Top 5 Best Dosa Tawa in India 2022 | A Complete Dosa Tawa Guide

Best Dosa Tawa in India 2022 | Best Dosa Review Guy For You

Hi, looking for the best dosa tawa in India 2022 then you have visited the right website. Here, you will find the list of the top 5 dosa tawa in India from which you can choose for yourself to bring.

In South India, dosa is very famous and it also originated from there only. But currently, it is famous all over the world and I also like eating dosa. I always loved to eat street food and dosa is one of my favorite street foods.

Best Dosa Tawa in India
Best Dosa Tawa in India

If you do not want to eat dosa from outside then you can easily cook dosa in your house also. My mother loves to make south foods and she cooks dosa for me every weak. Love your om for this. If you are interested to make dosa at your home then you can easily follow any dosa recipe to cook dosa at your home.

List of 5 Best Dosa Tawa in India 2022 | Top 5 Dosa Tawa Detail Guide           

While choosing the best Tawa, people get confused that which Tawa is good for cooking tasty dosa. People get confused between a non-stick Tawa and a cast iron. Both types of Tawa are really good to bring and if you are confused then just follow the list provided.

Both types of Tawa’s have their advantages and disadvantages which you have to go through. I prefer a cast iron to cook food. I have seen all the street food vendors use cast iron for making and asked them the reason. They said that it provides a really good taste over other types of dosa.

When my mother makes dosa she used cast iron but sometimes my elder sister also cooks. She prefers a non-stick tawa and, in my opinion, there is only a slight taste difference but I loved both. So, bring a tawa that you are familiar with and check the models of the best dosa tawa in India to choose the best one.

1: Hawkins Futura [Model Number: Q41]

Hawkins Futura
Hawkins Futura

Specifications to know

  • 1.380 kg weight
  • Non-stick
  • 4.88mm thick base

Hawkins is one of the famous brands and grandmother has also used Hawkins products. She also loved this company as I have talked to her about this company while searching for the best dosa tawa in India. She said that this company used to sell their products in villages also and people only wanted to use Hawkins products, especially cooker.

Talking about this dosa tawa, it is an aluminum non-stick dosa tawa and one of the most popular products in the Indian market. The non-stick coating is been used so that you can use it without or with less amount of butter and oil. But, in my opinion, dosa needs extra oiling as I have seen my mother cooking in non-stick tawa. This tawa is good to use on a gas stove but will not work on an induction cooktop.

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This tawa is circular and is slightly curvature. Having a curvature tawa helps in shallow frying and the oil also remains. At the handle joint, an extra surface is bent upward to connect the handle using a rivet. The bending of the surface gives a complete surface to cook dosa. This dosa comes with 4.88 mm of extra thickness so that it remains heated for a long time and does not bend due to heat.

One more thing to notice, that this dosa Tawa comes in 3 different sizes that are 28cm, 30cm, and 33cm from which you can choose. I think 30cm will be a good option. Overall, a good dosa tawa that you can prefer.

  • Heat Distribution
  • Thick base
  • Easy to clean
  • Helps in a shallow frying
  • Cannot be used on an induction cooktop

2: Pigeon by Stovekraft Dosa Tawa

Pigeon by Stovekraft tawa
Pigeon by Stovekraft tawa

Specifications to know

  • 262 grams
  • 1-year warranty
  • 3 mm thickness

If we talk about kitchen products and the Pigeon company name is not there, it’s impossible. Pigeon is one of the most famous brands in kitchen product line-ups.

Talking about the Pigeon tawa, it comes with a flat base with a side folded upper side so that the oil does not flow out of the Tawa. This tawa is a non-stick tawa coated on aluminum metal and you can use it without oil and butter also. This dosa tawa can be used on the gas stove and it has different models in which one is non-induction. The tawa I have mentioned here is can be used on the induction.

This tawa is completely flat and you can easily make dosa on this non-stick tawa without any problem. The heat distribution is evenly and every part of the tawa gets proper heating as the thickness of the tawa is 3mm. The handle provides a proper grip while using and it doesn’t get heated while using so that you can hold it comfortably. 

This tawa comes in 2 different sizes of 23cm and 27 cm and one model are 27 cm non-induction. You also get more than 5+ different combos like dosa tawa + 3 burner gas stove, dosa tawa + vegetable chopper, and many more combos which you can choose.

Overall, this is one of the best dosa tawa in India that you can use in your kitchen.

  • Non-stick tawa
  • Even heating
  • Can be used on induction [One model is not for induction]
  • Sides are curved so that oil does not fall
  • No such cons to say

3: Rock Tawa Dosa

Rock Tawa
Rock Tawa

Specifications to know

  • 2.7 kg weight
  • 12 inches

Many people love to use cast iron for dosa making and if you are one of them then you can check this tawa.

Talking about this iron tawa, it comes with a simple circular design with 2 handles through which you pick it. This tawa is not a non-stick tawa and you have to use oil for cooking. For making dosa, this is also one of the best options to go with.

This cast iron tawa is completely flat but the sides are slightly curved so that butter and oil do not flow down from the tawa. The handles are properly fixed and come curved from the grip. This tawa is a multi-purpose tawa that can be used on the gas stove and induction cooktop. Using this tawa on induction is also a good option and people love to use it.

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My mother is currently using this tawa and I am planning to bring a new iron cast tawa for her. Overall, this is a good tawa and in my opinion one of the best-cast iron dosa tawa in India.

  • Easy to use as most people use an iron tawa
  • Proper heating
  • Multi-purpose
  • Small Handle gets heated

4: Solimo Non-Stick Tawa

Solimo Non Stick
Solimo Non Stick

Specifications to know

  • 930 grams
  • 26 cm
  • No-stick dosa tawa

Solimo is also a good brand that provides value for money products. This tawa is also the best choice for you.

Talking about the product, it comes with a red color at the back that makes the tawa look stylish. The tawa is not flat, it has a curvature with the side are curved at the upper side for proper usage. This is a non-stick tawa that can be used to cook different recipes in less butter. IF you are a dosa lover then this is one of the best and cheapest dosa tawa for you.

The tawa is circular and the size is also big for a proper cooking experience. The handle comes with a proper grip that provides comfort cooking and the temperature does not go high. The thickness of the tawa is 2.5 cm. This is a multi-purpose tawa that can be used on induction as well as on a gas stove. Very few tawa come with multi-purpose usage.

This tawa comes with 10+ different combos offers like tawa + kadhai, tawa + fry pan, Tawa + Dutch oven, and many more such combos which you can choose if you want else go only with tawa. If you think that the price is less in combo then you can bring it.

Overall, this is the best cheap dosa tawa in India, and if you are a student then you must bring this tawa for making dosa.

  • Less Price
  • Easy to clean
  • Can be used to fry
  • Can be used on induction
  • No such cons

5: Vinod Legacy Cast iron Tawa

Vinod Legacy
Vinod Legacy

Specifications to know

  • 2.2 kg weight
  • 28 cm

If you are looking for a cast iron tawa that can be used for making dosa then this is one such product that will help you.

Talking about the product, it comes with a design similar to non-stick tawa that can be used for cooking. This is a completely iron product so you need oil or butter to cook food. For preparing dosa, butter is need for cooking, and to prepare dosa you have to use oil or butter as you cannot prepare without it.

This tawa comes circular with the side is slightly curved to give a design and to stop the oil from coming out of the tawa. A handle is provided so that you can easily cook but the handle gets heated as the tawa heats. So, you have to use a cloth for it and you also get a safety sleeve to cover the handle. This safety sleeve will help you while cooking.

Overall, a good dosa tawa can be used. In my opinion, this is the best dosa iron dosa tawa as it has a handle to use.

  • Tawa gets equally heated
  • Good warranty
  • Easy to clean
  • Has long handle
  • Handle gets heated [You get safety sleeve to use on handle]
  • Heavy than aluminum non-stick dosa tawa

6: urbanhouse Pre-Seasoned Cast Iron Dosa Tawa


Looking for the best Indian brand that provides a tawa that can help you for making dosa tawa then this is one of them. This is a MADE IN INDIA product that you can use in your kitchen.

Talking about this product, it comes with a very simple design and looks very traditional. You get the handles on both sides to hold it while cooking if needed. While holding the handle you have to use cloth as the handle gets heated. The cast iron material is been used to build this tawa.

You can use this tawa on the different gas stoves without any problem and do not use it with an induction cooktop as it is not recommended to use with this type of tawa. The cleaning of this dosa tawa can be done easily like other utensils without any issue.

Overall, one of the best-cast iron dosa tawa in India that you can use for making dosa as well as other food items.

  • Provides proper heating
  • Easy to clean
  • Available in different size
  • Handle heats

So, this is the list of the best dosa tawa in India from which you can choose for yourself. All the dosa tawa listed here are top in quality and provides a better experience. This list is been created after checking more than 20+ dosa tawa’s from which I have selected the top 5 best dosa tawa in India 2022 to create this list.

I don’t think that you will get any dosa tawa list that beats the list shared here. I have worked hard to bring this amazing list to you.