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Best Anti Dust / Dust Free Ceiling Fans in India 2022 : Expert reviews and Buying Guide

Best dust free ceiling fan in india 2022 : In metro cities accumulation is one of the common and biggest problems that people face. Accumulation of dirt and dust creates a lot of respirational problems. So, everything in the house including furniture, electronics, or beddings should be kept dust-free to avoid unwanted illness especially if there is an allergic person an old person, or a baby at home. Specks of dust can affect them quickly. However, cleaning the house becomes a task for everyone and so it becomes burdensome to clean these dust-prone ceiling fans.

It’s during the festival time or before the summer season; people tend to clean their ceiling fans. But once or twice a year it’s not enough. Dust gets struck after about a few weeks or a month. Cleaning the fans is a really hard job. You have to climb on a ladder take a wiping cloth and then clean it which also has a risk and it’s also a very time-consuming job. It’s one of the messiest jobs. So, people tend to avoid cleaning the fans which might cause illness to some.

Luckily technological advancement has skilfully transformed the performance and designs of ceiling fans. The anti dust ceiling fans were introduced to make consumer’s life easier. To avoid the messy situation of cleaning the ceiling fan the only solution is to buy a dust-free ceiling fan. Dust free ceiling fans are said to decrease the dust collection by 50% compared to other ceiling fans. The reason behind this is in these dust-free fans use nanotechnology paint which is hydrophobic and Nano phobic in nature. These grease repelling paints helps the blades to draw less dirt

Best Anti Dust /Dust Free Ceiling Fans in India 2022

Several dust-free ceiling fans were introduced a way back. Hence today there are several dust-free ceiling fans available in the market. However, to decide which one is among the best and would serve you with the best service is quite difficult, to make your work easy here is best dust free ceiling fan in india 2022 are listed below:

#1. Crompton Aura prime 1200 mm (48 inches) decorative ceiling fan with Anti Dust technology

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Crompton is one of the best brands in the fan category. Crompton Aura Prime Anti-dust 48 mm ceiling fan is most of the people’s favourite. It is one of the demanded fans of Crompton. The available colour for this best anti dust ceiling fan is the Bourne.

The fan looks good and its best feature is its high-speed air. It has an authentic copper blade and the fan has rust-free properties. Crompton delivers a thundering speed of 240 CMM and the speed can exceed thrill 380 RPM. The fan operates very smoothly and without disturbance noise. This is because of its 2-piece construction.

The fan looks extremely classy with a sleek body. The best part of this fan is it consumes less power. It gives you cool waves of air with minimum electricity usage. It protects you from the merciless loo of the summer and also saves your electricity to a good extent. The durability is appreciable.

If you are in search of a fan that won’t disappoint you in terms of longevity you should go for a Crompton Aura Prime Anti Dust 48 inches ceiling fan. It acquires two-piece construction. It poses great features as the design of the fan is considered by modern requirements. It will give your ceiling and room a trendy look. The metallic shine of the fan looks cool. The centre ring of the fan and the blades beautiful maroon-coloured designs. Its energy consumption is very less which will save your money to a great extent. There are many other dust-free fans but remote control of the fan steals the show.

What we liked

  • The fan has the highest speed of 370 RPM
  • 100 % Copper motor for more longevity
  • Power consumption is very less.
  • Can be switched with remote control
  • The colour and the design gives a trendy look at home

#2. Ottomate Sense Decorative 1200 MM Anti Dust High Speed Ceiling fan

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If you are particularly looking for a high-speed anti-dust ceiling fan, the Ottomate Sense Decorative 1200 MM Anti Dust High-Speed Ceiling fan is a pretty great choice. Besides the amazing design and the modern pink colour, the highlight of this ceiling fan is its efficiency.

The design innovation in this ceiling fan is one of a kind. With this, you get to change the blades of the fan according to your needs and your current mood. So, if you aren’t feeling the bland white anymore, you can change it with one that you do. This is the first of its kind, especially with the renovated look.

Besides the design, another factor that makes this ceiling fan a bestselling one is the anti-dust technology. The dust-resistant feature keeps the fan functioning at its maximum efficiency without any kinds of complications. You won’t have to wipe it down every few weeks.

The Sense 100% copper motor in the ceiling fan also contributes to 380 RPM with 230 CFM air delivery, which is one of the best you will come across in the industry. Pair with the 2+1 year warranty and you won’t ever have to worry about the credibility of the product.

With over 250+ service centres spread across India, Ottomate offers quicker resolutions to any problems that the customers face, which is always a benefit.

What we liked?

  • Comes with an interchangeable blade design
  • Integrated with dust-resistant technology
  • High rotations per minute with improved efficiency
  • Backed with 2+1 year warranty on the fan
  • Available in a choice of colours

#3. Havells Andria 1200mm Dust Resistant Ceiling Fan

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Havells is a brand that doesn’t require any introductions. So, when talking about dust-resistant ceiling fans, the Havells Andria 1200mm Dust Resistant Ceiling Fan deserves a mention.

Besides the highlight of the dust-resistant design, users also get to make the most out of the product with the exotic and modern design and styling. Available in a rustic brown colour, the fan blends in with the aesthetics of the room, which is commendable.

Coming to the anti-dust technology, then the long-lasting and dust-resistant paint is on top of the fan credits to long-term usage. If you live somewhere with a lot of dust and pollution, you are going to appreciate buying this product for its credibility.

The superior air delivery of this fan is an additional factor that puts it on the bestselling list. The aerodynamically designed fan blades disperse the air throughout the room so everyone can enjoy the comfort without any compromise.

The 1200mm sweep size of this ceiling fan is pretty credible as well. The combination of brown with gold accents is specifically designed for modern-day interiors, so you won’t have to compromise the appearance of your home.

What we liked?

  • Sleek, lightweight and modern design
  • Coated with dust-resistant paint on the fan
  • Designed with aerodynamic fan blades
  • Ideal for modern-day interiors
  • High 1200mm sweep size

#4. Crompton Avancer Prime 1200 mm (48 inches) Decorative Ceiling Fan with Anti-Dust Technology

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Crompton Avancer Prime fans are dust-free and attract 50% less dust as compared to other ordinary fans. The special coating of the body limits the dust particles to sediment on the surface which makes it easier to clean. No matter what kind of dust it is a single wipe will make it look shiny and new.

Double ball bearing along with 100% copper wiring ensures a durable life of the best ceiling fan. The fan’s aluminium construction prevents it from corrosion and rust. It also provides strength and durability to the fan. The two-piece construction of Crompton Advancer Prime confirms its stability and operation.

Coming to the design, it has a tint of metallic shine blended with the latest design at the centre grabs the attraction. These designs enhance the designer ceiling hence creates a unique style statement. The high-performance fan blades give high air delivery of 230 CMM and a speed of 230 RPM The aluminium body of the Crompton Avancer Prime fan prevents prevent from corrosion and provides strength resulting in an increased life of the fan.

If you are searching for a perfect dust-free ceiling fan from a reputed brand and which has a better build quality than the rest Crompton Avancer Prime 1200 mm (48 inches) Decorative Ceiling Fan with Anti-Dust Technology (Conch Cream) will be the best product for you.

What we liked

  • 100% copper wiring
  • Anti-rust aluminium body
  • Air delivery is 230CMM
  • Metallic shine combined with contemporary design at the centre
  • 2 pieces construction that ensures stability

#5. Crompton Dignita Anti Dust 1200mm Ceiling Fan Snow Onyx

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Keep yourself cool with the brand new fan of “Crompton Dignita Anti Dust 1200mm Ceiling Fan Snow Onyx”. Fans are the essential home appliance for every house during the summer season. Nowadays there are various kinds of fans available in the market that is good in both functionality and aesthetics. 

Crompton Dignita Anti Dust fan is one of the amazing products made from the house of Crompton. Crompton has been the market leader for quite some time. Dignita Anti Dust 1200mm Ceiling Fan has a sublime design and offers a sophisticated look. The overall look of the fan is classy and it uplifts the interiors of your room. 

The fan is incredibly capable of delivering high-speed air and its three wide blades make the air cool and refreshing. If you are not fond of air conditioners and love the breeze of the air, you should make the best choice of purchasing Crompton Dignita Anti Dust 1200mm Ceiling Fan Snow Onyx. 

It will not only elevate your home decor, but its pleasing breeze would help you to relax and unwind. No matter whatever the weather is, it would make sure that you stay cool inside your house. The anti-dust feature of the fan restricts the dust particles to settle on the surface of the fan. It makes the cleaning process easier and simple. 

Just a single wipe on the fan would make it look brand new. The double ball bearing of the fan extends the life span of the fan. The fan has 100% copper winding so that you do not have to worry about its utility. The aluminium construction of the fan prevents it from corrosion and rust. The fan is known for its durability and strength.

What we liked

  • The appealing design and the perfect finish
  • High durability
  • High-speed air delivery
  • Double ball bearing
  • Copper Winding
  • 2 – Piece construction
  • Anti-rust blade of aluminium

#6. V Guard Exado Pro Decorative Ceiling Fan with Anti-Dust Technology

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V guard brand brings you a range of generously engineered products, which are designed to simplify your life and upscales your home decor. This product, V Guard Exado Pro Decorative Ceiling Fan with Anti-Dust Technology (1200mm,3 Year Warranty) (Elegant brown) is one of them. It is wonderfully crafted with superior quality material that brings you a high level of efficiency. Equipped with advanced dust repellent technology this fan is specially made for you to experience cool waves in the scorching heat of the summer. Its cleaning procedure is super easy. One can experience a hassle-free cleaning.

It comes up with a revolutionary dust repellent technology that attracts much less dirt than any other ceiling fans. It has wide aluminium blades which give powerful delivery. The speed of the blades is is the fastest among other fans. The speed is 400 RPM with powerful air delivery of 240m3/min. The wide blades of special grade aluminium alloy with a sweep size of 1200 mm and a width of 140 mm. It has a 100% copper motor for best performance and longevity copper motor. It consists of a double-shielded ball bearing which also adds longevity to the fan

The seamless integrated design of this fan truly brings life to your ceiling. The fan’s high-speed motor gives you an unparallel performance standard. The colour options of these fans are elegant brown. It comes with 3 years warranty which is also unparallel from the rest.

What we liked

  • 100% copper motor brings longevity
  • The metallic paint gives an elegant look
  • 3 years warranty
  • Speed of 400 RPM for fastest movements of blades.
  • Easy to clean
  • Colour options are cool

#7. Usha Bloom Magnolia 1250mm wattage 78 Goodbye Dust Ceiling Fan with Anti Dust Feature

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Usha is one of the top and authentic brands when it comes to electronic appliances. It’s popular for serving people the best services for a long very long time. According to the Usha brand, this fan is inspired by the beauty of Magnolia flowers and the fan justifies their statement. The fan is unique in shape. It gives your ceiling a flowery look and adds a glow to your home decor.  

Usha Bloom Magnolia 1250mm wattage 78 Goodbye Dust Ceiling Fan with Anti Dust Feature (Sparkle Grey and Blue) is beautifully crafted with dual-color designs to give you a modern decor with a goodbye dust finish. The fan is dust and water-resistant. The mechanism of Usha Bloom Magnolia works silently and does not create any kind of noise. Its appearance is sleek and trendy. The shape of the fan is not regular. The blades are long oval-shaped which brings uniqueness to your room The colours available for this fan are sparkle grey, brown, sparkle golden, and sparkle white.

The paint used for this fan is Novel Silane Paint from PPG Asian paints. Usha Bloom Magnolia is oil and moisture resistant. It is coated with goodbye dust series which presents a highly hydrophobic and oleophobic surface. Superior polyurethane coating provides the fan a low-energy surface that is scratch and stain-resistant. 

It is super easy to clean. The coating of the blades ensures easy and hassle-free cleaning, especially on the edges of the blades where the dirt accumulates the most. Even there is a low voltage at your place the fan performs well as it is designed that way. It has a high speed of 330 RPM and its air delivery is 235m3/min. The speed delivery of this fan is impressive. It is one of the finest fans in the market. It saves electricity and helps to minimize their electricity bills. 

What we liked

  • Sleek and oval-shaped unique blade design
  • Easy to clean
  • Scratch and steel resistant
  • Performs well in low voltage
  • 2 years warranty

List of Best Anti-Dust Ceiling Fan in India

Product Price
Crompton Aura prime 1200 mm (48 inches) decorative ceiling fan with Anti Dust technology ₹ 1,304
Ottomate Sense Decorative 1200 MM Anti Dust High Speed Ceiling fan ₹ 2,899
Havells Andria 1200mm Dust Resistant Ceiling Fan ₹ 2,899
Crompton Avancer Prime 1200 mm (48 inches) Decorative Ceiling Fan with Anti-Dust Technology ₹ 1,597
Crompton Dignita Anti Dust 1200mm Ceiling Fan Snow Onyx ₹ 1,349
V Guard Exado Pro Decorative Ceiling Fan with Anti-Dust Technology ₹ 1,699
Usha Bloom Magnolia 1250mm wattage 78 Goodbye Dust Ceiling Fan with Anti Dust Feature ₹ 2,899

Best Anti Dust Ceiling Fan in India 2022 : Buyers Guide

The selection of an anti-dust fan is not that easy as it seems to be. That is because various ceiling fans have been introduced in the market. The market is loaded with multiple ranges of brands and types of fans. Every brand claims to be the best dust free ceiling fan. But the money is yours so you have to decide where to invest. Consider these few points before buying a dust-free fan.

  • Number of blades

Ceiling fans are different from each other in terms of performance and design. The obvious design variation that is expected from different brands is the number of blades. The ceiling fan has ideally has three blades but it may increase according to their brands and design. There are models where you can get five blades too. The blade counts affect the speed of the fan too.

  • Dust cautious coating

The main feature that should be kept in mind when buying a dust-free ceiling fan is the coating of the efficient material. If the dust cautious coating will be of high quality then it will remove the dirt more efficiently. Low quality of dust-free material coating won’t prevent the dirt on the blades. So, good quality of coating of efficient material should be taken into consideration. Do make sure that the coating is hydrophobic and oleophobic. These are components that don’t allow any kind of oil or dirt to sediment on the blade.

  • Paint Finish

Paint should also be taken under consideration while choosing a dust-free ceiling fan for your home. Check the quality of paint they had used in the fan blade. It is important to check the print quality because if the quality of the paint that had been used is found low then the blade would not work on the shredding of accumulated dust particles.

  • Fan motor

The motor plays the role of the heart and soul of the ceiling fan. Mostly there are two types of motors found, a single-phase induction motor and BLDC motors. A Single-phase induction motor is used by Indian fan manufacturers. 

They are comparatively popular. To supply single-phase voltage to the rotors of the fan this motor uses several wires and winding poles. They need permanent capacitor BLDC motors, on the other hand, are more efficient save current to a greater extent as they consume less power despite being more efficient.

  • Size of the motor and blade pitch

As discussed earlier every ceiling fan model is designed differently. The blade pitch and the motor size of a dust-free ceiling fan are two important factors that decide the quality of a ceiling fan. A consumer should always go for a premium motor to confirm that the fan lasts long. Likewise, the blade pitch should also be high enough to maintain high airflow every time.

  • Warranty and maintenance

The warranty of the product might be unnoticeable to you and you might ignore to consider while buying a ceiling fan but it’s very important. Make sure that you buy a ceiling fan with more period of warranty and less maintenance cost.

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Indians spent 70% of the year in summer. In India, 80% of the population depends on the ceiling fan for the cooling effect to beat the scorching heat of the summer. Rest modes of cooling are much expensive so the maximum population of India relies on the ceiling fan. Almost in every house, there is a ceiling fan. So, to buy ceiling fans some important points need to be considered.

The ceiling fans come with various features. You should choose the fan whose features are suitable for you. 

If you are looking to buy a reasonably priced and low maintenance cost that also performs well, the above-listed best dust free ceiling fans can be perfect for you. They are real value for money fans.

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FAQs About best Anti Dust Ceiling fans in India in 2022

What is an anti-dust ceiling fan?

The anti-dust ceiling fans often come with an exterior dust-resistant paint coating, which prevents the dust and pollution to stick onto the fan. This allows for long-lasting usage without accumulating dust on the blades of the fan.

Are anti-dust fans worth the money?

Anti-dust fans are very popular in the market at the moment. If you are wondering if they are worth the money, they are. However, you should buy reliable and well-reviewed products only.

Which is the best anti-dust ceiling fan?

Given that there are so many different options, we’d recommend opting for reliable brands like Crompton or Havells.

How often should you clean an anti-dust ceiling fan?

Despite being anti-dust, you should clean most of them at least once every month to ensure there is no dust on the top of the blades. Excess dust can hamper the fan’s efficiency and the speed of the fan as well.

Are anti-dust fans very expensive?

Most of the anti-dust fans available in India are priced around INR 3000 or less. We won’t recommend spending over INR 3000 for an anti-dust fan since they don’t always come with remote control and aren’t generally worth the price you pay.

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