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10 Best Luminous Ceiling Fans in India 2022 – Expert Reviews

India is a country that remains hot most of the year. Other than some states, most regions of India do not experience a painful winter season where the temperature drops to the lowest. This is why you would see many people going out without their sweaters and scarfs even in the winter season. That is how hot the country is. To make the heat go away, we surely need a solution. But as Indians, we always look for options that are more economical and durable. Because of this, we always choose ceiling fans.

You are going to find ceiling fans in every Indian house. You can also see them in hotel rooms, railway station halls, restaurants, and even airports. If we are given a choice, we always pick fans rather than going with Air Conditioners. According to many experts, this is a good thing because Air Conditioners cause a lot of harm to the environment. Let us also not forget their huge price tags. Moreover, Air Conditioners are not a one-time-investment as they will make you pay extra money in the electricity bill.

But the search for a good ceiling fan company never ends in the country. Even when you end up with a durable ceiling fan, you always desire to have these appliances to match the décor. Unfortunately, most people cannot find the fusion between long life and exquisite designing when talking is about ceiling fans. But all your worries are going to go away as today we are here with Luminous ceiling fans. We are about to describe ten of their best ceiling fans that you can easily buy in India.

Best Luminous Ceiling Fans in India 2022

Let us discuss the features and specifications of all these ceiling fans separately and the pros and cons that we came along regarding a particular product. A ceiling fan will help you in so many ways to get the natural burst of fresh air. So, buy one such fan right now. All the details are given below –

1. Luminous Dhoom Ceiling Fan with High peed

Luminous Dhoom Ceiling Fan

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Now there are many things that this fan has, which is why we were impressed with a lot of its aspects. But the prime element that won our heart was indeed its round-edged blades. Mostly in ceiling fans, you will only find blades with either square or only lightly rounded edges. This is why we see the blades of this fan to be exceptionally unique in that sense. It breaks all the notions around ceiling fans’ design and adds a soft touch to the room whose ceiling has this fan attached.

With a capacity of optimum air delivery all around this fan is something that will last many seasons. The blades will always offer a right air thrust and strength to the entire appliance. To maximize air circulation, the manufacturers have also given a lot of thought in making it work even in low voltage. This way, you can get the burst of fresh air even when you think that the appliance won’t work with the inverter. At a wattage of only 70 Watts, this is the ceiling fan that you need in your halls and bedrooms right now.


  • This ceiling fan can efficiently operate at a voltage range of 220-240 Volts.
  • Its motors body is made using Aluminum for endurance and durability.
  • The appliance has golden pieces on its blade for a nudge towards a better design.
  • Its blades are made wide for better and even air delivery.


  • We do not have the cons of this Luminous ceiling fan.

2. Luminous Audie Mirage White Ceiling Fan

Luminous Audie Mirage White Ceiling Fan

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Most people stick to buy this ceiling fan in the white design. This is because many people want to have lightly toned décor in their house. With such décor, the white version of the fan matches pretty well. Additionally, the Audie Luminous ceiling fan is the right choice for Indian homes because, mostly in Indian homes, you will see ceilings painted with white paint coats. Hence, the white design can eventually blend exceptionally amazingly with the ceiling without popping out and breaking the entire tone.

However, if one doesn’t like the white ceiling fans, then he/she can also think of buying the appliance from other color choices. These colors are cocoa brown, berry red, gold, cream, and cool blue silver. Such a vast color range is not often seen in ceiling fan options, so this range impressed us a lot. The central motor and the three blades of the fan come together as they have similarities in the design because of the silvers adding in the appliance design. All in all, you are going to love having this highly functional ceiling fan at your house.


  • You can also buy this fan in sets so that you get a discount on the deal.
  • You can choose from a lot of colors for this ceiling fan.
  • For ample cooling, the tips of the fan blades are made wider.
  • With a new-age design, this ceiling fan can also repel dust from its surface.


  • We tried but found no cons of this appliance.

3. Luminous New York Brooklyn Ceiling Fan

Luminous New York Brooklyn Ceiling Fan

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Over the years, we have noticed and come along many innovating designs of ceiling fans. As we move towards modernism, we can see exceptional designing reforms followed in building and manufacturing the appliances. With that in mind, we are now going to discuss some facts and features of the New York Brooklyn ceiling fan by Luminous. The design of this fan simply screams the high-end design. Rather than having round motor housing in the middle, this ceiling fan has a motor that fits the blades like a puzzle.

Because of that reason, the whole fan looks like it has a one-piece design. Such innovation is what we keep waiting for all the time. In its form, this is the sleekest ceiling fan that you can find in this era. When its functionality is concerned, you will always get to have optimum airflow with its help. It will always ensure comfort for the people who sit beneath it. You can get it installed and fixed in the ceiling of your hall as well as bedrooms. It will add a robust touch of modernism to your entire home, and everyone will love it.


  • The air delivery of this Luminous ceiling fan is known to be very high.
  • The design of the appliance has both the touch of metropolitan as well as contemporary designing.
  • The motor of the fan is made using high-quality ABS.
  • Its blades come with dust repellant coating on them.


  • The high price of the ceiling fan is the only thing that concerned us.

4. Luminous Deco Premium Copter Ceiling Fan

Luminous Deco Premium Copter Ceiling Fan

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You can get this modern ceiling fan in four colors: espresso copper, dusky silver, caramel khaki, and silent blue. As you get it fixed in your home, you will enjoy it at its peak performance all the time. Its down rod also covers the canopy, so it looks better and more even once it gets fixed. As you look at the material used in manufacturing it, you will see that its blades are made using Aluminum. If you know, you must realize that Aluminum is a light and durable material. It surely helps the blades of the fan to move in a better way always.

The motor is capable of making the blades spin at high speed without any delay. So, as you increase the fan’s speed, you will never notice it jerking at all. The fan’s air delivery output is 230 CMM, and its motor can spin at a maximum rate of 380 RPM. If you know about ceiling fan rotations, you must know how high the value of 380 CMM is. With pieces of grey tones in its design, this is the fan that will help you mix it with all types of home décor.


  • The longer edges of the blades are slightly curved to add a touch of modernity.
  • The blades of the appliance are made using high quality and enduring Aluminum.
  • You will get the motor and blades in the deal.
  • The design of this appliance is highly premium and elegant.


  • The installation of the fan requires you to call a professional electrician.

5. Luminous New York Hudson Ceiling Fan

Luminous New York Hudson Ceiling Fan

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We have seen than the Luminous ceiling fans from the New York range are all the ones that have the most modern designs. Besides looking exceptionally stylish and sleek, the fans of this range are also known to work smoothly for a longer duration in your house. So, we have one more option of ceiling fans from that range. It comes with the Luminous New Your Hudson ceiling fan’s name, and you can get it in two colors. Both of these colors include the pearl white and midnight black version of the appliance.

Everything about the design of the ceiling fan is because of the center housing of the motor. It is given such a design that you will see it as if it has almost being sliced from the middle like a bun. In that, the blades are fixed, and they look like they are coming out of it. This ceiling fan has undoubtedly proven that the fusion of contemporary design and trend blend very well. The color combination of the blades and central housing is also unique. We find this ceiling fan to be highly advanced in both the facets of functionality and look.


  • This is a very easy-to-maintain Luminous ceiling fan.
  • Its design and features are highly innovative.
  • It will add a cosmopolitan vibe to the room that it is fixed in.
  • The RPM ration of the ceiling fan’s motor is 350.


  • Again, this fan’s price from the New York range is also high as the previous one from the same range.

6. Luminous New York Tiffany Ceiling Fan with Remote Control

Luminous New York Tiffany Ceiling Fan

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Till now, you would have already noticed our obsession with the ceiling fans of Luminous from the New York range. So, we are going to mention yet another option for you this time. This is the New York Tiffany ceiling fan that comes with a BLDC motor. As far as its design is concerned, it is as good as other ceiling fans’ models from the New York range. Even though its central piece is round, it still looks like it does not add any breakage to the overall design’s continuity. Instead, it makes the fan look unique and stylish.

Style is undoubtedly something that you would not expect a fan to have; however, in this fan, you will notice first. It saves 50% more energy than other ceiling fans, which is why even when it costs more, you will be able to compensate all that money in the long run over the years. The best thing is, however, yet to be discussed. You can operate this ceiling fan with the help of an IR remote. It will help you make it run in 5 speeds without needing to get a speed regulator installed. It is a good deal, and you should grab it if you have the budget.


  • The central piece’s design of the ceiling fan is what makes it look more modern than any other ceiling fan.
  • It is a voltage fluctuation proof appliance.
  • It can be easily operated with the help of an IR remote.
  • The power consumption of this fan is very low, that is, 35 Watts only.


  • The ceiling fan’s price is high, but with low wattage, you will be able to compensate it all.

7. Luminous Deco Raptor Ceiling Fan

Luminous Deco Raptor Ceiling Fan

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We now have a ceiling fan from Luminous that is again from the Deco edition. The Deco here stands for décor. From that, you can know that the fan will work very well with all types of interiors. You can get it in matte and glossy options. Most of the blades of Luminous fans are designed very innovatively. But when it comes to this ceiling fan, we were totally amazed. After they are fixed, the whole design of the blades looks as if it is a windmill’s fan. We were so surprised by it all that we had to give this appliance a spot here.

Besides having a design that will suit all sorts of décor, this fan also has a noiseless operation. Even when the fan has spent many years at your home, you will still not complain about any sound you hear while you turn it on. There are three blades in its design, and it can efficiently operate at the speed of 350 RPM, which is the maximum value. Additionally, it will only consume the power of 75 Watts in the process. When the fan rotates, you will also start feeling that it is more like helicopter blades just without that huge noise, though!


  • The operation of the fan will always remain free of any noise.
  • The curved design of the blades is unique.
  • The fan will suit most of the modern décor.
  • All of its blades are aerodynamically balanced.


  • You can only get it in two colors, which are red and white.

8. Luminous Jaipur Gangaur Ceiling Fan

Luminous Jaipur Gangaur Ceiling Fan

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You can buy this ceiling fan in an Abu Black design. We have included the appliance on our list because we wanted to give you some options for antique décor. Most of our ceiling fans’ choices while preparing this list were more inclined towards fans that will look exceptional with modern décor. The Jaipur Gangaur ceiling fan, however, will suit both contemporary and antique décors. It will also blend with the contemporary designs because Luminous didn’t give a fully antique look to this appliance.

The design of the fan is inspired by Trinetra, which is an indication of the three eyes of Lord Shiva. This is why you will notice the three-eyed golden adornment at the center of the appliance. It will surely help you reflect immense splendor, as you would notice in India’s royal houses. It epitomizes the vibrancy and rich culture of the country in the best way. That is how one would want to describe India. Even though we are modern, we still never forget our roots and culture.


  • The three eyes of Lord Shiva inspire the design of the fan.
  • It will suit amazingly with traditional as well as modern décor.
  • The central golden piece of the appliance looks exquisite.


  • It is quite tricky to get this ceiling fan installed as some electricians cannot understand the process.

9. Luminous Deco Premium Ceiling Fan

Luminous Deco Premium Ceiling Fan

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With a Silky White design, this ceiling fan by Luminous is something that we have adored a lot over the years. That is because it has always helped in adding that X-factor to wherever it is placed. You can get it fixed in your halls and bedrooms. And in both the spaces, the fan will elevate the entire design of its surrounding items. The silver criss-cross designs on its blades are also something that allows the fan to look more attractive. This way, the fan does not have a bland design and can mix with high-end interiors.

To bring it lower to the ceiling, you can try installing it with a down rod’s help. Many people have problems with high ceilings. Because of that, the ceiling fan cannot disperse enough air to whoever is sitting beneath it. So, in such cases, a longer down rod becomes exceptionally crucial. You will also find a glossy metal ring at the center of the motor. It will surely add a flair of modernism and elegance to your room. The motor will also last longer and not need extra maintenance over the years.


  • The speed of this ceiling fan is rated at 380 RPM.
  • Its power consumption is significantly less, that is, 75 Watts.
  • For covering manufacturing defects, the company offers a warranty of two years.
  • The installation guide of this ceiling fan is very easy to follow.


  • The white design of this appliance is prone to get dirty more than often.

10. Luminous Jaipur Ghoomar Ceiling Fan

Luminous Jaipur Ghoomar Ceiling Fan

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We only have a single word for this ceiling fan’s exceptional and fantastic design, and it is – royal. You will find filigree art on its blades that make it look like a traditional ceiling fan. From this, you deduce that the fan seems traditional, but its functionality and ease of use is still like a modern ceiling fan. With a classic touch to the décor of your house, this ceiling fan will surely remind you of your roots. Its blades are wider than any regular ceiling fan mostly so that the fan could have a better air thrust.

As you get it installed in any room, the ceiling fan will become a rich and exquisite showcase of grandeur. The splendor that you would have noticed in royal Indian palaces will reach your home with this ceiling fan. Its air delivery is 230 CMM, while the maximum speed that the motor can reach is 350 RPM. Its newness and endurance will remain intact throughout the years. This is made possible because the fan has a design that does not get corroded easily with changing seasons and weather.


  • The filigree art on the appliance is made through, and an intricate process called Foil Transfer.
  • Its motor is also artistically crafted so that it could last longer.
  • Its blades are made using Aluminum so that they move well because of the lightweight nature.


  • Some people won’t find the design of this ceiling fan to be that modern.

Why Choose Luminous Ceiling Fans In India?

Luminous is a fantastic Indian company that you can choose your ceiling fans from. They are only here with the best options to serve you in excellent ways. But if you are not sure about them, the following reasons will convince you to buy a Luminous ceiling fan right now!

Let us go through them –

  • Over the years, Luminous has grown so much that we can see many innovations coming from them. They have always delivered their customers with the best. We all know very well about their inverters. When it comes to their ceiling fans, the performance of the appliance is the same. It lasts many years, and you also do not need a lot of maintenance to keep them in the working state. This is something that thousands of people appreciate about Luminous ceiling fans.
  • Besides the huge brand value, you will also see that most of the ceiling fans by Luminous are easy to control. Many companies stick to manufacture ceiling fans according to many themes. Luminous also does that, but you will never see them forgetting about their ceiling fans’ modern functionality. Therefore, even when the ceiling fan may have an antique design with old and timeless pieces on it, it will remain highly durable and work smoothly as a modern ceiling fan.
  • Most of the ceiling fans’ designs by ‘Luminous’ blend well with many types of interior décor. However, we have primarily noticed that even when they build ceiling fans that suit antique décor, those ceiling fans still don’t lose their modern touch. You will see that they will suit with ancient themes, but you won’t be able to say that these fans won’t go well hand in hand with modern designs.
  • Luminous also puts a lot of thought into the design of internal parts of a fan’s motor. After all, it is the ceiling fan’s motor, which makes it last longer and builds more endurance. So, you will see that other than building great and aesthetically pleasing ceiling fans, Luminous also tries to build the motor of the appliance in the most intricate ways. This is also why Luminous fans are known to last longer than any other local ceiling fans in the market.
  • We have noticed that even when Luminous ceiling fans’ wattage is slightly higher than normal, they are built to last long. You will also see a huge range in their ceiling fans’ pricing and cost, which is why many people keep coming back to buy ceiling fans by Luminous in India. Other than making everything look splendid Luminous fans are known for their perfect build and ease of operation. What else can one want in India in a ceiling fan?

Final Verdict

We tried our best to describe the best ceiling fans by Luminous. Most of these fans are owned by hundreds of people in India who have also taken an initiative to review them on several online platforms. If you have time, you must read some of those reviews. We have also provided several reasons after our list, which makes us always choose Luminous ceiling fans over the others.

If you like at least one of the ceiling fans from the options we offered, we will be elated. We really hope that you get one of the Luminous ceiling fans soon.