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10 Best Ceiling Fans In India 2022 – Expert Reviews, Buying Guide and FAQs

Best Ceiling Fans In India 2022

#1 Atomberg Renesa+ #2 Havells Leganza #3 Orient Electric Apex-FX
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Best Ceiling Fans In India 2022 : If you live in India, you must be fully aware of how each room of our houses has a ceiling fan. When you pick appliances for your new home, you just cannot ignore ceiling fans. After having to face a long and tiring day, it is the ceiling fan that helps your body naturally cool down. Over the years, we have also come across advancement in the designs of these appliances. Now they do not just serve as appliances on the ceiling. Instead, they also add to the overall aesthetic of the home. You have to have them in all situations.

Many Indian people choose them because they are better than the Air Conditioners. We believe that too. In the longer run, ACs are known to be harmful to our bodies. With a sudden change in the temperature of our surroundings, we are prone to develop cold. Some people may also start developing a mild fever if they are not habitual of being in an air-conditioned room. And let us not forget the huge spike in the electricity bill that Air Conditioners cause every month. They are also not good for the environment because of the tremendous energy they eat up.

These are all the reasons that must be enough to convince you that you should pick ceiling fans right now! If you are ready, then we have some good news. Below we have brought the discussion on then of the best ceiling fans that you can find in India. They are rated high by customers from many states of the country. Additionally, we have reviewed each product separately. This way, one can focus on the details of every single product. You can also try reading the cons of these best ceiling fans in India, along with the pros.

Best Ceiling Fans In India 2022

Let us discuss them all now –

1. Atomberg Renesa+ Ceiling Fan with Remote

Atomberg Renesa+ Ceiling Fan with Remote

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Atomberg is well known for manufacturing and selling ceiling fans in India. Most people choose their fans because they turn out to be more accessible. With the remote of their ceiling fans, you can control the appliance’s speed and turn it on and off as per your needs. The remote remains functional for a very long time and operate on batteries. After the batteries get drained, they can be easily replaced with the new ones. Today we will describe the Renesa+ ceiling fan by Atomberg. This best ceiling fan is available in two colors, which have names – Earth Brown and Pearl White.

With a smart and efficient design, this ceiling fan meets global standards. We don’t think we have seen any customer who hasn’t started liking this fan. However, one thing to consider is that the price of this fan is more than average. This is why most people refrain from getting it for their rooms. However, as far as the fan’s long life is known, you can be sure that once you put your money in this ceiling fan, the appliance will last for years without failing to perform well. It can also run on inverter battery and is known to consume lesser power than other ceiling fans that you generally find in the market.


  • This ceiling fan can be fully controlled with the remote that comes with it in the deal.
  • Its remote runs on batteries that can be easily replaced.
  • The design of this ceiling fan is modern and minimal.
  • It can run easily in the voltage range of 140-285 Volts.


  • The higher price of this ceiling fan by Atomberg is the only con that we have come across.

2. Havells Leganza Ceiling Fan with Bronze and Gold Design

Havells Leganza Ceiling Fan

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Havells is a big name in the market of electrical appliances in India. Mostly, they are known for their electrical wires. These wires are used a lot in the wiring of homes. They are known to never catch fire even when any short circuit occurs. However, you must not know that Havells also manufactures and produces ceiling fans that are as qualitative as their wires. We have seen many Indians you invest in their ceiling fans. Most of them never return to the ceiling fans of other companies once they put their money on ceiling fans by Havells.

However, one must know that due to the highly qualitative build, their fans’ price is higher than the others. Today, we will discuss some facts about the Leganza ceiling fan by Havells. With a bronze and gold design, this is the ceiling fan that will entirely change your room’s look. As soon as you have a look at it, you will get the royal feel. We think that it is safe to say that the Havells Leganza fans are among the most elegant and good looking ceiling fans you can ever have your hands laid on. Its design is quite elaborate as it has four blades in its design. For large-sized rooms, this can prove to be the best ceiling fan in the house.


  • The metallic finish of this ceiling fan looks superb.
  • Its air delivery always remains superior.
  • With an innovative design, this ceiling fan comes with four blades.
  • You can get it installed in larger rooms in your homes.
  • Its sweep is rated at 1200 mm. The frequency at which this ceiling fan operates is 50 Hertz.


  • The price of this ceiling fan is quite high.

3. Orient Electric Apex-FX Ceiling Fan

Orient Electric Apex-FX Ceiling Fan

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If you know about a few names in India that make the best ceiling fans, you probably know very well about Orient. They have established an amazing market of ceiling fans in our country and have set firm feet with excellent performance and customer services. You will find their ceiling fans in many Indian homes where they are truly loved for their ease in operation and minimal design. Therefore, the next ceiling fan that we are going to review is by Orient. It is the Apex-FX ceiling fan that you are going to find in two colors, namely – white and brown.

The color that you should pick entirely depends on the design of the room that is going to have a ceiling fan fixed in. With a seamless design and noiseless operation, this ceiling fan is one of the best fans that one can find in the country. You can also trust the fully-fledged design and quality of the product with your eyes closed. That is how trustworthy Orient Electrics is known to be in India. If you have trouble, you can also try contacting them, and they will try to get to you as soon as possible. With a price that touches the mean price of most of the ceiling fans in India, we have to say that you should not miss out on this best ceiling fan.


  • This ceiling fan has a fully-fledged electrical motor.
  • Its top cover is made using CRCA material.
  • This ceiling fan can easily operate in the voltage range of 220-240 Volts.
  • You will also get a down rod in the deal along with the parts of the ceiling fan.


  • The durability of the down rod of the ceiling fan can be increased a little.

4. Luminous Dhoom Ceiling Fan

Luminous Dhoom Ceiling Fan

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In India, Luminous is quite famous for its inverters. In most households, you are prone to find Luminous inverters that help become the power source of electrical appliances during power cutoffs throughout the year. Many experts suggest their inverters with full force in the country. However, did you know? Luminous also manufactures best ceiling fans that will last decades with minimal maintenance. Yes, that is wholly true. Over the years, Luminous has created a reliable and extensive market in the country of their ceiling fans. Slowly and steadily, their ceiling fans have reached the homes of thousands of Indians.

Today, on number four, we will review their Dhoom ceiling fans, which have power consumption rated at only 70 Watts. It is very important to choose appliances with low power consumption as such appliances help save a lot of electricity and money in the long run. You can pick from three colors of this ceiling fan: white, ivory, and brown. People who like light tones of colors can go with ivory or white. In contrast, those of you who are fans of darker colors can choose the brown version of this ceiling fan by Luminous. Its air delivery is optimum, and its blade can repel dust in very good ways.


  • The blades of this ceiling fan do not deposit dust and dirt on them.
  • You can choose this ceiling fan from three different colors.
  • Instead of square edges, this fan has rounded fan blades.
  • The air delivery of this appliance is rated at 220 CMM.
  • The Luminous Dhoom ceiling fan also comes with a 2-year warranty.


  • This ceiling fan might need yearly maintenance for smoother and better operation.

5. Crompton Hill Briz Brown Ceiling Fan

Crompton Hill Briz Brown Ceiling Fan

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The Hill Briz ceiling fan by Crompton is known to give immense competition to other ceiling fans in the Indian market. You are not going to find anything extraordinary in its overall design. Its blades are shaped as regular ceiling fan blades, and they also do not have any pieces of adornments fixed on them. But when it is about the functionality and build of this ceiling fan, you will find that both of these aspects are truly unmatched. These aspects are why this ceiling fan is one of the most sold ceiling fans in the country. You can try reading many of its customer reviews on e-com sites, and you will find all of them to be exceptionally appreciative.

If the ceiling is too high, one can also get the fan fixed with the help of an immersion rod. This will lower the fan’s blade level, and the air that they will spread will reach you in a better way. However, this rod does not come in the deal, and you will have to invest in it separately. The sweep of this superb ceiling fan is 1200 mm. This sweep is equal to the sweep of most of the ceiling fans in India. Therefore, you won’t have any complaints regarding that at all. With an instruction manual in the deal, fixing this fan will surely become easy for you.


  • The blades of this ceiling fan get fixed at an angle proven to be suitable for maximum air delivery.
  • The body of this ceiling fan is made using aluminum, which is why it is lightweight.
  • For advanced corrosion resistance, the blades of this fan are powder coated.
  • This appliance is highly durable and reliable.


  • Some people do not like the minimal design of this ceiling fan.

6. Solimo Ceiling Fan

Solimo Ceiling Fan

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When we were preparing and writing our reviews of the best ceiling fans in the country, our prime focus was to add economical and high-end fans. We thought that this way, it will be better for our readers to choose a fan according to their budget that they might have fixed. Therefore, we have another addition of an economical ceiling fan option for you on number six. This fantastic ceiling fan has a design that comes in three colors: ivory, brown, and white. Ivory is a shade of white while brown is completely different and lies in the darker tones of the color pallet.

In the summer, this best ceiling fan in India will help you beat that hot heat in the most effective and efficient ways. You can choose to use it at slower speeds in the winter season. This way, the fan will prove to be useful throughout the year. If you ever notice any manufacturing defects in it, you can return and get the fan replaced in just a few days. All of this is possible because of the 2-year warranty that this appliance comes with. It will complement all sorts of home décor and won’t look odd or like an outcast. Its motor can smoothly rotate at 380 RPM, and this is indeed excellent.


  • The manual of this ceiling fan is very easy to refer to.
  • This ceiling fan only consumes 66 Watts of power.
  • Its blades are wide and offer an air delivery of 200 CMM.
  • Its overall operation will always remain smooth and noiseless.
  • Its entire build is proved to be highly sturdy.


  • You will have to get a trained electrician to get this ceiling fan fixed; otherwise, you will mess up the whole process if you do it yourself.

7. Candes Star High-Speed Ceiling Fan

Candes Star High-Speed Ceiling Fan

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This is a generation that loves having a matte finish on everything. However, we often have problems and hurdles when we look for ceiling fans with a matte finish. If you also have these dreams, then you can go with this ceiling fan by Candes Star. It is a decorative ceiling fan that comes with a black base design adorned with bronze pieces. This is the perfect fan for a dark room. Besides adding a modern touch to everything, it will also add a tinge of metallic shine to everything. All in all, this ceiling fan is the real definition of classy yet stylish.

With 100% copper winding and superb performance, this ceiling fan will never disappoint you for years. Many people choose it to get it fixed in their bedrooms or halls. In such kinds of rooms, this ceiling fan immensely helps elevate the interiors of everything that lies inside. It is built in such a way that the fan never causes electrical surges. Instead, it saves a lot of energy. Its bearing is made with high carbon steel, which is known to be one of the best materials to be ever used in making electrical appliances. Once you put your money on this ceiling fan, you will also get a 2 + 1-year warranty.


  • The warranty for this ceiling fan can be increased upon its registration.
  • This is one of the most good-looking ceiling fans that we have come across.
  • Its matte finish complements modern interior designs very well.
  • Its motor’s RPM is rated at 400, which is quite high for a ceiling fan’s motor.
  • Candes also offers on-site installation services of this ceiling fan is some states.


  • A few people like the contemporary glossy finish on ceiling fans; this fan is not for them.

8. Usha Bloom Magnolia Ceiling Fan

Usha Bloom Magnolia Ceiling Fan

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When it comes to fans, you are going to see a lot of new designs. This best ceiling fan is from Usha. The best feature about it is that its design is inspired by the Magnolia flower, which makes the ceiling fan look almost floral. How adorable is that? The design is exceptionally innovative and will go well with rooms having soft interior designs. You will get to see three color options for this fan. These are – blue, brown and white. Our personal favorite is the blue design of this appliance. This design neither looks harsh nor too soft.

The blades of the fan almost look like petals. They even have metal pieces fixed on them that look like leaves. With modern décor, this is the ceiling fan that will suit the best. Also, you do not have to overthink about the quality after all Usha has been a leading name in the Indian appliance market. Additionally, this ceiling fan comes with the anti-dust design. This way, you do not have to wipe its blade clean again and again. Even when the voltage is low, this ceiling fan will still perform the best. You will also love that this fan also has a surface resistant to all sorts of scratches and stains.


  • Since the fan is stain resistant, you can also try going with the light-colored version.
  • Its design looks exactly like a flower where its blades resemble petals.
  • This ceiling fan will work well even in low voltage conditions.
  • You will have a warranty of two years on this ceiling fan by Usha.


  • The packaging of this ceiling fan can be enhanced and improved a little.

9. Bajaj Frore Ceiling Fan

Bajaj Frore Ceiling Fan

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This ceiling fan is truly going to be the ceiling fan that will last decades at your home that too, with minimal maintenance. Most of the ceiling fans from Bajaj are known for their style as well as speed. Therefore, you must know that these two aspects are not compromised in this ceiling fan as well. You can get it fixed on the ceilings on halls, bedrooms, as well as kitchens. The size of this ceiling fan, when it is completely assembled, is indeed perfect. You will neither find it too large too small for the ceilings of your home. It will look stunning and offer you the best experience that any ceiling fan can offer.

The power consumption of the Flore ceiling fan is rated at 56 Watts only. Apart from that, at air delivery of this electrical appliance is 205 CMM. With such tremendous air delivery, you will not have problems even when your ceiling is way higher than usual. It comes with double ball bearing in its motor. This way, the durability and the load-bearing capacity of the fan is always maximized. With ribbed design in its blade, they will all prove to be much more stable than the blades of standard ceiling fans. You will also enjoy a warranty of 2 years on the appliance.


  • The blades of this ceiling fan have a ribbed design for better stability.
  • It is equipped with a quick-start high torque motor.
  • You can buy this ceiling fan from two colors, which are brown and white.
  • The price of this electrical appliance is economical.
  • This fan does not need a lot of maintenance.


  • The white-colored version of the fan’s design may get dirty quite often.

10. Activa Aspra 390 RPM Ceiling Fan

Activa Aspra 390 RPM Ceiling Fan

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With a small Gold adornment on its design, this best ceiling fan is economical as well as cost-effective. When we saw its price, we could not believe it. At first, we thought that maybe because of its low price, the manufacturers would have jeopardized its quality. However, that is not the case at all. This is a BEE approved ceiling fan, which also comes with a warranty of two years. It is going to last for a very long time if you maintain it properly. It has utilitarian features like any other ceiling fan. Once fixed, you will be able to operate at a different speed according to the weather conditions.

The thing that people complain about the Activa Aspra ceiling fan is that it is only available in a white-colored design. This way, its cleaning has to be regular. Otherwise, the exterior design of the ceiling fan along with the blade, will develop a pale yellow color. Every time you turn it on, the fan will spread fresh air all across the room. For enhancement in the life of this ceiling fan, the manufacturers have put a lot of effort in heavily stamping its CRC. Its most exclusive features include the aerodynamically balanced blades and high flow technology that is used in making it to what it is.


  • This ceiling fan is BEE approved and also has 5-star ratings by them.
  • It comes with blades that are light and aerodynamically balanced.
  • Its price is highly economical and much lesser than the other ceiling fans.
  • The gold adornment at the center of the fan will add an antique touch to modern rooms.


  • The variation in the colors of this ceiling fan is limited.

How to Choose the Right Ceiling Fan in 2022 – The Beginners Guide

When you buy ceiling fans for the first time, you will have a lot of trouble while choosing them. After all, the market has a lot of options, and everything can become confusing. This is why we have lined up a few factors of ceiling fans before you. Consider them all before you buy a ceiling fan.

Let’s discuss them all now

Number of Blades in the Ceiling Fan: Usually, you will find ceiling fans with three blades in their design. However, some of the ceiling fans’ designs have four blades. Some people even choose ceiling fans with five blades as they think that such fans will deliver and spread more air in the room. However, this is not true. Three and four-bladed fans work much better than ceiling fans with five blades. Ceiling fans with five blades only help in elevating the aesthetics and looks of the room.

The motor of the Ceiling Fan: you should go with the ceiling fan that comes with a smoothly functioning motor. Generally, such motors in ceiling fans are known to have aluminum or copper bearings. They run quite well and are also known not to create a lot of sounds. The motor of the fan also decides the life span of the appliance. This is why it is exceptionally crucial to look into the details of the motor. You can also check the information on the frequency and rotations per minute of the ceiling fan of your choice.

Wattage: The wattage of the ceiling fan will tell you a lot about its power consumption. Ceiling fans are known to have less wattage when compared to other appliances. This is why people tend to choose them over air conditioners in India. Ceiling fans are used in all seasons, so you also have to know what the fan’s wattage is before you get them installed. A general wattage of 70 Watts is known to be reasonable, and you can go with ceiling fans with a wattage near this point.

Size of the Fan: When it comes to ceiling fans’ size, we try to divide them into three categories. As you go through them, you will realize which size will suit your home the best. Let us discuss all three of them:

Mega Ceiling Fans: These ceiling fans are enormous, and they have blades that are long and extended. The best thing about these ceiling fans is that they help deliver air to a large area. You can find these types of ceiling fans in airport halls. Even when they run at slow speed, their operation is quite an air delivery that will be enough to prevent your body from heating. These fans are only chosen for public spaces, and they do not find domestic uses.

Standard: The type of ceiling fans generally come with three blades in their design. They may or may not be fixed with the help of a down rod. Mostly, people choose to have these types of fans for their living rooms and bedrooms. They have less wattage, and they do not take huge ceiling space. You can also have them installed in the halls of your home if you want.

Mini Ceiling Fans: When the room is small, you might want to choose this type of ceiling fan. They generally have three blades in their design, but some mini ceiling fans also come with four blades. The ceiling space that they take up is even lesser than standard ceiling fans. People generally choose to get them fixed in small rooms like a storeroom or a small shop. They can be operated at a very high speed, and their air delivery is also fantastic.

Styles of Ceiling Fans: Yes, that’s right! You can find ceiling fans in different styles, so you need to understand them all before you think of going on and buying one. The different styles of ceiling fans are:

Tropical Ceiling Fans: If you have coastal interiors, there is nothing you should choose other than tropical ceiling fans for your home. These ceiling fans have natural patterns on them. They suit the design of bright rooms quite well. However, if your room has dull walls, then also these ceiling fans will work well. In those cases, they will help pop the colors in your room.

Contemporary Fans: These types of ceiling fans will be great for transactional and modern spaces. Their design is simple, and they do not have any extra elements on their blades. Their finish is generally matte, but you can also find them in the glossy finish. With smooth metallic styling and clean lines, they will prove to be a minimal adornment to their fixed space. You will find them in cool-toned color pallets.

Antique Ceiling Fans: These ceiling fans have an exceptionally royal look. You will find adornments and pieces fixed on them with gold, silver, or bronze finish. The ornamental look of these ceiling fans compliments antique interior designs a lot. They will surely make the room look more vintage. The decorative filigree on them is something that most people cannot easily ignore.

Ceiling Fans with Plain Designs: These are the ceiling fans that you will usually find in an Indian Household. Their designs are neither over the top nor too mild. They generally have solid colored designs, and the whole tone of the fan is regular. You can get these type of fans quickly in the local stores near you.

Airflow: The fan’s airflow is also one of the factors that you should not even think of ignoring. We have seen that ceiling fans known to circulate more air are also famous for consuming less power. However, these fans are generally smaller in size. People get them installed in warehouses and garages. The airflow of the ceiling fan that you pick can be easily seen from its details. An airflow rated near 200 CMM is known to be good. So if you are planning to fix the ceiling fans in your rooms, this is the range you should think of ending up with. With a high airflow, the fan will also be able to drive out pests and mosquitoes. This way, you will have a relaxing time in your room.

Controlling and Operating the Ceiling Fan: You might already know that ceiling fans are generally turned on and off with switches’ help. Buy other than that. You should also see if the ceiling fan could be attached to a regulator. This regulator will help manage the speed of the fan quickly. This way, in winter, you could operate the fan at low speed while in summer, you can opt for high speed and airflow. Additionally, you should know that you can also find ceiling fans that can be controlled with a remote. Such ceiling fans can be managed quite easily, and you won’t have to go for the switch of the appliance all the time. But these ceiling fans cost more than the average. It is also tricky and challenging to find a lot of options for these fans in India, as we are known to go with the regular switch operation of ceiling fans.

Anti-Dust: Let’s be honest; we also know how tired one can get cleaning ceiling fans. After all, it takes a lot to reach them. So, we think it is always a good idea to go with ceiling fans with anti-dust design. They are made in such a way that they never deposit dust on their exterior. Hence, when the dust doesn’t get deposited, you are not supposed to pick that cleaning cloth, again and again, every week to clean the fan’s blade. You should try to look for ceiling fans that come with anti-dust design.

Price: The price of the ceiling fans also matters a lot. After all, most of the ceiling fans that you find to be qualitative are known to have prices above the average. Therefore, along with the quality of the product, you also have to deal with its cost. Before you pick the appliance, we would ask you to research its average price in India thoroughly. Generally, people do that by checking the rates of different ceiling fans on various websites. You can do that as well. Once you do that, you will get the exact idea of the money that you should spend. This will also help you lineup a budget for the fan. You love to check best fan under 2000 | best ceiling fan under 1500 | best ceiling fan in India under 1000

These were all the factors that we wanted to describe in our buying guide. We hope that you skim through all of them and only then head to pick a ceiling fan for your usage.

Bottom Line

A ceiling fan can be an advantageous appliance for you, especially when you live in India. Many manufacturers have started making them in different designs following different themes. From that, you can derive that ceiling fans are not just any appliances. They also help elevate the entire design of the room if you pick them wisely. If you ever have any problems choosing them from a wide range, you can visit the buying guide that we wrote especially for you after extensive hours of study. Trust us; you will not regret buying a best ceiling fan 2022.

Frequently Asked Questions about Best Ceiling Fans

Does the number of blades in a ceiling fan matter?

To be honest, the number of blades does not matter that much. However, many experts believe that more than four blades in a ceiling fan will reduce the amount of air it spreads. Therefore, you must stick with ceiling fans having three or four blades only.

What are the famous companies of ceiling fans in India?

We have lined up ten ceiling fans today. For the lineup, we only chose the best companies that are known to manufacture ceiling fans that perform very well. You can look at each one of them and decide this for yourself. We have only mentioned the best.

How useful is a ceiling fan?

A ceiling fan can be your natural source of having fresh air thrown on your body after a tiring day. It does not elevate the temperature of decrease it so its entire operation won’t harm your health in the long run.

Why should I choose a ceiling fan?

You should choose a ceiling fan because it is an economical appliance. It is known to not consume a high amount of power. Most ceiling fans can also work well in low-voltage situations.

How to get a ceiling fan fixed?

We will suggest that for fixing a ceiling fan, you should call a professional and experienced electrician at your home. They know the entire process very well and won’t damage the fan at all.

What to do when the ceiling is too high?

In such cases, you can always get a rod, which helps bring the fan at a lower level. This way, the air that the fan spreads will reach the entire room in a much better way.

How are ceiling fans controlled?

To control a ceiling fan, you can use the switch. However, these days some fans can also be operated and controlled with the help of a remote. These remotes make everything easier for you as you do not have to get up in order to control the speed of the fan.

What is the average price of ceiling fans in India?

On average, you will find ceiling fans within the price range of INR 1000 to INR 3000. Any fan that costs more than that is known to have a rate on the higher end.

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