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10 Best Ceiling Fans Under 1500 Rs. In India 2022

Best Ceiling Fans Under 1500 in India 2022 : Ceiling Fans come in different sizes and designs. Therefore, when you purchase them, you have to make sure that you pick the right size. Other than that, you should also keep your prime focus on its motor’s RPM and design. These days many ceiling fans come with motors that have copper winding and ball bearings. Because of this, the life of the ceiling fan gets prolonged, and it also operates quite smoothly. You will also find ceiling fan manufacturers in India, focusing a lot on designing these appliances these days.

Hence, people now also consider the look that the ceiling fan will set in their rooms. They try matching it with their aesthetic of preference and even with the design of their rooms. We also know how one can find ceiling fans that are made following particular themes in the country. But no matter what, ceiling fans are one of the most necessary appliances that one needs when he/she lives in India. The summer season here is quite hot, and even in winter, ceiling fans remain operational.

Therefore, the hunt for a good ceiling fan that lasts years is a continuous thing that goes on and on. However, a considerable population still prefers to choose economical products. This does not mean that people who think like that end up with the less qualitative ceiling fans. In fact, you will find many economical ceiling fans that work very well and do not need regular maintenance. But some people still struggle to find such options. For them, we have brought ten best Indian ceiling fans that have a price under Rs. 1500.

Best Buy Ceiling Fan Below 1500 INR 2022

If you wish to take a look at them, we shall continue our discussion below –

1. Orient Electric Ceiling Fan

Orient Electric Apex-FX 1200mm Ceiling Fan

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Orient is the one company in India known explicitly for making ceiling fans with the longest life span possible. So, we are starting our list with one of their most economical ceiling fans ever made. The Electric Apex-FX ceiling fan is the fan that costs below INR 1500 and can be chosen from two colors. These colors are brown and white. Orient has chosen such color options so that the Apex-FX ceiling fan suits will both dark and light color tones of walls and interior designs. Just because it costs below Rs. 1500 you should not think that its quality is jeopardized.

Instead, we have to say that this is one of the best ceiling fans we have come along in this range. It has a huge life span, and it also looks good with most of the designs. Its motor can rotate at the maximum speed of 370 rotations per minute. Other than that, its CMM is also high, so that you never complain about a lesser air delivery than usual. Throughout the Summer season, this ceiling fan will prove to be a gracious appliance. In winters, you can choose to operate it at a slower speed as you like it.


  • The blade sweep of the Apex-FX ceiling fan is 1200 mm.
  • Its three blades are all made using aluminum, which is a very light material.
  • You will not find excessive adornments and fixtures on its design, which is excellent if you like minimalist products.
  • Orient is going to offer a 2-year warranty on this ceiling fan.


  • We literally did not find any cons of this ceiling fan.

2. Bajaj Maxima Ceiling Fan

Bajaj Maxima 600 mm Ceiling Fan

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Most people look for smaller fans that they want to fix on the ceiling of smaller places. These smaller places and spaces can include anything from a small shop to a storeroom. In such cases, a small fan with high RPM works pretty well. So, here we are with the Bajaj Maxima ceiling fan. We have already discussed a three-bladed ceiling fan, and we are going to discuss many of them as we move further. However, in this small ceiling fan, you are going to find four tiny blades. They all get fixed at a 90-degree angle, which balances the entire design of the appliance.

Its motor is so efficient that it makes the ceiling fan run fast as soon as you turn it on. All of this is possible because of the double ball bearings, making it run exceptionally smoothly. The maximum RPM that this appliance can reach is 870. It is truly unbelievable, isn’t it? And even after that, the wattage only lies at 66 Watts, which is undoubtedly very near to the average range of power consumption of ceiling fans that you can find in the country. Its looks are modern that will suit anywhere. For a small space, this is the best ceiling fan that one can find.


  • The four blades make the entire design of the ceiling fan balanced.
  • The RPM of this ceiling fan can reach up to 870 revolutions per minute.
  • Its price won’t harm your budget at all.
  • The ratings remain optimistic when it is about this small ceiling fan.


  • The ceiling fan won’t suit larger rooms like halls and drawing rooms.

3. Crompton Sea Wind Ceiling Fan

Crompton Sea Wind 48-inch Ceiling Fan

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For white lovers, we have a ceiling fan in the particular shade of white known as Opal White. Crompton manufactures this ceiling fan. Its overall functioning is very smooth, and you will never complain about its blade movement. With a cost-effective ceiling fan like this at your home, you will have the best time of your life. As an air circulator, it works well to spread natural air throughout the room to cool your body down when facing the heat. In modern aesthetic settings, this ceiling fan suit very well. Additionally, it can be a dream for people who love white designs.

The blade size of all three blades is 48 inches, sufficient to spread air in a room with a regular size. You will also get a warranty card and an instruction manual that you can to get a warranty up to 2 years and also fix the fan easily on any type of ceiling. For a simple lifestyle, Crompton chose to give this ceiling fan a simple design. As you fix it in your living room or bedroom, it will impress you with its silent functionality and operation. All of its exterior parts are coated with a powder finish so that they can always resist all sorts of corrosion.


  • The noise of this ceiling fan always remains minimized.
  • Its design is simplistic, yet this ceiling fan is highly reliable and utilitarian.
  • The warranty that comes with the appliance can be claimed easily and quickly.
  • It is a ceiling fan known to be perfect for all Indian seasons.


  • For those who do not like white designs, this ceiling fan won’t impress.

4. Bajaj New Bahar Ceiling Fan

Bajaj New Bahar Deco 1200mm Ceiling Fan

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The Bahar Deco ceiling fan is something that many Indians want in a ceiling fan. In rural regions, most people have an antique setting. Such themes can also be seen to get followed in cultural and traditional restaurants. Hence, it becomes a need to also get the appliances that come with the same themes so that they do not look like an outcast. Because of this, we had high hopes with this ceiling fan. And let us tell you, the appliance did not fail to impress us at all. With a brown design that resembles chocolate’s color, you will like having it in antique spaces, as we mentioned.

Other than that, you will also find traditionally designed golden fixtures on its blades and also at its center. The ribbed design of the ceiling fan’s blades makes it look even better. You can find hundreds of Indian customer reviews of this ceiling fan on the internet as well. That will surely make you understand a few more things that you will discover in its features and details. The metalized and glossy design of this ceiling fan is what attracted us the most. It also has a rust-free finish, which will never corrode. Therefore, the fan will last longer without making you face considerable problems in its maintenance.


  • This is one of the most economical and energy-efficient ceiling fans.
  • It will suit best with spaces that have an antique or cultural Indian design.
  • The motor unit is highly durable and reliable.
  • The quick start nature of the motor is also what we highly appreciate.


  • For modern settings, this is not the ceiling fan that you would want.

5. Solimo Swoosh Ceiling Fan in Ivory Design

Solimo Swoosh Ceiling Fan in Ivory Design

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Another economic ceiling fan that we have brought for you in this range is the Solimo Swoosh ceiling fan. The fan’s blades’ wing sweep is 1200 mm, which is sufficient when it comes to covering the rooms with a huge size. Additionally, we are the fans of its Ivory design. That is because golden pieces on its blades go very well with this color. If it were pure white, the entire design wouldn’t look that good. Other than that, we would also tell how much we liked its smooth performance. However, this ceiling fan will need strong and regular maintenance for a life of more than a decade.

But again, as you look at its price, the deal is not that bad. Like a regular ceiling fan that you may find in India, you will see three blades in its design. It can efficiently work well at a voltage range that lies near 230 Volts. But we will have to ask you to only call a professional electrician to get it fixed. This is because the fan’s design can be quite tricky to fit, and you will surely need help if you do not have good experience with ceiling fans. In the deal, you will receive three of the ceiling fan’s blades, a motor, and a reader’s manual to make the installation process a bit easier.


  • The golden pieces on its design look good with its Ivory base design.
  • The sweep and air delivery of this ceiling fan is suitable for the medium and larger rooms.
  • You will always get peaceful sleep when this ceiling fan is running courtesy of its noiseless operation.
  • Its whole design is known to be highly sturdy.


  • The life of this ceiling fan can only be enhanced with proper maintenance.

6. Sameer 24 Gati Ceiling Fan with High-Speed Features

Sameer 24 Gati High-Speed Ceiling Fan

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We have another mini fan for you in the ceiling fans’ ten options with a price below INR 1500. This one is by Sameer. Since it is a mini fan, you will find four blades in its design, like other smaller ceiling fans in the country. You can get it in a dark brown design and get it running in smaller rooms for proper air delivery. Even when this ceiling fan is operated at its highest speed, it still never burns out or gives up. You can run it continuously, and it will still not stop or start running slower over time.

It has a sweep of 600 mm, and its entire design measures 24 inches. Other than that, the wattage of this small ceiling fan is 50 watts, while the highest speed that its motor can rotate is 850 RPM. No matter how tiny or large, all of its parts are made using the most qualitative material. You will also get shackle fittings along with the down rod, blade set, and the central motor of the ceiling fan in the deal. The product is originated in India, and if you purchase it, you will indeed be helping people who have their businesses and work set in the country.


  • The low wattage and high RPM of the ceiling fan’s motor are what wins our hearts.
  • It will last a long time if you use it with full maintenance and servicing.
  • Its blades are designed with keeping the aerodynamic nature in mind.
  • It can also perform well and run at a good speed when the voltage is low.


  • Like other mini fans, this fan is also not something that will be suitable for rooms or spaces that are huge.

7. Candes Star Anti-Dust High-Speed Ceiling Fan

Candes Star High-Speed Ceiling Fan

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Candes is a well-known name in India when it is about the best ceiling fans. The Candes Star High-Speed ceiling fan is hence what we are going to discuss next. Since this fan has a dark coffee brown design, it suits pretty amazingly with spaces or rooms with designs that have been created using darker themes. We chose this particular fan for a discussion here because it has a matte design. Matte designs are known to be loved by people these days, no matter what the product is.

Other than that, this ceiling fan also has fixtures of gold adornments on its design. You will find those pieces on the fan blades as well as on its central motor housing. With a perfect and well-suited balance of technology and elegance, this ceiling fan will also last numerous years without making you feel the need to call an electrician again and again. It cools the room properly by throwing and spreading a sufficient amount of natural air in all corners. It is a must buy ceiling fan because you can also choose to clean it once a month, and the ceiling fan will still look fantastic at all times.


  • The matte design of this ceiling fan looks exceptionally classy and modern.
  • The gold adornments go very well with the dark coffee design of the appliance.
  • The motor of this ceiling fan is also known to remain protected from thermal overload.
  • The motor of this ceiling fan has double ball bearings for a smoother function.


  • People who do not prefer matte finishes won’t like this ceiling fan.

8. Usha Racer Ceiling Fan

Usha Racer 1200MM 400RPM Ceiling Fan

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Whether it is the sewing machine or a ceiling fan Usha is the name that many people choose in India. The ceiling fan that we are going to discuss next is by them and is known to have a high-speed motor. The RPM of this ceiling fan’s motor can reach the highest of 400 RPM. Isn’t that amazing? With such high-speed rotations, you will love using this fan when it is the summer season in the area that you live in. And since the speed of the fan can be easily controlled, you can also use it when the weather is cold or the seasons are changing towards winter.

Most people choose the rich brown version of this ceiling fan. This is because this color matches well with the dark brown windows and doors that you often find in an Indian home. However, there are other color options, as well. They are – rich blue, rich red, rich white, and rich ivory. The air delivery of this superb ceiling fan is 210 CMM, while its wattage is 78 Watts. When you compare this wattage with that of other ceiling fans, you will indeed find it a little high. However, that is because of the high-speed motor that the ceiling fan is equipped with.


  • The steel lamination is superior and improves the life of the appliance.
  • Its RPM is rated very high, which is why the blades can easily move at high speed continuously without fail.
  • The down rod that comes in the deal is relatively superior.
  • Even when the voltage of your residence is low, this ceiling fan will still perform well.


  • The wattage of the ceiling fan is a little higher than other ceiling fan options.

9. Bajaj Frore Ceiling Fan

Bajaj Frore Ceiling Fan

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As soon as one hears the name of Bajaj, he/she can think about how qualitative their appliances are. After all, Bajaj is known to be one of the first electrical companies to be well established in the country. They have been serving a huge customer base in India for decades, and they are known very well to manufacture ceiling fans that last for more than five years, no matter the stress that is given. Hence, the next ceiling fan on our list is the Bajaj Frore ceiling fan, which you can buy from three different colors.

The names of these colors are – White, Blanco, and Brown. We will advise you to choose the color of the appliance that you think will go best with your house’s theme or interior design. Other than that, we must also discuss the wattage of this ceiling fan. The wattage is also the reason why we shortlisted this Bajaj ceiling fan out of the other options. It is only 56 Watts, and even then, the ceiling fan can move easily at high speed. The motor can face high torque and offers the right thrust as soon as you turn it on.


  • With a regulator, you can easily control the speed of this ceiling fan.
  • The load-bearing capacity of the fan always remains high because of the double ball bearing in its motor.
  • High performance can be easily achieved with this ceiling fan.
  • All three colors of the fan look exceptionally exquisite.


  • The colors that this ceiling fan is available in are pretty basic.

10. LONGWAY BREZZA Anti Dust Ceiling Fan

LONGWAY BREZZA Anti Dust Ceiling Fan

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When a fan comes with an anti-dust design, it solves a lot of your problems. This is because it is difficult to reach the ceiling to clean the ceiling fan’s blades regularly. Additionally, some people have their ceilings high up, so it becomes impossible to wipe and clean the ceiling fan’s design. In such situations, an anti-dust ceiling fan helps a lot. Thus, we are with the LONGWAY BREZZA ceiling fan now. With a silver-blue design and a black ring on its central housing, it is going to be the best ceiling fan that you will find in India.

With a super 400 RPM rotation of its high-speed copper motor, it is going to make air reach all corners of the room. Its air delivery is highly superior, and the performance of this ceiling fan will also remain high. It is an ISI marked ceiling fan, which is also approved by the BIS. It is compatible to be used with numerous inverted types as well. You will also get a brand warranty of 24 months in the deal. What more can one wish for? its blades are attached in such a way that they look angled; because of this, the fan’s air delivery is enhanced, and it can cover a larger area with its functionality.


  • This fan’s air delivery is amazing, and its blade covers a larger area than you would expect.
  • Its silver-blue design is unique and isn’t something you will likely find in ceiling fans.
  • Its blades will remain rust-free always.
  • You can get it installed in a professional setting e.g., an office also.


  • The color and design range of the fan is not wide.

List of Best Ceiling Fan under 1500 in India 2022

Product Price
Orient Electric Ceiling Fan ₹ 13,78
Bajaj Maxima Ceiling Fan ₹ 1,257
Crompton Sea Wind Ceiling Fan ₹ 1,453
Bajaj New Bahar Ceiling Fan ₹ 1,234
Solimo Swoosh Ceiling Fan in Ivory Design ₹ 1,435
Sameer 24 Gati Ceiling Fan with High-Speed Features ₹ 1,234
Candes Star Anti-Dust High-Speed Ceiling Fan ₹ 1,324
Usha Racer Ceiling Fan ₹ 1,441
Bajaj Frore Ceiling Fan ₹ 1,221
LONGWAY BREZZA Anti Dust Ceiling Fan ₹ 1,321


Ending up with an energy-efficient yet economical ceiling fan can be challenging. However, it is surely not something that is impossible. We tried to shortlist the best ceiling fans in India today for you. But we also wanted them to cost less, so we had to remove some options. Even then, we like our choices a lot as they are known to work best for many people. Once you choose a fan, you can also look it up on several sites to get more details through its ratings and reviews. If you like our picks of best ceiling fans under 1500 in India today, we have to tell you that we are glad!

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Ceiling Fans under 1500 Frequently Asked Questions

Are ceiling fans available in India for less than 1500 rupees?

In the first place, ceilings fans are available in India for less than 1500 rupees.

What brands sell ceiling fans for less than 1500 rupees?

Here is a list of brands in India that sell ceiling fans for less than 1500 rupees:
First is Orient Electric Apex Ceiling Fan
The second one is the Luminous Dhoom Ceiling Fan
Next, is Crompton Hill Briz Ceiling Fan
Later, Usha Diplomat Ceiling Fan
Lastly, Bajaj Frore Ceiling Fan

What to look for when buying a ceiling fan under 1500 rupees?

Consider the below-mentioned factors when buying a ceiling fan for less than 1500 rupees:
The Material of the Ceiling Fan
The first factor to consider when buying a ceiling fan is the material. Even more, the efficiency of the fan depends on the material of the ceiling fan. So, look for a ceiling fan material that suits the surrounding and climate of your location.
Room Size
The next factor to consider is the room size in comparison to fan size. In other words, the size of the ceiling fan depends on the size of the room.
Tilt in the Blade of the Ceiling Fan
The next factor to consider when buying a ceiling fan is a tilt in the blade. Look for ceiling fans less than 1500 with tilt in a blade. As ceiling fans with a tilt function more efficiently.
Power of the Ceiling Fan
The fourth factor to consider when buying a ceiling fan is power. Even more, the motor of the ceiling fan determines the power. Fans with higher power function more efficiently.

How much electricity does a ceiling fan under 1500 consume?

In the first place, the electricity consumption of the ceiling fan depends on its efficiency. Even more, ceiling fans with three or four-star rating are much efficient. Also, look for ceiling fans with energy-saving options for less electricity consumption.

Are ceiling fans less than 1500 rupees worth buying?

A simple answer to this question is yes. Even more, there are plenty of brands that sell good ceiling fans for less than 1500 rupees. Usha ceiling fans less than 1500 rupees perform well even at low voltage.