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7 Best Ceiling Fan with Light In India 2023 – Expert Reviews & Guide

Best Ceiling Fan with Light In India 2023 : Do you ever feel that your lovely house is lacking some pleasant decoration? If yes, this article will help you to bring the most affordable and pretty electrical device to your home. As we know that our country- India experiences much more heat in summer in contrast to the western countries. The two most essential electrical appliances that you will find in every Indian house are a fan and lights. Out of this, the fan is our savior during the scorching hot days. Remarkably, during the days that record the highest temperature in the season, people do not even want to step out of the house.

When we think of renewing or decorating our houses, most of the people ignore the fact that even fans can give a new look to your home. Yes, we are not talking of standard fans. The light fans are an astonishing idea to give a new look to your house. Where most of the Indian people use Led lights, strip lights, chandeliers, and lamps to decorate their homes, you can effectively use a light fan to stand out in the town. If you want your guests to be surprised and amazed by your little home’s beauty, having a light fan is so much essential.

Apart from the beauty that it provides to your home, a light ceiling fan is also extremely energy efficient. Many people have Air conditioner equipped at their home. However, not everyone can afford to buy these costly electrical appliances. Therefore, the best idea is to go for a ceiling fan. It consumes much lesser power in contrast to the air conditioners. Hence, there is no question of losing your savings on the electricity bill. Many people think that the Air Conditioners give a classic look to their room. If you want to maintain an even flow of fresh air at your home without compromising the elegance, a light ceiling fan will be the most suitable thing to pick.

Best Ceiling Fan with Light in India 2023

Let us look at the top ceiling fan with light available in India:

1. Crompton Ceiling Fan with Decorative Lights

Crompton Metal Uranus 48-Inch Ceiling Fan

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If you want to bring home a deadly combination of fan and chandelier, this would be the ideal option for you. The first in our list of best ceiling fan with light is a decorative fan by Crompton metal Uranus. It is a brilliant idea for fixing in the hall or king-size large and luxurious bedrooms. The blades are so dynamically balanced that hey will provide instant coolness. It has a sweep size of 1200mm along with a warranty of 2 years. The lights are extremely durable, and all the four blades have an electroplated finish. It eliminates the need to decorate the room with warm lamps as it already has one fitted. It provides you the smart feature of speed and light control. If you want to give your home a feeling of richness, nothing else could be more suitable than this fan.


  • It comes with a 2-year warranty.
  • The copper motor is energy efficient.
  • It comes with a manual for easy setup.
  • It provides a royal look to your home.
  • The price is quite affordable.


  • The chords are quite weak and fragile.
  • You have to install it on your own.
  • It is quite shaky and noisy.

2. Crompton Uranus decorative ceiling fan : Best design ceiling fan in india

Crompton Uranus 48-inch Decorative Ceiling Fan

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The next fan in our list is a black colored classic decorative ceiling fan from Crompton. This lamp makes your room look entirely aesthetic. The reason behind it is the exquisite intricacy of the lamp provided in it. If you want something to complement your room’s royal look, nothing could be better than replacing your ordinary fan with Crompton’s light fans. The three majestic cravings are attached to the fan in the form of a lamp. You can readily adjust the speed and light settings with the chord. These fans are remote control ones. The Uranus model has an efficient power consumption system in contrast to the Jupiter model. Also, it can achieve a speed of 320 instead of 300.


  • Gives you more relaxation due to its remote control feature.
  • Gives a vintage exterior look to your room.
  • It is quite easy to assemble all the parts.
  • The airflow circulation is proportionate.
  • It is a value for money product.


  • A few people are not satisfied with the quality of the fan.
  • Some people received problem during installation.

3. Hans Metal Blade Lighting Ceiling Fan

Hans Metal Blade Lighting Ceiling Fan

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The Hans lighting decorative ceiling fan has a more formal design in contrast to the above two fans. The material used to make the blades is a wood blade. It comes in a wooden chocolate brown exterior with the presence of 3 simple lamps. The metallic parts of the fan are effectively made with rich steel or dull gold finish. If you have a habit of using the fan in the winter season too, you can make more out of it. This fan has a feature of reverse operation that helps to keep the room warmer in winter days. You can readily switch the reverse mode to normal with the help of a little switch provided in it. The fan rod length is 12inches, which is ideal for standard house roof ceiling.


  • These fans are ideal for drawing and dining rooms.
  • It enhances the luxury of your house.
  • It has a sturdy and tough material.
  • It distributes the air evenly.
  • It does not shake or make noise, even at full speed.


  • You need an electrician to assemble the fan.
  • Some users have experienced wobbling of the fan.

4. Usha Fontana Ceiling Fan with Decorative Lights

Usha Fontana Ceiling Fan

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Usha has a renowned name in the world of cooling electrical appliances. The next product on our list of best ceiling fan with light is a wonderful combination of reliability and high-performance fan. Let us look at some brilliant features of this fan- it enhances the air circulation and faster air delivery due to the presence of a wide blade tip. It does not need a higher voltage to function efficiently. The copper motor promises long-lasting life to the fan. People usually get to tend to confuse about the strings of light and speed adjustment. Therefore, Usha ceiling fans have separate cords for light and speed settings. It comes in two astonishing finishes- Fontana maple antique brass and Fontana maple steel. You can also get four different chandelier styles. Have a look at the product specified below for another style.


  • The product comes with a one year warranty.
  • The air quality is satisfactory.
  • Two different strings help in easy control.
  • The fan has a thick coating that makes it sturdier.


  • It does not include remote in the set.
  • The bulbs are not included in the set.
  • Some customers have received a damaged product.

5. Usha Fontana Decorative Lights Ceiling fan

Usha Fontana One 1270mm Ceiling Fan

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This ceiling fan is exclusively designed to intensify the interior look of your house. It comes in two distinctive finishes- antique brass and gold. It gives you the freedom to select a finishing according to the interior decoration of your room. It does not include the remote in it, instead, it has a pull chain control. It will make you more active, thus preventing unhealthy habits. The price is quite higher in contrast to other brands. However, you can always rely on a popular and authentic brand like Usha. It uses 70 watts that is ideal for maintaining energy efficiency. The motor is electroplated, which gives it a glossy finish. The four wide blades help in even air distribution. These fans are ideal for a moderate-sized room.


  • It is an energy-efficient product.
  • The cooling strength of the fan will never disappoint you.
  • High-speed air delivery occurs due to wider blade tips.
  • It comes with a one year warranty.
  • Three cords were provided for easy speed regulation.


  • It can become quite noisy when operated at full speed.
  • The bulb is not included in the pack.
  • Some customers have received the damaged product.
  • The price is quite high.

6. Halonix Hexa Antique Ceiling Fan

Halonix Hexa Antique Ceiling Fan

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The next product on our list is the decorative ceiling fan by Halonix. Let us start by describing its exterior look. If you have a wooden finish floor in your room, this fan would be ideal to complement the decor of your room. It has blades that are wooden finish along with the electropaddig in it. It makes it safer for the electrician to fix the technical faults without any fear. It is the only fan in our list with a compelling 6 blade design. It helps in the proper circulation of air throughout the room. You might have noticed that the other fans in the list do not come with bulbs in the set. However, it comes with 6 LED lights that will never let you spend more on electricity bills. You can readily operate all the functions with remote control. The copper wire motor makes it more durable and efficient in working.


  • It allows you to change the light colors with remote.
  • Two separate colors are available.


  • The price is a bit higher.

7. Luminous New York Manhattan Ceiling Fan

Luminous New York Manhattan Ceiling Fan

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Have you ever experienced the bliss of watching a city filled with starry lights! Yes, we are talking about the great Manhattan of New York City. These super amazing fans come with a remote control function. You can operate almost all the functions from the remote. It presents an exclusive feature of dimming the light, for giving a warmer look to your home. The fan has five different speed settings. It comes with a warranty of two years. Hence, it assures you about the quality and builds the customers’ trust at the same time. Not only this, the cool LED lights shine against the black night sky exterior of the fan. If you love stargazing at night, what else could be a better option than bringing the Luminous ceiling fan to your home?


  • It has a smooth and low noise operation.
  • It makes your room appear more aesthetic.


  • It is slightly overpriced.

List of Best Ceiling Fan with light in India 2023

Product Price
Crompton Ceiling Fan with Decorative Lights ₹ 7,100
Crompton Uranus decorative ceiling fan ₹ 7,149
Hans Metal Blade Lighting Ceiling Fan ₹ 8,499
Usha Fontana Ceiling Fan with Decorative Lights ₹ 7,849
Usha Fontana Decorative Lights Ceiling fan ₹ 7,800
Halonix Hexa Antique Ceiling Fan ₹ 7,416
Luminous New York Manhattan Ceiling Fan ₹ 8,677

How to choose a Best ceiling fan with light in India?

Now that you have known everything about these ceiling fans with light, one of the most common questions that arise in your mind is- which one should I choose? Well, the answer to this question is quite easy. We will make you familiar with a few essential points that will help you decide a perfect light fan for you:

Fan blades

Mostly the fans come with two variety- the one having 3 blades, and the others with 4 blades. The 3 blades are in use for so long; these are standard types. The 4 blade fans are much more quieter and help you to focus on your work. There is also the availability of different shapes in the blade, including rectangular, oak colored, and sleek ones. Also, the angle of the blade helps in determining its cooling strength. Make sure to choose the angle around 12 to 14 degrees.

Control settings

The new generation of smart fans have a lot of special control settings. We are listing down a few of them. You can readily ask the provider about the availability of these features before buying:

  • Voice recognition: If you are a lazy person who cannot even get up to reach the switch, this feature allows you to turn on the lights merely with your voice command.
  • Smartphone apps: Some fans readily connect with your Smartphone apps. Once you have synced the app with the fan, you can control its settings.
  • Remote control: The rooms that have a high ceiling make it a bit challenging to operate the fans. Therefore, the remote control technology allows you to operate the fan by pressing the buttons. You can adjust the functions like fan speed and light settings.
  • Changing lights: Some fans are fitted with multiple bulbs. It allows the fans to change the color of light whenever you change the light settings.
  • Pull cord: The pull cord’s primary function is to change the direction and speed of the fan. If your room has a low ceiling, don’t forget to ask for this feature.
  • Climate control: Many people might be completely unaware of the fact that the fans also have climate control features like AC’s. The reverse rotation feature enables the fan to dispense warm air across the room.

Energy-efficient or not?

Usually, the ceiling fans with lights need more wattage to run in contrast to the standard ones. It is due to the power consumption by the bulb/led lights present in the fan. Mostly, the fan will run in power of 60-80 watts. We recommend you to go for the energy star certified fans. These are more convenient and help you to reduce the electricity bill.

Where do you want to set it?

It is extremely essential to note the location where you are going to install the fan. It is the best idea to go for moderate speed fans, as the outdoor areas already have good air circulation. We also advise you to consider buying a water-resistant fan (wet rated). The partial outdoor fans can be good enough to tolerate the dampness. There is no such need to worry about the indoor ones.

Length of the drop rod

The pole/drop rod length is essential for two purposes- the first one is safety purpose. It should be at a distance of 7feet from the floor. Even if a person is tall enough, he/she will not be at the risk of getting hurt by the fan. The second purpose is the appropriate circulation of the air. Therefore, select a drop rod that is neither in extreme proximity with the ceiling or nor too far from the floor.

Value for price

You must know that the ceiling fans with lights are costlier than the regular fans without lights. The average cost of these fans is around Rs.3000 to Rs. 12000. The price goes on increasing with the advancement in the control settings. If you want to go for a budget-friendly one, you have to compromise a few innovative features. But, do not worry; you can still enjoy most of them!

Light adjustment

Different fans have distinctive light options. The most reliable way to choose the fan is by picking up your favorite light designs. Next, you can ask the shopkeeper about the holder replacement settings. Some fans also allow you to select the bulb of your preference. You will get a variety of multicolor to luxurious white light options.

Types of lights

These are the four most common types of light fittings in the fan:

  • Halogen light: Halogens are the most conventional lights that have been in use for many years. The halogen bulbs look quite royal and are ideal for the dining room or hall. One limitation of these bulbs is that they get heated very quickly.
  • LED light: The life span of the Light Emitting Diodes is much more than any other light. Also, it has a brighter light source than the halogens. If you want to have an energy-efficient light fan, we recommend you to go for LED fans.
  • HID light: You only want the ceiling fans with lights to make the fans look fancier. However, the sole option of light always remains the LED or tube lights of your room. Therefore, it is better to eliminate the HID lights because these lights are not fit for ceiling fans. These suit the best in warehouses and workshops.
  • Fluorescent light: The CFL lights are one of the most energy-efficient options. Also, it has a considerably longer lifespan of around 10,000 hours. These bulbs can emit cool and warm yellow/white lights.

Exterior presentation

Exterior presentation refers to the outer appearance of the fan. Other than considering the technical points, it is also necessary to pick a good looking fan. Because that is the only point that people will notice at first. Make sure to check the blade style and light style appropriately.

Fan motor

The motor of the fan and the CFM rely on each other. An efficient fan motor will boost up the potency of the CFM. Apart from increasing the cooling efficiency, a good motor also reduces the noise generated by it. Different kinds of finishes are available in the motor, including bronze, white, wood, nickel, and black. Also, make sure to choose DC motors, as they supply more benefits to the customers.

Sweeping power of blades

You might have noticed that when the fan rotates at high speed, it forms a circle. The diameter of that circle should be following the room size. Let us look at some measurements that will help you to determine the ideal blade sweep.

  • 62 inches blade span- ideal for large rooms having an area of 300sq.ft.
  • 50-60 inches blade span- ideal for moderate rooms having area of 150-280sq.ft.
  • 45-50 inches blade span- ideal for medium room having area of 100 to 150sq.ft.
  • 24-45 inches blade span- ideal for small rooms having an area of 50 to 80sq.ft.

Cubic Feet per Minute

If we talk in normal terms, the CFM determines the cooling efficiency of the fan. The higher the CFM, the faster will be the cooling, and the thermostat will be switched off faster. However, one primary disadvantage of high CFM fans is that they consume a lot of power due to the bigger motor. Therefore, it is convenient to buy a light fan with CFM of 6000-7000.

Bottom line

The ceiling fans are the top most needs of Indian households. All the people in India cannot afford to buy air conditioners. The best possible way to enjoy the cool and fresh air and have a warmth filled decoration is to bring a ceiling fan with decorative lights. We hope you liked the products that we have enlisted. Thanks for reading!

Frequently Asked Questions About Ceiling Fan with Light

How is the blade pitch and performance of a light ceiling fan?

Many think that light ceiling fans are only a fancy piece. However, they can work in full speed and provide excellent ventilation for the home. The motor, the blade pitch and fan itself looks trendy and works excellently.

Does a light ceiling fan have many design options?

Yes, light ceiling fans come in many stunning designs and styles. If you are looking for an innovative and good-looking fan, then light ceiling fan is ideal for you. You can experiment with great styles and designs when choosing a light ceiling fan.

Is a ceiling fan a good purchase?

The light ceiling fan is a good investment as you can get lights, fans and a decorative piece at the same. As everything is available in the fan, you do not have to purchase interior lights separately. Also, the price you pay for all these fan and accessories is less.

What is the use of light in a ceiling fan?

The ceiling fan with light is not only for decoration but it also saves the energy used by the fan. The unnecessary energy passing through the circuit is passed to the lights in the fan. The light in the ceiling fan does not need separate electricity as it takes the extra energy of the fan and uses it. Therefore, it is a total win on win purchase if you buy a light ceiling fan.

What are the best ceiling fan brands in India?

There are only less trustworthy light ceiling fan brands in India. Some of the light ceiling fans are offered by Havells, Bajaj, Crompton, Sameer, Activa, Jupiter and Kent. These brands provide great quality ceiling brand for the best price.

Which is the right blade length of a light ceiling fan?

The light ceiling fans ranging from a 45 to 50 cm blade light is suitable for many homes. These fans are excellent in providing proper ventilation for the home. The fan blades with this length are noiseless and provide smooth performance.

What is the right rpm rate in a ceiling fan?

The rpm rate of a ceiling fan is an important feature that decides the quality and speed of the fan. Today fans are available with an rpm rate of 320. At this rate, the fan will provide good ventilation and bright lighting effects for your home.

Is there a light ceiling fan with the remote control?

There are lots of stunning options when it comes to a light ceiling fan. You can get multicolor ceiling fans with LED lights. Also, you can choose a light ceiling fan with remote control option. These types of ceiling fans are easy to control form any part of the house.

What are the blade options in a light ceiling fan?

The light ceiling fans with 2, 3 and 4 blades are popular. They come with excellent light effects and aeration effects. The five-blade light ceiling fan is unique and expensive from the others. If you are on a budget, then you can get a light ceiling fan with 3 or 2 blades for fewer prices.

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