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Top 10 Best Ceiling Fan Brands In India 2023

Ceiling fans are a highly necessary home appliance in a country like India, where the temperature is always high. Also, it is great to have a ceiling fan to feel comfortable in all weather conditions. Moreover, ceiling fans are energy-efficient and easy to operate compared with other appliances. Though they don’t reduce the room temperature, they can make you feel cool by circulating the air. So, it is worth investing in a ceiling fan for your home.

Many brands manufacture ceiling fans, and that creates a difficult situation for an average person to select one good product. But if you know about the top brands that make ceiling fans in India, then you can easily choose a good ceiling fan for you. This article discusses the top ten best ceiling fan brands in India to give you an idea about them. So you can read on to know about them.

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1. Havells

Havells is one of the most common brands in India for ceiling fans. It has a range of options such as energy-saving fans, decorative fans, metallic fans, high-speed fans, regular fans, under light fans, etc. With exceptional style, the Havells ceiling fans are a brilliant choice for homes and offices. The Havells ceiling fans are mostly preferred for comfort, safety, durability, and performance. By using the ceiling fans of this brand, you can make an impression in your home. Another best thing about Hevells ceiling fans is that they are easy to install. With matchless performance and unique design, Havells ceiling fans are great for any home décor.

2. Bajaj Electrical

Bajaj electrical is the brand that manufactures a range of household products for people in India. The products of Bajaj are known for their quality, durability, and performance. When fans become a must-have appliance in India for all weather conditions, Bajaj electrical brings excellent quality ceiling fans that fulfill the customer needs. With stylish design, Bajaj ceiling fans are great to have at home. Whether you need ceiling fans for home or office, Bajaj has a range of fans to meet your needs. Also, the ceiling fans of this brand are energy efficient that makes them great for Indian use. Apart from cooling your room, the ceiling fans also provide greater convenience to users.

3. Crompton

Like other brands, Crompton also has a good name in the Indian market for consumer products. This brand is more than 75 years old and produces outstanding products for people. The ceiling fans of the Crompton brand offer maximum comfort and keep your room cool all time. These fans are ideal for both home and office use. With a variety of colors, designs, and ornamental additions, the Crompton ceiling fans are an excellent choice for all types of applications. Its ceiling fans are engineered with perfection and innovation in mind that meet every person’s needs in the country. This brand also ensures making its ceiling fans one of the best choices in India and abroad.

4. Orient Electric

Orient Electric has a big share in the fan industry in India for more than 60 years. It is a part of the CK Birla Group and has made itself one of the best names in the Indian market for electrical appliances. This brand continuously does R & D and innovate new products to meet the lifestyle of people. Orient Electric has manufacturing centers in Kolkata, Faridabad, Noida, and Guwahati. It has a wide range of ceiling fans with the latest features, designs, and colors to fit any decoration. Whatever your need is, you can get your preferred ceiling fan from this brand. With exceptional design, performance, and cost-effective price, the orient ceiling fans are a superior choice for homes and offices.

5. V-Guard

Since 1977, V-guard is a popular name in the Indian market for high-quality electric and electronic products. The company was started by manufacturing voltage stabilizers and slowly grown up with multiple electrical products. Currently, the V-guard brand has a range of products that fulfill the needs of many people. The ceiling fans of the V-guard brand are widely popular and available across the country. It has a large network of distributors, dealers, and service centers in the country so that its customers can get assistance for their problems with ease. It also innovates new technologies and brings them to people to provide them a unique experience. With strict quality control measures, V-guard makes outstanding ceiling fans that offer high performance.

6. Usha

In the fan industry, Usha is a renowned name in India that manufactures high-quality appliances for multiple applications. It has a variety of ceiling fans with unique designs and decorations to provide cool air for maximum comfort. The Usha brand has ceiling fans for different purposes to let you select your preferred product with ease. With attractive colors and modern designs, the Usha ceiling fans are a superb option for decorating your home and office interior. It has different styles of ceiling fans such as goodbye dust fans, energy-saving fans, kid fans, universal fans, lifestyle fans, bloom series fans, and many more to let you choose a convenient option for you.

7. Atomberg Technologies

Atomberg is another top brand in India for making energy-efficient ceiling fans. The fans made by this brand are known for their comfort and performance. By manufacturing low power consumption ceiling fans, Atomberg Technologies is trying to create a better environment since 2015. This brand offers a range of ceiling fans to its customers with many useful features for an enhanced experience. Its ceiling fans are stylish and ideal for use in homes and offices, and also, many people in India like the fans of Atomberg. It uses BLDC motors in its ceiling fans that produce up to 65% lower electricity bills. Also, this brand’s ceiling fans offer high performance compared with other ceiling fans in the market. It manufactures the ceiling fans with high-quality materials and provides a three-year warranty on the products.

8. Luminous

Luminous is the first choice of many people in India when it comes to buying an electrical appliance. It is so popular in India because of the quality and assurance it provides. It has a broad range of electrical products with attractive features to meet the needs of people. With innovative design and exceptional quality, the Luminous brand offers great quality products to people. The ceiling fans of this brand provide excellent airflow and comfort to improve the experience of people. The brand also features DC motor fans that offer silent operation and faster startup speed. It manufactures a variety of ceiling fans for different purposes. Usually, luminous fans are made of aluminum and offer unmatched performance.

9. Lifelong

Since 2015, Lifelong is a popular name in the Indian market for outstanding home appliances. The brand has more than 100 products and is operational in over 500 cities in India. It has a range of ceiling fans with multiple features to improve your experience. It is available both online and offline to serve its customers effectively. The brand is famous for the quality and performance that its products provide. Those who need greater quality ceiling fans at an affordable price can buy the products of this brand. With the matchless performance and durability, the ceiling fans of Lifelong are a brilliant choice for any person.

10. Activa Home Appliances

Activa Home Appliances is a one-stop brand for a range of electrical appliances. This brand uses high-quality raw materials in the manufacturing process that offer greater durability and convenience. With a team of skilled professionals, it implements the latest technologies in its products to ensure high performance. Also, it makes industry-standard appliances that meet the needs of people. The products of this brand are highly famous in the Indian market for matchless quality, efficient performance, design, and robust construction. Also, it provides the appliances at a reasonable price to let people use them easily. The Activa Home Appliances is a good brand for superior quality ceiling fans with elegant design and useful features.


Installing a ceiling fan in your home is an efficient way to experience maximum comfort at home. As ceiling fans require low maintenance and consume less power than other appliances, they are becoming popular day by day. Therefore, if you are looking to buying a high-quality ceiling fan for your home, then you can go with the above brands. These are the top in India for manufacturing the best quality ceiling fans.

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