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Best Pedestal Fan in India 2022 : Reviews and Buying Guide

Our Top Pedestal Fan in India Picks

#1 Havells #2 iBELL #3 AmazonBasic
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Summer comes with extensive heat and causes some of the prevalent problems. People suffer from heatstroke and continuous sweating. This is one of the irritating seasons that holds some of the critical problems. One should take major precautionary steps before this season. People opt for different electrical appliances that provide relief from the heat and sweat. They opt for some of the effective appliances such as fans, air conditioners, coolers, etc.

One of the most popular appliances that are traditional and also provides maximum relief are fans. These fans are of different types. You can either opt for ceiling fans, table fans, or pedestal fans. Among these, pedestal fans are the most productive as they provide effective relief as well as it is movable. It means you can attach these types of fans to any space. With the advent of technology, these fans also constitute maximum technological advancement. Here we are providing elaborative information about the pedestal fans and some of the best functions.

Best Pedestal Fan in India 2022

The following are some of the best pedestal fan in India that are selected based on different attributes that make them efficient enough. This list will provide hand-on information about some of the best pedestal fans according to their pricing and other features. This will help you to choose wisely and effectively according to all the relevant needs and functions needed.

#1. Havells Trendy 400mm Pedestal Fan (Green White)

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This brand has gained its name due to the par grade product it provides. Almost all the products of this brand are equipped with those features and functions that help you to get the most from them. This is a pedestal fan that has gained its fair share of popularity due to its core functioning and relevant attributes. If you want to acquire one of the best in class pedestal fans that provides maximum value as well as functions, then this is the one that makes it a success.

It comes with jerk-free oscillations that reduce the vibration of the fan and provides super smooth running. There are some of the innovative safety functions also present in this fan that makes it quite productive and safe for the mechanism. The thermal overload protector is responsible for providing a protective mechanism for the motor if voltage fluctuation occurs at any point in time. With this, you can be very sure about the safe working of this pedestal fan.

Apart from this, the aerodynamically designed and optimally balanced blade helps you to acquire massive airflow. With an effective warranty of 2years on the product, the user can get stress-free working for a substantial duration. It comprises of an internal mechanism that needs 50 watts for power and 220-240 volts of operation voltage for a flawless operation. The package contains a fan, motor, and blade set.

What we like:

  • Aerodynamically designed
  • 400mm Pedestal Fan
  • Three-speed buttons
  • Three-blade design
  • Thermal overload protector

#2. Usha Maxx Air 400mm Pedestal Fan (White)

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If you want to attain a pedestal fan that provides minimal stress in the usage then this is the apt one. It is manufactured by a renowned brand that holds the massive share of India’s electrical appliance sector. His 400 mm pedestal fan has all the attributes that help the users to get maximum benefits. These benefits are way effective in summer. It keeps all the sweat away from the user.

This pedestal provides maximum air delivery that helps the user in the scorching summer. The body is manufactured with ABS body and PP blades that helps the machine to get a corrosion-free body and rust-free mechanism. It comprises of the aerodynamically designed blade that provides effective air thrust. These clades are also equipped with semi-transparent material that keeps the weight of the blades very light.

It has a unique oil reservoir lubrication that helps this machine for optimal reliability and longevity. The air delivery system of 67cmm makes it quite effective. One of the innovative features of this pedestal fan is the remote control that helps in the operation. Apart from these, the fuse helps the auto-protect motor in case of thermal overloading. The warrant of 2year on the product provides longevity to the users and hassle-free operation.

What we like:

  • Remote Control
  • Flexible tilt-back feature
  • Height adjusting
  • High quality
  • Thermostat temperature setting

#3. Croma CRF0023 55W Pedestal Fan (Black)

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This is one of the best pedestal fans that are excessively lightweight. If you want to help you by attaining a fan that can be moved from any place. The compact approach of this fan provides each of use. With the effective functioning of this pedestal fan, you can get rid of all the scorching heat of the summer. With this electrical appliance, you will get the maximum value of the money.

The Croma pedestal fan is equipped with some of the best technical specifications that make it very productive. The powerful 55W full copper winded motor provides effective and optimal smooth running results. It is equipped with an adjustable design that provides smooth airflow as desired by users. The easy to wash the fan is the best approach of this fan. The lint acquired can be removed with minimal efforts.

The specific weight of the pedestal fan is 7670 grams. The overall height of the fan is 137cm. you can easily control the speed of the pedestal fan through the body keys. It has 3 different energy levels that use optimal energy for the operation and provides efficient airflow. It is equipped with a warranty of 2 years that provides hassle-free usage.

What we like:

  • Energy-efficient
  • Copper motors
  • The optimum amount of air
  • Easy oscillation setting
  • Sturdy base

#4. DIGISMART High-Speed 300mm (12 Inches) Mini Pedestal Fan/Table Fan/Pedestal Fan

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This is one of the pedestal fans that fulfills all the need of those users who wants to attain a powerful machine that helps them to keep the scorching heat away. With the effective functions and features, you can expect maximum benefit. This electric appliance is way efficient and saves the excessive energy that saves some bucks. The low power consumption is one of the USP of this electrical appliance.

It is equipped with extra heavy duty powerful motor that needs minimal power of 22 watts. The low power consumption feature of this machine helps the machine to easily run on the inverter power. The intricate manufacturing of themotor consist of double ball bearings that make it quite smooth and quiet. You can get a silent operation as compared to other fans.

The durability of this fan is on another level as it constitutes 2400RPM motor. The innovative functions of this fan such as X-Flow Technology help to generate maximum airflow. The 3speed setting function provides effective regulation to different speeds, with the adjustable height option you can get airflow wherever you want. The processed powder coated body helps itto prevent corrosion and rust.

What we like:

  • Durable Fan
  • 2400 RPM
  • X-Flow Technology
  • Processed Powder Coated Body
  • 1 Year Manufactured Warranty

#5. V-Guard Gatimaan High-Speed Pedestal Fan With Timer; 2100 RPM (Black)

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The best approach of this fan is the high revolution speed. There are some of the best and effective features that helps the fan to get optimal and productive mechanism. The high revolutions provide maximum airflow and help the user to combat the summer. With a sweep of 400mm, the user can get optimal support. It is one of the nest pedestal fans due to its effective functioning and other subsidiary features.

When it comes to mid-range pedestal fans, then this is the brand that provides maximum and effective results. This has some of the innovative features that keep it away from all the peers. With the inbuilt 60 minutes timer, it can be controlled for a brief period where it is going to be used for a minimal period. The 18inch base provides better stability as it provides a firm attachment to the ground.

The motor has some of the best-mechanized parts that help them to consume less power. The silicon steel lamination in the motor is capable of getting efficient output with the optimal power consumption. If you want a high-speed performance this summer to get rid of all the sweat and heat, then opt for this and get desired results.

What we like:

  • ABS plastic
  • 45 cm base
  • Silicon steel lamination
  • Synchronous motor
  • Inbuilt overheat overload protection

#6. American Micronic- AMI-PFT-55WDx-Imported Pedestal Fan

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If you want a combination of style, features, and quality then this is an apt alternative. It has some of the best features that help the user to get the best out of this electrical appliance. It has an appealing design that sets it apart from most of the other competitors. If you are opting for this pedestal fan then you will surely be able to combat the scorching summer.

This pedestal fan comes with 3speed regulation that provides multiple speeds. The energy-saving copper moor provides optimal air delivery of 75 it has one of the automatic function that is way efficient that keeps it away from using for a long time. It gets automatically shut down after 120 minutes of regular running. The sweep length of 400mm helps the user to get all-around airflow.

It has some of the best mechanism that helps in attaining maximum benefits. The height adjustment is effective and provides ease of use. With the uniform oscillation function, you can expect minimal vibrations and smooth operation. It has an automatic oil reservoir that provides apt lubrication for the motor. It is equipped with a warranty service that protects the motor for 3years. This one of the best features provided by this brand.

What we like:

  • Fan’s height
  • Unique oil reservoir lubrication
  • Base design
  • Decorative style
  • Robust motor

#7. iBELL WINDP10 Pedestal Fan 5 Leaf with Remote and High Air Flow

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If you want to avail of a pedestal fan that can help you to bear the soaring summer temperatures then this will provide effective benefits. It is equipped with a powerful motor that helps you to keep your room cool and ventilated. It is capable of providing instant cooling that helps in removing the humid temperature. With the compact features, this portable fan can be moved around any spaces in your home.

It specifically constitutes a 55watts motor that is way powerful with the 100% copper motor get ready for the maximum life of the fan. The whole mechanism of the fan is designed for the Indian weather conditions that hold scorching summer in its bag. It comprises of high-quality 5 leaf fins that increase the airflow. This is oneof the most silent pedestal fans that provides minimum noise. Get ready to access a massive amount of air delivery with this pedestal fan.

This pedestal comes with a remote control that helps in regulation from distance. It is way ideal for home or office usage. Apart from these the timer control that provides 2 hour of elapsed time makes it quite apt for the usage. The self-lubricating motor function enables the motor to get maximum life. It comes with a 1 year standard warranty that helps the people to get maximum out of this pedestal fan.

What we like:

  • Five broad blades
  • Airflow
  • Uniform oscillations
  • Voltage fluctuations
  • Modern design

#8. DIGISMART High Speed 2400 RPM Mark-2 (16 Inches) 400 mm Bullet Fan/Pedestal Fan/Farrata Fan

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This is one of the best among all of the pedestal fans available I the market at this price range. It is because it has some of the best features that make it very productive. The functionality of this fan is way ahead of all the peers. The effective advice for all those people who want to have a good product with all the specific benefits. With this pedestal fan, you will combat the roaring summer with much ease.

This pedestal fan is equipped with a heavy-duty powerful motor that outputs 22watts of power. It can run easily with minimal electric expense i.e. with the power of the inverter. The motor of this pedestal fan is equipped with double ball bearings that help this machine to have minimal noise and smooth operation for a long period. With some of the best durability factors and technological settings, it is quite effective.

The 3-speed setting option is way efficient. The adjustable height of this pedestal fan provides the leverage of moving it to any space. It is one of the best fans that provides a 1-year manufacturing warranty on the product. This fan also provides a trendy look and stylish approach to the interior of your home. Just opt for this fan and get free from the soaring heat of summer.

What we like:

  • 2400 RPM
  • X-Flow Technology
  • 3 Speed Setting
  • Adjustable Height
  • Processed Powder Coated Body

#9. V-Guard Finesta Remote 400mm Pedestal Fan (Yellow Black)

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The automated function of the pedestal fans makes it very appealing. There are someof the best functions and features that help the user to get efficient results against the roaring summer. This is one of the best affordable pedestal fans that makes it quite popular. The popularity of this fan is on the best side. The stylish and effective approach makes it very apt for the users.

This pedestal fan has a specific motor size of 509mm x 148mm x 538mm. with the 400mm sweep function, it is good to get the maximum reach of the airflow. The power rated for the motor is 55watts and that helps to use efficient energy usage. The manufacturing warranty on this product is of 1year and helps the user to get hassle-free usage. The three mode wind selection natural, sleep, and normal mode makes sure that you will get dynamic speed.

With the inbuilt thermal overload protector helps to take the grab of significant fluctuation of energy. It comes with elegant design with 120 spoke grill guard helps to keep it away from specks of dirt and lint. It also has a remote control unit that helps the user to control the fan from a distant place. The versatility of this fan is way efficient and it is the USP.

What we like:         

  • Sleek pedestal fan
  • Energy-efficient motor
  • Jerk-free operation
  • Different speed settings
  • Remote with Timer

#10. ANSIO High-Speed Pedestal Fan

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Acquiring a high-speed fan that has all the relevant functions and features makes it very productive. Those who live in hot and humid weather places keep looking for these types of fans. This is one of the best affordable fans that can be availed with the help of minimal investment. This minimal investment will provide you maximum features altogether. The functions of this fan keep it away from the peers and simultaneously makes it unique.

This high-speed pedestal fan is a perfect combination of performance, quality, and design. It is capable of providing 30% more airflow than all other fans available at this pricing range. With the minimal noise level, you can get optimal advantage and a smooth running. Though it is a heavy-duty fan with the massive motor the noise level can be more than compared to other standard fans.

The 3 speed regulation setting provides a dynamic setting as the RPM varies with every setting. Apart from this, the head tilting function is the most effective one as it provides helps while getting the airflow to the low areas. The fan blades are made up of durable plastic that provides safety also. With the effective timer feature, this can easily get off after 2 hours of running.

What we like:

  • Timer feature
  • 100% copper motor
  • 3-speed setting
  • 8 M power cable

Best Pedestal Fan in India 2022 : Buying guide

When it comes to buying best pedestal fan in India there are some of the effective attributes that should be considered while buying. Here we are providing some of them that help you to narrow down their choices:

  • Sweep function and height adjustment

While buying any of the pedestal fans it is quite evident to consider the sweep area. Most of the fans come with 400 mm of the sweep area. This is one of the foremost attributes that define the efficiency of the fan. While buying look for maximum sweep area and effective height adjustment.

  • Material

The manufacturing material of the pedestal fan is very important. These readily made up of ABS plastic that makes it lightweight and portable. While buying consider this as it provides an apt advantage for moving it from one place to another.

  • Motor

The foremost part of any fan is the motor. Nowadays the 100% copper winding makes the motorway preferable and sustainable. People always opt for a good motor that increases airflow and efficiency. While buying critically ask for the specifications of the motor.

Final Words

With this information, it is easy to buy a good pedestal fan that provides all the perks. Apart from that the buying guide also helps in the buying of these fans as it provides an apt way of looking towards all the attributes. There are two of the best pedestal fan in India present in the above list due to their different attributes. Usha Maxx Air 400mm Pedestal Fan (White) holds a firm ground in the market due to its technologically equipped mechanism and other optimal features. Apart from this, V-Guard Gatimaan High-Speed Pedestal Fan with Timer; 2100 RPM (Black) is the best mod range pedestal fan that provides all the features with the minimal investment. These two are the most preferred products on this list.

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