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7 Best Ceiling Fans with Remote in India 2022 – Expert Reviews & Guide

Our Top Ceiling Fans with Remote in India Picks

#1 Atomberg Efficio #2 Atomberg Renesa #3 Orient Ecotech Plush
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Best Ceiling Fans with Remote in India 2022 : In Indian homes, you will find appliances like televisions, lights, bulbs, washing machines, and much more. However, one appliance that will remain in every house in India is undoubtedly the ceiling fan. People here are not that inclined towards getting Air Conditioners. Instead, they always set their focus on choosing ceiling fans for multiple rooms of their homes. These ceiling fans are generally the ones that are controlled with switches and regulators. To get them fixed, you will have to call an electrician who can do it quickly.

However, with technology, we have collectively moved towards remote control ceiling fans. Yes, now you can also have ceiling fans that can be turned on and off with a remote. Apart from that, you can also set timers in such ceiling fans to make the entire operation more suitable according to the weather and season. When ceiling fans come with remote control, you do not have to get up and reach for the switch. You can simply do the entire controlling of the fan from your bed, and that comes handy when you wake up suddenly during the night.

Even though few ceiling fan options in India come with remotes, we have still managed to find seven of the best ones. Below we try to describe all their specifications and features for you so that you do not have to waste a single second referring multiple e-commercial sites online. Our pickings were based on the reviews and ratings that these best ceiling fans with remote have received from the Indian customers. We also had our own experience with the appliances so that we could know more and offer a better discussion for our readers.

Best Ceiling Fans with Remote in India 2022

Let us know about these seven best remote control ceiling fans in India in detail now –

1. Atomberg Efficio Ceiling Fan with BLDC Motor

Atomberg Renesa+ Ceiling Fan with Remote

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On the first spot of this vivid yet resourceful discussion, we have the Atomberg Efficio ceiling fan. There is a lot of work that has been done to the design of ceiling fans. However, Atomberg has worked explicitly in making ceiling fans that can run with the help of a remote. Because of this, the operation of their ceiling fans is comparatively more straightforward. Many people like it a lot. Atomberg is an appliance company which was created by a group of graduates from IIT and IIM. So, you can already guess the amount of brilliance that this company is backed up by. We surely have zero doubts and second thoughts about it.

With the Smart Remote of the Efficio ceiling fan, you can quickly control the appliance’s speed. Other than that, you can also try using its Boost, Sleep, and Timer mode. If the room has an area of 140 square feet, then this ceiling fan will perform ideally. The appliance looks like a regular ceiling fan, but its smart-remote makes it a thousand times more special. For an energy-efficient and smart experience, you must choose this ceiling fan over anything else. The voltage range you can operate at is quite extensive, which is why you will be able to use it in various electrical settings.


  • The design of this ceiling fan is simple, but its remote is highly effective.
  • The remote can be used to control the appliance’s speed.
  • It can also be used to use special modes such as the Sleep and Boost modes.
  • The operating range of this ceiling fan is 140-285 Volts.


  • We have no cons regarding this ceiling fan by Atomberg.

2. Atomberg Renesa+ 3-Blade Anti-Dust Ceiling Fan

Atomberg Renesa+ 3-Blade Anti-Dust Ceiling Fan

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Secondly, we have the Renasa+ ceiling fan. It is by Atomberg. We have chosen Atomberg again because we are quite elated and impressed with their innovations when it is about ceiling fans that can use operated with the help of a remote. A remote with a ceiling fan makes everything a lot easier for everyone. And in that area, Atomberg has been working for quite a few years. Additionally, the design of the Renesa+ ceiling fan is not that mundane like other regular ceiling fans. This is all the courtesy of its modern design, which comes with longer blades and a unique central housing of the BLDC motor.

Its life and quality are sure to meet global standards. You can get this ceiling fan if you are looking for such fans for your bedroom or halls. Because of the BLDC technology used in making it, you will see that the ceiling fan will only consume 36 Watts of energy and power. Such less power consumption well benefit you in the long run as you will not have to pay an extensive amount of money in your electricity bill that you get every month in India. Compared to local and regular ceiling fans, the Renesa+ ceiling fan by Atomberg will also operate well in power cuts with the help of inverters.


  • With longer blades, this ceiling fan spreads air in large rooms very well.
  • It has an anti-dust design that won’t need you to clean it occasionally.
  • You can turn the ceiling fan ON/OFF and also control its blades’ speed with the remote.
  • The warranty on this appliance can be quickly extended as you get it registered.


  • The LED on the ceiling fan can be made brighter.

3. Orient Ecotech Plush Electric Energy Saver Ceiling Fan

Orient Electric Energy Ceiling Fan

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An old ceiling fan company’s name that you will often hear in India is Orient. They have manufactured a huge variety of table fans and ceiling fans over the years. Like the previous two ceiling fans, this ceiling fan also comes with a BLDC motor. The most beneficial advantage of such technology is that it helps save a lot of energy. Hence, even when the ceiling fan would need a bigger and considerable investment, you will not have to worry about its energy consumption. In turn, you will see a slight lowering in the bill when you consider that you will like the deal a whole lot for the long term.

About the Orient Electric Ecotech ceiling fan, we also love that it is available in two colors that suit light and dark interior designs that you would find in India. These colors are the white and the brown variant of the appliance. You are not going to find any extra shiny adornments in the ceiling fan. Instead, you will see that it looks just like a regular ceiling fan. However, it’s the remote that makes it hugely special and sets it apart from other local ceiling fans. This remote will help control the fan’s speed from five different levels. The operation will always remain noiseless, and you will get sound sleep when you sleep while it’s running.


  • The two color options of the Ecotech ceiling fan by the Orient are hugely enticing.
  • All three blades of this superb ceiling fan are aerodynamic for good airflow.
  • Its power consumption is rated by the manufacturers at only 32 Watts.
  • The white version of the ceiling fan is available in two shades, out of which one is ivory, which will suit gold tones in rooms.


  • Some people may find the design of this ceiling fan to be a little mundane.

4. Superfan Super X1 Energy Efficient 35 Watts Ceiling Fan

Superfan Super X1 Energy Efficient 35 Watts Ceiling Fan

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This 5-star rated ceiling fan comes in a blended design, which includes pink and white colors. Such combinations are usually never seen in ceiling fan designs because of which we will tag this ceiling fan’s design to be unique. The combination of the Fuschia Pink and White is exceptionally balanced, which will suit most modern designs that we are starting to see over the past few years. Superfan has surely given a lot of thought to this ceiling fan’s look, but they have also considered energy efficiency. This is why the fan’s electrical consumption is only 35 Watts.

The remote comes with the normal buttons, which help turn it on and off as per your need. What we love is that you will also see the timer button on the same remote. This timer feature can be used to control the speed of the fan without actually using the remote. It will also help you turn the fan after some time. This way, you won’t have to bear the problem of waking up in the middle of the night just to turn the fan off and maintain the room’s temperature. Even if the voltage goes up and down the normal range, it will still not ever affect the speed of this ceiling fan by Superfan.


  • There are two different colors on the design of this ceiling fan.
  • Its blades are shaped differently than other random and regular ceiling fans.
  • The timer feature can be used to turn the fan off and change its speed after a while.
  • The appliance only weighs 4.8 kg, which is quite perfect for a ceiling fan.


  • The operation of this ceiling fan without the remote is a bit of a hassle.

5. Jupiter Maharaja Energy Saver 5 Star Ceiling Fan

Jupiter Maharaja Energy Saver 5 Star Ceiling Fan

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We have discussed four ceiling fans till now, and all of them come with a three-bladed design. Additionally, all those ceiling fans suit better with modern and more relaxed settings. So, now we have the spotlight on the Jupiter Maharaja ceiling fan with remote control. It comes with fur blades that are all attached with an angle of 90 degrees in between. This way, the whole weight of the ceiling fan always tends to remain balanced. This also helps the appliance to operate without any creaky sounds so that you always get to sleep well while it’s on and running.

It will remind you of the pieces that you would relate with kings and queens of the country with powerful performance and an exquisite look. In antique settings, this ceiling fan will look the best. However, you can yet enjoy it in the most modern way possible. All of that can be done with its remote. How amazing is that? Even if your home experiences a power cutoff, the fan will be able to compensate and instead help triple the inverter backup that you might have. Its motor has copper in it and is designed using BLDC technology. The various features of its remote control include speed control and timer features.


  • Other than speed control and timer buttons, you can also enjoy the ceiling fan’s LED feature.
  • Even when the appliance looks antique, its functioning is modern.
  • The limited warranty on this ceiling fan is of 3 years.
  • Jupiter is a certified company, and you can surely trust the 4-bladed design of this ceiling fan.


  • In modern minimalist settings, this is surely not the ceiling fan that you should pick.

6. LONGWAY Creta Anti-Dust Ceiling Fan With Wireless Ceiling Fan

LONGWAY Creta Anti Dust Ceiling Fan

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We cannot stress how much we love anti-dust ceiling fans. Before their advent, people used to have huge problems as they were supposed to wipe and clean the appliance’s blades every week. Such maintenance requirements can make any sane person feel pissed. But with an anti-dust design, you are not required to do such cleaning regularly. However, as there are not many options of anti-dust remote control ceiling fans, it surely disheartens us. But to compensate for everything, LONGWAY has launched this fantastic Creta ceiling fan, which comes along with an easy-to-use remote in the deal.

It can be put on the highest speed test, and the ceiling fan will still run well at the speed of 400 revolutions per minute effortlessly. We also love how its design gives the Rusty Brown color, which will look exquisitely lovely with most of the interior designs of Indian homes. You will also get a two-year warranty, so if you have any defect trouble in the appliance, you can contact LONGWAY quickly. Furthermore, when you compare this remote controlled ceiling fan’s price with the others, you will see that it is comparatively less. We were surprised that its rate is almost close to the regular and local ceiling fans.


  • The remote of this ceiling fan has a compact design and won’t feel bulky at all.
  • This ceiling fan has the ISI mark and has also been approved by the BIS.
  • For more airflow, it has flow-technology.
  • Its price is lower than other ceiling fans that come with a remote.


  • This ceiling fan’s sleekness can still be made a little better for a more advanced look.

7. OG Smith Royal Remote Control Ceiling Fan 390 RPM

OG Smith Royal Remote Control Ceiling Fan

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When you buy the OG Smith ceiling fan in a pack with two ceiling fans, you will find that you will cut a lot of money out of its original price. This way, you will become capable of getting it fixed in multiple rooms of your house. Over time, using a remote control ceiling fan will become something that will take your lifestyle to the most advanced levels. We know for sure that remote control ceiling fans in India cost a lot more, so going with such deals is hugely beneficial. The multi-speed settings of both the fans in the set will also make you feel less tired as you reach your home after a long tiring session in the gym or in general.

Each blade out of the three blades in the OG Smith ceiling fan is 524 MM, which is why its air delivery and flow will remain optimum throughout the year. Besides an inverter, this ceiling fan is also solar compatible, which is so special that we had to mention it here. You will need 230 Volts of voltage supply to run these ceiling fans. Their blades will never get rusted and instead help you enjoy the appliance for a long time. Additionally, the design of the fan is also coated with processed powder, which not only makes it look aesthetic but also helps enhance its durability and longevity at the same time.


  • Seven processed powders have been used to coat this ceiling fan’s design.
  • In a pair, these ceiling fans surely cost lesser than their MRP.
  • You can get the ceiling fans repaired at the OG Smith Service Centers in case of any trouble.
  • These fans can also run on Solar energy, which is much more sustainable.


  • Individually, a single unit of the OG Smith Royal ceiling fan will cost a little more.

How to Choose Best Ceiling Fan with Remote in India 2022

You must, for sure, know the following five things as you go on to choose a remote control ceiling fan. Let us know them all –

Know its Remote

The first aspect that you should try to look for in a ceiling fan with a remote is surely its remote. Most of such remotes have speed control and ON/OFF buttons. However, other than that, you should also look for the remotes that have options like timer buttons. Such features will allow you to control the speed of the ceiling fan without even touching its remote. Just set the timer according to your preferences, and the fan will adjust to that after the time you have set. This way, you can lower the ceiling fan’s speed and turn it off as the room gets colder.

Know its Speed Limit and Motor’s RPM

Most of the ceiling fan motors that come with a control remote often have an RPM that lies near to the average of 350-400 RPM. Even at such high rotations, most of these ceiling fans do not give up or make noise that one cannot tolerate. However, it will still be good to have a look at the RPM limit. It will also allow you to know the highest speed that you can run the ceiling fan at. This way, one can get to know the maximum airflow that the ceiling fan will provide.

Know the area that the ceiling fan can cover

Generally, ceiling fans with a 1200 mm sweep can easily cover the room area of 140 sq. Feet. However, if your house’s rooms are larger than that, you should give thoughts on buying ceiling fans with a greater sweep. If you do not focus on this, you will end up with the ceiling fan that won’t give sufficient airflow, and you will end up feeling hot even when it is running. Additionally, ceiling fans with longer blades cover a greater area, and their airflow is also known to be quite sufficient.

Know the Wattage and Power Requirement of the ceiling fan

As remote control ceiling fans are often equipped with motors made using the BLDC technology, their power consumption is less. Generally, you will see the consumption near the average range of 35-40 Watts while regular ceiling fans have a wattage near 70-80 Watts. You can look for this consumption in the specifications of the ceiling fan before you purchase it. Other than that, one must also see the voltage and other necessary power requirements that the ceiling fan might have.

Know the Cost and Brand Details

Obviously, ceiling fans with remotes cost more than the ones that do not come with it. Thus, you have to pay special and huge attention to their price. Once you do so, you also can end up with the ceiling fan at an affordable rate. However, even when you find such options, you should also look at the company’s details and the brand of the ceiling fan. This is because the lesser-known brands are often known to make ceiling fans with less quality and short-lifespan.

Bottom Line

Most Indian people are moving towards a modern lifestyle as it gets more accessible and utilitarian for them. As they invest in modern appliances like smart TVs and smart Washing Machines, we have also seen a huge population picking the remote control ceiling fans rather than the basic and regular ones. We have tried to bring all such remote control ceiling fans for you, so make sure you go through everything that we have tried to mention. A remote control ceiling fan has huge benefits, but you will also have to see its compatibility with your home’s electrical settings when you pick them. If you are well aware of those things, you can buy one or more than one of these ceiling fans from the internet also.

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Remote Ceiling Fan Frequently Asked Questions

How to choose the right remote ceiling fan?

Selecting the right remote ceiling fan is not just about the style or colour but involves more. A brand providing fans with maximum efficiency and features are the right one. There are only a few reliable remote ceiling fan brands such as Atomberg, Orient, Jupiter and Superfan.

What is the perfect rod meter for a ceiling fan?

The ceiling fan rod is important as it helps you to get more cool air in the room. A ceiling fan should be above 2.8 meters away from the ceiling to provide you with good ventilation. If it is in this distance, you can also easily use the remote to control the airflow.

Can I use the remote of the ceiling to control multiple fans?

Yes, it is possible to control multiple fans with a single remote control. However, it is not mostly recommended as you can experience frequency problems when controlling multiple fans with one remote. It is always recommended having separate remote for each of the fans.

Why is a ceiling fan with remote preferred than regular fans?

The ceiling fans with remotes are highly convenient to use. You can easily operate it from anywhere from the room. You can increase or decrease the fan speed by the remote. The remote ceiling fans are popular as they are a great interior piece. The fans with remote often come with light fixtures.

How easy is a remote ceiling fan to install?

The installation of the remote ceiling fans is quicker than you think. The fan is installed like every other regular fan. Additionally, there is a receiver fixed in the canopy of the fan. Within a few hours of installation, you can easily operate the fan with a remote.

Are there different types of remote ceiling fans?

Yes, there are plenty of models in the remote ceiling fans. Some regular models can be equipped with remote control technology. There are inbuilt receiver remote controls ceiling fans. There are both wall mounted remote ceiling fans and handheld ones.

Why is a remote control ceiling fan a necessity? 

The remote control fans are the best options for people with a busy lifestyle. If you are in the middle of work and want to reduce the fan air, then all you need is the remote. You can easily control the fans in any place of the house. The easy control fans, ultimately saves the electricity bill. 

What are the main parts in a remote ceiling fan?

The handheld or wall-mounted remote control is the main part of any remote control ceiling fan. The receiver module is another essential part that receives the singles from the remote to reduce or increase the speed. There is also a reversing module in these ceiling fans. These are the main parts you need to check when you buy a remote ceiling fan.

How many blades does a remote ceiling fan have?

The remote ceiling fans come in 2, 3, 4 and 5 blades. They come in not only different blades but also in different sizes and different colours.