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Best Car Polish in India 2024 : Expert reviews and Buying guide

Hi, looking for the best car polish in India 2024 then you have visited the right website. Here, you will get all the details about the best car polish in India with all the specifications.

Our Best car polish in India 2024 Picks

#1 Wavex#2 Waxpol#3 Sheeba
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Cars are people’s priced possession. Not just the price, people are also particular about keeping their cars looking like brand new with products. Car polish is one such option. These waxy products are polished over the car’s exterior to restore the lost shine after years of being on the road.

Also, car polishes are extremely effective in concealing smudges or scratches on cars. Given that the popularity of car polish is increasing every day, it isn’t surprising that people are always on the lookout for the best choices.

Best car polish in India 2024

Best Car Polish in India Reviews 2024

For your convenience, we have done the hard work of research. When picking our top favorite car polishes in India, we wanted to focus on the quality, composition and results. Our top 7 picks are the best you can indulge in.

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So, below is the list of best car polish in India from which you can choose, and please read it carefully so that you do not face any problem.

1: Wavex® Silicone Emulsion SEPSG

Wavex Silicone car polish

Key Features –

  • Easy to dilute with water
  • Super thick formulation, high active content
  • Apply directly on the surface, spread and wipe with cloth or applicator
  • General surface polishing like Plastic, Leather, Rubber, Vinyl Surfaces

Starting the list off best car polish in India with the Wavex® Silicone Emulsion SEPSG. Unlike the other options, this is a multipurpose polish. You can use it on your car and even for other surfaces like plastic, leather and furniture pieces in the house.

Despite the super thick formula, you can bring it to your desired consistency using some water. The active formula in the emulsion holds onto the surface you brush it on. This rules out all the complications of damage that you are worried about.

For the cars, you might have to dilute the emulsion quite a bit. So, we’d recommend that you follow the instructions as mentioned on the product’s packaging for the best results. Also, if you don’t want the extra hassle, you can directly apply the emulsion on the car’s surface and then wipe it down.

Wavex has been in the market for years now, so reliability is a factor you won’t have to compromise at all. Also, this silicone emulsion is available in different multi-packs, including 1ltr, 5ltr or even 10ltr, if you want.

  • Easy to apply
  • Multipurpose use
  • Available in different sizes
  • Reliable brand
  • Ideal for different surfaces
  • Has a very thick formula

‎2: Waxpol Silky Touch Liquid Wax Polish

Waxpol Silky Car polish

Key Features –

  • SPRAY & POLISH in just 10 minutes.
  • Can be used by Hand or by Buffing Machine
  • Can be used AT HOME on Painted surface, Plastic, Wood, Rubber, Vinyl, Acrylic, PU, Laminate etc.
  • Suitable for all colours and can be applied on any Car Paint finish including metallic.

With a motto to “spray and polish in 10 minutes”, the Waxpol Silky Touch Liquid car Wax Polish is another popular choice you can blindly rely on. Besides the easy spray bottle application, the quick-acting formula is what makes the product stand out from the rest.

The silky touch liquid wax is formulated with a micro-polishing agent that adheres to the surface you spray on. This best car polish in India ensures that the sheen that comes from the wax instantly stays for months and years in the end. So, if you are looking for lasting results, this is your product of need.

Besides polishing your car, the formula shields the car’s exterior from UV ray damage and bug damage as well, if that’s something you are worried about. It also protects the car’s exterior from oxidation and acid rain damage.

Spraying the wax polish immediately creates a hydrophobic layer on the car, which is ideal if you live somewhere with rainy weather. It protects your car against constant water damage. The deep rich color is formulated with nourishing agents that contribute to the health of your car as well.

The versatile formula and usage of this wax polish are suitable for cars and furniture surfaces too if that’s something you are considering polishing. The spray bottle application eases the process quite a bit as well.

  • Easy results in 10 minutes
  • Creates hydrophobic layer
  • Protects the car’s surface
  • Nourishing formula
  • Easy spray-bottle applicator
  • Need a lot of the product in one go

3: Sheeba SCAIO07 All-in-One Multipurpose Liquid Polish

Sheeba Car polish

Key Features –

  • It’s active formula gives extra bright shine & new look to articles polished
  • Easy application, as simple to apply and as simple to buff and no extra efforts
  • Long Lasting
  • An ideal polish for application on Cars / Bikes & Scooter

Another all-in-one liquid best car polish in India is the Sheeba SCAIO07 All-in-One Multipurpose Liquid Polish. This has been around for years now and does a fantastic job in sprucing up the look of your car and other furniture pieces at home.

The active formula of this liquid polish restores the shine of your car that you have likely lost over the years. Also, you can directly spray it on the articles to polish the surface without much hassle.

Besides the results, you will be impressed with the mix of ingredients available in the liquid polish. It can make your car look shiny and at the same time, protect the exterior of the car without any complications at all.

The spray bottle applicator of this liquid polish offers an easy application method. You don’t have to worry about diluting, mixing or thinning the product anymore. All you have to do is take the spray bottle and directly spray it down on the surface.

Another factor worth mentioning is the longevity of the polish. A single spray of this multipurpose liquid polish will last you for quite a few months, which is promising. You can also use it on any safe surface without any worry.

  • Easy application
  • Long-lasting results
  • Multipurpose use
  • Comes in a diluted solution
  • Safe for any car or furniture
  • Doesn’t come in larger bottles

4: WAVEX Instant Spray Car and Bike Polish

Wavex instant car polish

Looking for a combo pack of car polish and microfiber towels? Well, the WAVEX Instant Spray Car and Bike Polish have got your back. This best car polish in India is particularly compatible with both bikes and cars, which is a definite bonus.

What makes the Wavex spray stand out from the rest is its impact in polishing different parts of the car. Not just the “paint part” of the car, you can use it on the metal and non-metal parts as well. This can easily spruce up the car’s look, making them look brand new in no time at all.

Besides automobiles, the Wavex spray is also perfect for interior household items and furniture, including a fridge, television and even the sofa set you sit on. So, buying a bottle of this polish will easily serve multiple purposes in one go.

The polish comes with a towel, which you can use to wipe down the excess drip and ensure that your car looks nothing short of perfect. Not just the potent formula, you will also appreciate the aroma of the spray, which is quite amazing as well.

  • Comes in a spray bottle applicator
  • Ideal for metal and non-metal parts
  • Comes with a towel
  • Perfect for household items too
  • Has a sweet aroma
  • Can often leave a cast if not cleaned

5: 3M IA260166334 Specialty Cream Wax

3M Car Polish

Key Features –

  • Intel Core i5-1035G1
  • 1920 * 1080 FHD anti-glare display
  • 8GB RAM that can be expanded
  • Integrated graphics card
  • Has Original Windows 10 Home
  • 1.6kg weight
  • 1-year warranty

3M is a brand that doesn’t require any kind of introduction. Besides the quality of their product, their reliability in the market is promising too. The 3M IA260166334 Specialty Cream Wax is a bestselling car polish in India.

The product is made with a durable, long-lasting synthetic cream wax that works in restoring the appearance of almost every automobile that you have in possession. From cars to bikes, it works in restoring the shine of them all.

Since it has a thick and putty-like consistency, you’d need extra steps to prep the car’s surface before applying it. Ideally, we’d recommend that you ensure that your car’s surface is cool and doesn’t have unnecessary dirt on it. If there is any, clean it thoroughly for the best results.

You do get one applicator pad with the product, which makes the application process a lot easier. Also, a single application can make a lot of difference, especially in terms of the shine and the glossy appearance of the car.

This Best car polish in India does come in a small tub, so if you want to spruce up the entire car, you might have to consider buying 2-3 just for the safe side. Also, when you are applying it, make sure you avoid doing it under direct sunlight.

  • Comes with an applicator sponge
  • Has a thick consistency
  • Long-lasting synthetic wax
  • Easy to travel with
  • Ideal for any automobile
  • The application process is complicated

6: Foxcare All in One Polish + Sealant

Foxcare Car polish

If you are particularly looking for a cheaper and best wax polish in India for your car, the Foxcare All in One Polish + Sealant is a good one. It is priced under Rs. 300 and is a long-lasting product, which means that a single application is more than enough.

Not just a polish, the formula is also a sealant. This means that if you have unnecessary scratches and bumps on the car’s surface, this one can conceal them with ease. With just a single swipe, you can easily get rid of the scratches and swirls, which is unbelievable.

The long-lasting shine of the product is another benefit why you can consider this for your car. Also, the versatile use of the product suggests that you can use it on your cars, rubber, vinyl or even plastic surfaces if need be.

The blended premium synthetic sealant technology in the product protects it against UV rays, sun and rain damage and other issues that can damage your car’s appearance and semblance. Also, it can work in all colours, so you can blindly buy it.

  • Gets rid of scratches
  • Provides UV protection
  • Long-lasting shine
  • Integrated with synthetic sealant technology
  • Suitable on any colour
  • The application involves multiple steps

7: Waxpol Showroom Finish Liquid Car Polish

Waxpol liquid car polish

Last on the list of best car polish in India is the Waxpol Showroom Finish Liquid Car Polish, which is under Rs. 200. The liquid polish comes with an applicator, making every car owner’s life a lot easier. Besides the wax in the formula, it has several other nourishing elements that make it a worthy purchase.

Not just for scratches, the formula also fixes paint smudges and other complications that you might experience. The highlight of this product is that it doesn’t affect the car’s color without any potential damage at all.

The premium wax formula restores the shine on the car as well and makes it last a lot longer than you anticipate. Applying the car polish also creates a hydrophobic layer on the car, further protecting it against unnecessary damage or rain.

  • Durable and long-lasting results
  • Has sealant properties
  • Doesn’t damage the color
  • Ideal for multiple surfaces
  • Creates a hydrophobic layer on the car
  • Comes in smaller quantity bottles

List of Best Car polish in India 2024

Wavex® Silicone Emulsion SEPSG₹ 329
Waxpol Silky Touch Liquid Wax Polish₹ 425
Sheeba SCAIO07 All-in-One Multipurpose Liquid Polish₹ 387
WAVEX Instant Spray Car and Bike Polish₹ 495
3M IA260166334 Specialty Cream Wax₹ 345
Foxcare All in One Polish + Sealant₹527
Waxpol Showroom Finish Liquid Car Polish₹ 429

This is the list of best liquid car polish in India 2024 from which you can choose the best for yourself. All the car polish model mentioned here comes with really good specifications and are top in performance.

Best car Polish in India 2024 : buying guide

Before you buy best car polish in india, there are certain factors you need to look out for. These are factors that determine if the polish you are buying is compatible with your car or not.

Here’s what you should check:


The car polish and waxes available in the market are not all multipurpose. You might need to check if the polish is compatible with your car’s surface and won’t damage the car’s surface and appearance in the long run.

Application process

There are car polishes that are available as a raw formula that you have to dilute and use. And, then you have a pre-prepped formula that comes in spray bottles. These can be applied directly to the car. We’d recommend the latter for easy application. However, if you want to buy in bulk, we’d recommend buying the raw formula.


Most car polishes contain natural ingredients like wax and extracts from plants that restore the car’s shine. You want to opt for products that promise long-lasting shine so you won’t have to redo the spray every other month. The reviews should give you an idea about the formula.

FAQ About best car polish in India 2024

What does car polish do?

Car polishes restore the car’s shine and make it look brand new. Also, they create a protective layer on the car’s surface.

When should you apply the car polish?

The frequency of application will depend on how long the shine stays. Generally, you might have to reapply every few months for the best finish.

Which car wax is the best in India?

The Waxpol Silky Touch Liquid Wax Polish is the bestselling car polish in India, especially because of the effective long-term results.

What happens if I use too much car polish?

Using car polish or car wax too frequently will damage the paint layer on the car’s surface, especially due to the chemicals in the formula.

Is it necessary to apply car polish after a car wash?

No, you don’t have to apply the car polish after every car wash.


Car polish has the potential to take your old car to look brand new. If you weren’t aware of them or didn’t know which product to buy, we hope this article about best car polish in India 2024 gives you all the insights you need. Also, while purchasing, check the compatibility of the product with the car’s surface for the best results.


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