,899
Havells Nicola 600mm Fan ₹ 1,597
Min Max Activa 600mm Hi-Speed Ceiling Fan ₹ 1,349
Kent Nano 600 MM Ceiling Fan ₹ 1,699
LONGWAY® STARLITE DECO Anti Dust 600 MM Super Speed ₹ 2,899
Anchor by Panasonic Ventus 600mm Ceiling Fan 1928
SHILTON GOLD Classic 600mm (24″) 4 Blade HIGH-Speed Ceiling Fan 1250
Lifelong Mini Glide 600mm Ceiling Fan ₹ 

How To Choose The Right Small Ceiling Fan in india

A ceiling fan is an airflow machine that cools down the summer heat. The ceiling fan works effectively to beat the heat. Especially the small ceiling fans provide variable airflow. Ceiling fans can fit in any part of the ceiling. They are available in the market are durable, lightweight and long-lasting. 

These small ceiling fans are easily detachable. It can keep the room ventilated. It can be used in offices, schools and houses. They are portable, durable and economic. 

If you are willing to buy any of these fans, this article will be helpful to choose the best ceiling fans in india. Let’s see some of the factors you should consider when purchasing a ceiling fan.  

  1.    The airflow

The main advantage of ceiling fan is the head.  It can be conveniently positioned. It permits air circulation at different angles. The head is adjustable in terms of position and also by the height. The ceiling fan can be adjusted in terms of by a rod. The blowers of the small ceiling fan should give excellent airflow. The air inflow and outflow speed are high. Fan models are dual staged as well as multi-directional. 

  1.   The purpose and application

Ceiling fans are suitable for expansive areas. The air quality is superior and comes with superlative cooling abilities. The small fans are constructed in a non-obtrusive and sleek manner. They are very compact and provide excellent air circulation.

The fan comes with weatherproof parts. Air produced by table fan is cool and the air dispersed is nonstop. They have a special feature known as HEPA filtration. They filter any dust, allergen and pollens in the air. Small ceiling fans even though small in size they can provide air for any part of the room. The rotating head provides equal airflow in all the area.

  1.   Space and suitability

The shape of the small ceiling fan is not monstrous and bulky. Due to this they easily fit in small office areas or apartments. The regular fans take much room space this can be difficult when there are space restrictions. 

In the domestic environment, the small ceiling fans are very suitable. In-office areas or apartments fans can easily fit as they are compact. They can be kept in close range for better cooling effects. 

  1.   Style and design

The small ceiling can cool larger rooms and they are cost-effective. However, they are available in plenty of varieties in terms of an upscale design and style. If you are much concerned about style and design a small ceiling fan can be suitable for cooling purposes.

The fans are popular for their stunning design that looks beautiful when kept in any area. They also come with touch controls and LED that adds more sleekness to the overall design. 

Regular Ceiling fan and small ceiling fans have prominent differences in terms of feature, space and purpose. It brings us to the conclusion that small ceiling fans are suitable for compact rooms. Consider these features when you choose a small ceiling fan. 


Figuring out a genuine quality ceiling fan seems like the toughest job. We tried our best by comparing all the products and writing their key qualities to differentiate the best one from a normal fan. Most of the fans mentioned in this list are available in thousands of homes and have a great demand.

We understand that you care about a product that values the amount you spent. So, it would be a better choice to leave all your thoughts aside and compare the top units. You can compare them based on reviews or consider brands to find the right type for your specific need. The best part features, and you can check for the best features in any of the products.

Considering other aspects like brand reputation, after-sales services, and warranty can eradicate most of the doubts. If you like our list and buy any of the products from the suggestions, we will be delighted that you liked our choice. We hope that you get the best ceiling fan delivered to your doorstep pretty soon.

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