5+ Best Gaming Chair under 5000 [April 2024 ] For You

Top Best Gaming Chair under 5000 | Top List available in India 2023

Hi, looking for the best gaming chair under 5000 in India 2023 that is top in quality and provides value for money than just check the list below. I have provided the list of top gaming chairs that comes under your budget.

Our Best Gaming chair under 5000 in India 2023 Picks

#1 Cellbell#2 beAAtho#3 Green Solution
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These gaming chairs have good features and provide you comfort while playing the games on your PC. Many people search for the best PC gaming chairs under 5000 so that they get a good PC gaming chair. So, if you are such a person, then this list will be beneficial for you to choose the best gaming chair.

Best Gaming Chair under 5000 in India
Best Gaming Chair under 5000

These gaming chairs will be the best option for you under your budget if you play games on a PC, laptop, mobile, desktop, or on any device because these chairs can be used as per requirement.

List of Best Gaming Chair under 5000 | Check the Latest List

While choosing the best gaming chair, people get confused that which chair would provide better comfort and can sit on it for long hours. So, the list I have provided below has the list of 5+ best gaming chairs under 5000 after narrowing from more than 20+ gaming chairs under 5000.

1: SAVYA HOME [Model Number: AM-5026N]

SAVYA HOME office chair

We all know that Savya is one of the best brands providing top-quality gaming chairs and this chair from Savya is good to play games for a long time.

Talking about this Savya Gaming chair, it comes with a really simple design which good to see and is completely black in color. The backrest is made of mesh which is completely breathable that provides easy passage of air that makes you comfortable while sitting for long hours.

The backrest can be easily tilted as per need but you can’t fix it at any particular angle. You get lumbar support that gives proper support to your spine that is a very important thing to notice as it will protect you from pain. Lumbar support is very helpful while playing games for long hours and it is very good for those who are facing back pain.

The seat comes with thick foam that provides comfort and the seat is large in size for extra comfort. The foam used here is of high density and is long-lasting. Many chairs come with less sitting area but this chair has good space which will really help you to sit for long hours in different postures you want. This chair has 100 kgs of weight capacity.

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The armrest of this chair is designed in a curve shape for better hand placement and comes with a soft top. The height of the chair can be easily adjustable as per your need and the class 4 gas lift is been used for smooth working. Wheels are also very smooth and come with heavy-duty for better performance.

So, if you are interested in having the best gaming chair under 5000 in India 2023 then this is the best chair you can choose. This chair can also be used as an office chair or for doing some study.

  • Comfortable seat
  • Height adjustable
  • Smooth wheels
  • Top-quality gas lift
  • 100 kg of weight capacity
  • Easy to rock back
  • Soft hand rest
  • Lumbar
  • 1 year of warranty
  • No Headrest [not a big issue in this budget]

2: Da URBAN [Model Number: DU-miller]


If you are looking for a gaming chair that comes with a full cushion and provides comfort while playing games on the PC or laptop then this chair is for you.

This DU-Miller gaming chair comes with fully cushioned in every part of the chair like hand rest, backrest and gives you comfortability for a long time. It has a medium-size backrest with having a double layer of cushion for extra comfortability to the spine. If you have spine pain then this type of chair that has extra foam would be best for you because you will feel relax while sitting on it. You can tilt the backrest up to 125 degrees but can’t be fixed at any angle.

If you want the backrest to remain at 90 degrees then just lock the tilt using the lever. Overall, the backrest is very well designed for your spine so that you do not feel any issues. The hand rest of this chair also has extra padding and comes in curve shape so that you can keep your hands properly. The outer side of the hand rest comes in chrome finishing that gives a premium look from the side.

The seat is spacious with full comfort so that you can sit for long hours. This chair will really help you to sit in a proper posture so that you don’t face any back-pain problems. The height of the chair can also be easily adjusted as you want. This chair also has a 100kg weight capacity.

The base of this chair is of chromium metal and comes with dual wheels that are very smooth. The base is very strong which makes the chair very stable and can be revolved 360 degrees.

So, if you want a gaming chair that comes with double foaming and provides better comfort while playing games like PUBG then this would be the best option for you.

  • Looks stylish
  • 100 kg max weight
  • Easy to assemble
  • Double padding on seat and backrest
  • Full spine support
  • Comfortable hand rest
  • 6 months warranty
  • Smooth wheels
  • The backrest can’t be fixed at any angle

3: Savya Home APEX [Model Number: AM-5002]

Savya Home
Savya Home

In this list, I have above mentioned one Savya Home APEX AM-5026N chair which has the best features but if you want a gaming chair under 5000 that comes with some functions that can be adjusted from Savya then this is for you.

Talking about this amazing chair from Savya, it comes in a really simple design having spacious seat. The backrest of this chair is made of black color mesh for air passage. This type of mesh is very important while you sit with back support for long hours in summer, as it helps you to sweat less while playing games. You can rock back up to 115 degrees for your comfort but can’t fix the tilt at any angle. If you want that chair backrest remains at 90 degrees only then just push the tilt lock.

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The backrest also comes with a lumbar so that your spine gets support and you feel comfortable while sitting on it. While sitting, if you think that lumbar support needs the adjustment then just push it backward or forward as per your need by simply rotating a knob provided on the backside in a clockwise direction. The armrest of this chair is made of plastic having a soft top on which you can keep your hands while typing or playing games.

The seat of the chair is made of good quality foams having high density to provide you a better experience. Sitting on it for long hours would not be painful for you and the adjustable lumbar makes this chair one of the best gaming chair under 5000. The height of this chair can also be easily adjusted and has 100 kgs of maximum capacity.

This chair has a metal base with dual wheels for proper stability and movement. Overall, this chair is one of the best gaming chairs you can choose in this budget.

  • Adjustable lumbar
  • Easy to tilt
  • 100 kg weight holding capacity
  • Metal base
  • Breathable mesh backrest
  • Smooth dual wheels
  • 1 year of warranty
  • Class 4 gas lift
  • Tilt can’t be fixed at any angle [not a big issue in this price point]

4: CELLBELL C102 [Model Number: CBHKFOC1097]


If you want a gaming chair that can also provide support to your head while playing games and comes with good features then this chair would be the best option. This chair has a slightly high price but it is worth it. So, if you play games for more than 4+ hours then you must go with this chair.

This amazing gaming chair comes in black color having brown color stitches that provide a really amazing look to the chair. It has a soft cushion at the backrest with premium black leather on it to provide better comfort while sitting on it. The backrest size is full so that it provides support to your neck and head. In this budget, most of the gaming chair comes with a medium backrest but this has a full backrest which will give you some extra advantages over other chairs mentioned in the list.

The design of the backrest is in such a way that it provides support to your spine. The armrest is made of complete metal having a cushion at the top on which you can keep your hands. The side handles come in grey in color. The seat is spacious and has high-quality foam with leather that helps you sit for long hours. Overall, sitting on this chair and playing the game would be the best experience for you in this budget as it has all the best quality features.

The chair comes with a class 4 gas lift having a black color cover on it and it helps you to adjust the height smoothly. The base of the chair has metal with nylon dual wheels that provide you a smooth movement and this chair can also revolve 360 degrees.

So, if you are interested to have a gaming chair that comes with many functions then you can go with this chair. In my opinion, if you have some extra penny then you must invest in this as it has a full-size backrest.

  • 360 degree revolve
  • Metal base with dual wheels
  • Stylish look
  • Soft cushion
  • Padded armrest
  • Height adjustment
  • Rock back up to 110 degree
  • Can easily handle 100 kg weight
  • No adjustable headrest

5: Alfa Vizolt [Model Number: 1234RS3]

Alfa Vizolt
Alfa Vizolt

We all know that Alfa is one of the best brands in India providing different types of chairs and here I have added one of the best alfa gaming chairs under 5000 in the list so that you choose the best products from the list.

Talking about this Alfa chair, it comes in complete black in color with a simple look and design. The backrest of this chair comes with simple plastic having gaps with mesh on it so that air passes easily through it. While sitting on this chair, you will get spine support because of the design of the backrest. The backrest can be rocked back easily and can be fixed at 90 degrees if you want.

This seat is very spacious to sit comfortably for long hours and has a high density of foams. You sit at any posture you want. The hand rest of this chair is also made of plastic and you can keep your hands easily while typing or playing games on your PC or laptop. Overall, you will get a better sitting experience on this chair.

This chair comes with height adjustable features and the rod is been covered by black plastic to provide a good look. The base of the chair is of metal having a chromium finish to provide a shining look from the base. The wheels are of top quality and are very strong.

You can also revolve this chair 360 degrees and can hold weight up to 100 kg. So, in my opinion, if you are interested to have a chair that can be used as a gaming chair as well as for normal usage like study or doing some office work then you can go with this or other chairs on the list.

  • Simple Look
  • Can rock back
  • Multi-use chair
  • Backrest has spine support
  • 12 months of warranty
  • Height can be adjusted
  • Metal base with wheel
  • Easy to sit for long hours
  • Not for hardcore gamers

6: Da URBAN [Model Number: DU-268]

Da URBAN chair
Da URBAN chair

If you are not a hard-core gamer and want a cheap gaming chair under 5000 then this chair would be the best option for you. You can play games on this chair and can be used for the normal sitting purpose also.

Talking about this chair, it comes with a completely simple design having metal rods with chrome finishing that gives a good look to the chair. This chair can be seen as an upgraded version of a normal plastic chair.

The backrest of this chair has full padding at the top and has a thick cushion on the seat also. The black leathers cover the cushion and give a solid look. You will find a gap in the backrest below for air passage. All 4 legs of the chair have a rubber shoe to protect the floor from scratch.

This chair is a multi-purpose chair that can be used in the office as well as in the home. You can also play games for a few hours while sitting but is not good for a gamer who plays games for long hours. So, in my opinion at this budget, this chair is really good and can be used for a different purpose.

  • Comfortable to sit
  • Multi-purpose
  • Chrome finish
  • Thick cushion
  • 6 months of warranty
  • Can’t sit for long hours

List of Best Gaming Chair under 5000 in India 2023

SAVYA HOME [Model Number: AM-5026N]₹ 4,549
Da URBAN [Model Number: DU-miller]₹ 5,199
Savya Home APEX [Model Number: AM-5002]₹ 4,990
CELLBELL C102 [Model Number: CBHKFOC1097]₹ 3,699
Alfa Vizolt [Model Number: 1234RS3]₹ 3,878
Da URBAN [Model Number: DU-268]₹ 4198

Best Budget for gaming Chair under 5000

While choosing the best gaming chair, a different person has a different budget and according to that people select a gaming chair. Many people have a ₹5000 budget, many have ₹10000 or ₹ 20000 budget. So, the budget depends upon many factors like how much time you will sit on the chair, your financial situation, or if you are the initial gamer.

In my personal opinion, you should choose a gaming chair around the price range between ₹10000 – ₹20000 so that you get a gaming chair that has really top-class features. In this post, all the chairs I have mentioned can be used as a gaming chair or as an office chair and if you are new to gaming or want to play games on PC for few hours then these gaming chairs listed above are best for you

So, in my opinion, choose a gaming chair according to your need, not budget and if you choose according to your budget then you may have to compromise with some features if your budget is less.


Here we have given answers to some common questions people ask often. You can also read the answers so that if you have any doubt then it may be cleared here. If you have any questions or doubts for which you want to answer then just comment.

Normal chairs can be used as gaming chairs?

Yes, a normal chair can be used as a gaming chair if your budget is around ₹5,000 because in this budget you will not find any chair that is completely made for gaming. So, if your budget is less than a normal chair can be used as gaming chairs but with some compromise in features.

Can a normal chair be used to play games on the PC for a few hours?

Absolutely Yes, if you want to play games on a PC or laptop for a few hours then choose the best chair as per your budget from the list of gaming chairs under 5000 provided above.

Why do people prefer a gaming chair over an office chair for playing games?

The one-word simple answer is comfort. Good gaming chairs are fully adjustable as per your need which means you can adjust the lumbar, height, hand rest, headrest, and comes with a good quality cushion. It also provides you to adjust the backrest at any angle you want for your comfort which other office chairs do not provide. If you can spend around 10k for a gaming chair then you can get a good chair.

My Final Thought

All the chair model provides above are the best in quality in this budget and you can choose as per your need if you are a normal gamer but for advance go with premium gaming chairs.

If you have any doubt or have a query regarding the best gaming chair under 5000 then just comment below. I am here to help you so that you get the best chair for yourself.


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