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Best Ceiling Fans Under 1000 Rs. in India 2022

A lot of research studies predict that there is more than 55 percent of homes use ceiling fans in the India. When the ceiling fans are used in the right manner, it helps in the reduction of electricity bills generated due to the usage of the air conditioner. Your levels of comfort are taken into consideration in deciding the right ceiling fan. The ceiling fans installed at your home spin in the counterclockwise direction to ensure the airflow is in the downward direction.

If you are planning to use the ceiling fans for the winter season, then you need to ensure the blades spin in the clockwise direction. There are certain steps you need to follow to change the blade movement. All these kinds of operations could be done only if you choose the right ceiling fan.

 What are the best ceiling fans available under INR 1000? 

This is a not-so-exhaustive list of best ceiling fans available under INR 1000. Almost every model of the fan is priced at the same levels only and the features also don’t vary much.

#1. Candes Magic 48 inch / 1200 MM High-Speed Anti-Dust Ceiling Fan

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If you are looking for a modern and aerodynamic design along with an aesthetic outlook with a five-star rating, then you are supposed to buy this model of fan. Around two years of warranty is provided to the consumer. One could also extend the warranty duration by making use of customer care. Superior airflow is provided by the high-speed levels of this fan and this particular ceiling fan is equipped with the best of the latest technology like stator and rotating element like motors to reduce electrical consumption. This in turn leads to saving energy and impacting the electricity bill.

The contemporary design of this fan makes it suitable for any room. The paints used in this fan provide anti-rust quality and anti-dust property. The carbon steel bearing deployed in this fan ensures noiseless operation. As the name goes, Candes Magic Ceiling fan is indeed very much magical in all its aspects, namely high-speed air delivery, low levels of power consumption, and other features.

The highly powerful and the most efficient motor used in this fan provide a very strong delivery of air. The fan is made using materials that do not accumulate dust very easily which in turn provides easy cleaning. It is also resistant to corrosion. If you are facing a low-voltage power problem in your locality, then you could buy this fan without any second thought to enjoy uninterrupted cooling. You do not have to invest a significant amount in maintaining this fan. Copper winding is deployed in the motor which makes it very reliable.

 What we liked

  • Anti-Dust Property that helps in easy cleaning  
  • Best value for money 
  • Handles low voltage levels  
  • Best Quality Materials used

#2. Activa 1200 mm High Speed 390 rpm Bee Approved

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This particular model of finding is approved by BSI along with an ISI mark that ensures quality assurance. The model of the fan is compatible with any kind of inverter and it can operate even at extremely low voltage levels. This is one of the most common issues which users face. They complain regarding the incompatibility of the fan with the inverter when the power goes off.

The installation procedure of this fan is very simple. In case you had bought this model of the fan from an online site, you need not contact an electrician to fix the fan. The consumer can fix the fan all by himself by just following the instructions specified in the manual. A lot of people generally complain regarding the extreme noise levels produced by the fan. But with this model of the fan, one could ensure utmost silence levels.

Top-notch airflow is delivered by the blades of the fan-made using copper windings. The blades of the fan are also coated with anti-dust materials which help to keep the dust at bay and ensure the fan is cleaned very regularly. The intensity of air delivered by this model of the fan is enhanced by the high flow technology. The lifespan of the fan is enhanced by the CRC stamping.

 What we liked

  • Aerodynamic design of the ceiling fan  
  • Ensures to provide excellent flow of air  
  • 100% Copper used  
  • 390 RPM used in the ceiling fan  
  • High Star Rating

#3. Sameer Gati 1200mm Ceiling Fan

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Sameer Gati is the brand you need to go for if you are looking for contemporary designs for your living spaces and bedrooms. The large length of the blades of this particular model of ceiling fan is very energy-efficient. The thermal overload protector embedded in the ceiling fan aims to provide top speed and the best sophistication if you are looking for ways to transform your living room with less investment, then you need to go for Sameer Gati fans.  

This particular fan is very much ideal for large to medium-sized rooms. The fans from Sameer are very efficient.

This one intends to provide one of the best cooling effects by circulating air inside the room at a very high speed. By using the high-energy-effective motor, the blades of the fan are dynamically balanced, so that any kind of wobbling is prevented. The double ball bearing motor used in the fan aims to provide pin drop silence level operation which in turn provides a very peaceful time.

Sameer Gati aims to provide a high level of savings on the electricity bills. There is a significant level of difference one could find between the motor used in this particular model and other brands. Relay is the electromechanical device that offers protection to the main circuit in case any power-related issues like phase failure or overload failure happens, this relay comes to the rescue. This feature used in the fan provides a longer lifespan to the motor and ensures it is safe.

What we liked

  • Excellent Blade Design  
  • Best Value for Money  
  • Best protection features 
  • High levels of cooling  
  • Highly Efficient Spares

#4. Orient Electric Apex-FX 1200mm Ceiling Fan

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If you are looking forward to buying a ceiling fan that is very reliable and has an excellent copper motor and under 1000 RS range, then you need to go for this particular model from Orient. Apart from the reliability factor, one could vouch that longevity is provided by the usage of the copper motor. This quality performance is ensured by this ceiling fan. The deployment of a high-quality motor enables the ceiling fan to run in a very smooth manner at different speeds and it also ensures the best air delivery. One could enjoy a very soothing airflow. It is completely perfect for different seasons.

If you are a fan of a simple lifestyle, then you need to go for this fan with a simple design. The power consumption of the ceiling fan is provided in watts and the maximum speed setting is 5. There are two color choices, namely white and brown. This fan is compatible with any brand of the inverter which is one of its top features.

The bottom cover material of the fan is made of aluminum. Two years of warranty is provided for the fan. It could be operated anywhere between 220 to 240 volts. The brand is based out of India and one should keep it in mind. That installation is not offered by the brand. The person could contact any electrician to fix the fan or it is very easy to follow the instructions to use the fan.

What we liked

  • Simplistic Design 
  • Available in Elegant colours 
  • High Safety Features 
  • Excellent quality motor 
  • Best Price range

#5. Candes Star 1200mm /48-inch High-Speed Anti-dust Decorative 5 Star Rated Ceiling Fan

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The wide blades of the fan aim to provide optimum airflow throughout the room, this provides the best cooling effect and comfort. The highly powerful motor that comes with a double ball bearing design aims to provide smooth operation. High levels of efficiency are obtained without any kind of noise. 

The blades of the fan have a unique angle which allows the air to circulate throughout the space which has a larger area as well. It is very affordable and one could compare this particular model with other models in the same price range and have an idea of the efficiency levels. if you looking for ceiling fan under 1000 budget, this is one of best choice.

The blades having an aerodynamic design ensure even spreading of air throughout the entire space of the room. Another top most feature of this fan is its energy efficiency property. It is BE approved that indicates its energy-saving feature. The design of the fan is very simple but elegant as well. This fan ensures to provide refreshing air and cooling property. This model is highly suited for offices and large homes as well. A hundred percent pure copper is used in the winding of the fan and it could rotate at a speed of 390 RPM.

What we liked

  • Copper Winding reduces power wastage 
  • Excellent quality of the blade  
  • Smart Power Saving 
  • Value for Money

6. ActivaApsra 390 RPM High Speed 1200 MM Sweep

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The best quality motor and blade quality of the fan plays a significant role in energy-saving and which in turn impacts the electricity bills. This fan provides longevity factors to the buyers and is very reliable.

This particular model of the fan is guaranteed to work three times longer when the power goes off and is connected to the inverter. Generally, the fans don’t work fine when connected to an inverter but you need not worry about that issue when it comes to this particular model. The permanent magnets and winding used in this model increase the lifespan of the fan. One of the top features of this model is that it consumes very less power even for high-speed operation.

The RPM of the fan is 390 which is very good for the kind of power. The other top feature of the fan is the aerodynamic design of the blades. One could say the downside of the fan is its availability only in white colour. The white coloured fans need to be maintained properly so that it doesn’t get dirty often and you need not keep cleaning it regularly.

What we liked 

  • Excellent Design of the fan 
  • An equal level of air circulation throughout the space 
  • Top speed operation of the fan 
  • Ability to work well at any power levels

7. Crompton Hill Briz 1200 mm (48 inches) High-Speed Ceiling Fan (Brown)

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The speed of the fan is, 320 RPM. The total number of blades present in a fan is only three and it could work on over wattage of 77 Watts and the fan could operate at a voltage ranging between 220 and 240. The fan comes along with an instruction manual and a warranty.

If you are looking forward to buying a premium fan that has the best stock of winding and provides higher levels of durability., then you need to prefer the double bearing ball used in this fan. This reduces the high levels of noise and provides longevity. The powder coating used in the blades provides resistance to corrosion and is very easy to clean. The simple and adorable design of the fan compliments any kind of decor in your home is best suited for any kind of season.

Two years of warranty are provided to the buyers. The motor doesn’t have any kind of heating issues even if the fan runs for a very long time. If you are looking for a fan that delivers an equal amount of air throughout the space of the room, then you are supposed to go for this one. The CRC stamping used in this model of the fan increases the lifespan of the equipment. You need not worry about the electricity bill as it is BE approved and rated five stars. 

What we liked

  • of after purchase service 
  • Approval from the different rating agencies 
  • Can work at low voltage levels 
  • Long Lifespan of the blades 

Best Ceiling Fans Under 1000 : Buying Guide 

A ceiling fan at your home helps in reducing the electricity bill to a great extent. One cannot imagine spending the hot summers without having an air conditioner. Installing an AC in your home would alter the temperature of your space. However, the ceiling fans do not alter the temperature of the space but help in moving the air around the space in different directions so that one doesn’t feel the heat. 

When you follow the right kind of maintenance activities, you could have the ceiling fan installed. When the ceiling fan is installed hastily, then a lot of electricity is wasted. If the ceiling fan moves the air, it also provides cooling to human beings by the act of evaporation of human sweat. Apart from just reading the instruction manual of the ceiling fan, it is highly recommended to read the buying guide which will enable you to buy the best ceiling fan out there.

  • Size 

The size of the ceiling fan matters significantly. When you are planning to buy one, you need to make sure there is a proper correlation between the size of the ceiling fan and the room. If the size of the room is very huge, then it is recommended to install a large number of ceiling fans. 

  • Pitch of Blade 

You cannot have a very flat blade. The blade has to be tilted at a particular angle to have the best air movement. It is the angle that plays a very important role in air movement. But one needs to take notice of the fact that the pitch doesn’t increase more than 12 or 15 degrees. 

If the pitch degree increases beyond this limit, then the efficiency of the fan’s motor would decrease to a great extent which in turn would have an impact on the electricity bill and disrupt the airflow technology. Off late, one could find the smart fans in the market which could be controlled with the help of a remote, and the latest technologies are embedded in the working of the ceiling fan You need to notice the ceiling fan’s technology.

  • Anti-Dust Feature

It is very hard to clean the ceiling fan every once in a while owing to its position. There are a lot of ceiling fans in the market that comes with an anti-dust feature that doesn’t accumulate too much dust. When you buy this, it reduces the burden of cleaning and it is not expensive as well. 


Ceiling fans are one of the most important pieces of types of equipment found in every home all over the globe. It was found by the contemporary inventor of the electric bulb, Thomas Alva Edison more than a century ago. The ceiling fan remains to be an important entity in every household and official space as well. Ceiling fans have become very much popular owing to their fewer prices. here we listed best ceiling fan under 1000 in India, you can pick anyone according to your house design.

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