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6 Best 90 CM Kitchen Chimneys in India 2023

Best 90 CM Kitchen Chimneys in India 2023: Buying a kitchen chimney is not a “status symbol” in Indian households anymore. It has become a necessity. With more and more varieties of kitchen chimneys making a breakthrough in the market, it isn’t surprising that people are consistently on the lookout for the best option.

Our Best 90 cm kitchen chimneys in India Picks

#1 Faber#2 Hindware#3 Elica
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But, what does “90 cm chimney” signify? A 90 cm chimney typically depicts the size of the chimney. It features a wider plane, an improved design and a better coverage area. However, 90 cm chimneys aren’t for every Indian household.

If you have a very small space in your kitchen with a two-hob gas oven, chances are that buying a 90 cm kitchen chimney will be futile for your kitchen. However, if you have a large open kitchen with three to four hob gas burners, a 90 cm kitchen chimney will be your ultimate savior.

Best 90 CM Kitchen Chimneys in India 2023

List of Best 90 CM Kitchen Chimneys in India 2023

Below is the list of the best ductless chimney in India 2023 from which you can choose the best kitchen chimney for yourself.

To make your choice and purchase decision an easy one, we have done all the research to bring you a list of the best 90 cm kitchen chimney in 2023 you can consider buying in India.

1: Faber 90 cm 1200 m³/hr Curved Glass Autoclean Chimney

Faber 90CM kitchen chimney in India

Specifications to know –

  • 1 year on product and 5 years of warranty on motor
  • Comes with 1200m3/hr suction
  • Around 10kg of weight
  • Type: Wall Mounted

Standing tall at the top of the list of best 90 cm kitchen chimneys in India is Faber’s 90 cm auto clean chimney. Besides the sleek curved glass design, the USP or the bestselling feature of this chimney is its high airflow and affordable pricing under INR 15,000.

Faber’s Everest Chimney is also a standout in terms of its functionalities, so you get the best of both worlds for a highly affordable price range. A single-touch auto-clean technology enables you to use the appliance carefree without putting manual labour into cleaning it.

Backed with Faber’s thermal auto clean technology, the chimney is programmed to expel and clean every last bit of accumulated dirt inside. So, you can say goodbye to oil and the debris left inside the kitchen chimneys that often require manual cleaning.

The all-black finish with the stunning curved glass design adds to the appeal of the appliance, especially if you want to add a bit of sparkle to your otherwise boring kitchen. Further, integrated with a powerful motor that functions at 1200 m3/hr air suction.

If you have a small to the medium-sized kitchen, this Faber 90cm kitchen chimney will be an optimal fit in your cooking space. Besides the powerful suction, Faber also takes the cake with the gesture and motion sensors in the front of the appliance.

Lastly, it is a filterless chimney that eliminates the need for unnecessary cleaning now and then. So, now, you can put aside the worry of needing high maintenance costs for the chimney every year. Also, the internal motor design allows easy expelling of the dirty smoke and air.

  • Filterless design
  • Features auto clean technology
  • Curved glass design
  • Ideal for small to medium kitchens
  • Gesture and motion controls
  • Foil pipes look bad

2: Hindware 90cm 1200 m3/hr Auto Clean Chimney

Hindware 90 cm kitchen chimney in India

Specifications to know –

  • 1 year on product and 5 years on motor warranty
  • Weight 16.2 kg
  • 1200 m3/hr suction
  • Touch Control

Hands down one of the biggest competitors to Faber 90cm chimney is the Hindware 90cm kitchen chimney. The features and functionalities of both these chimneys are fairly the same but they stand out in their way.

The biggest highlight of the Hindware auto-clean chimney is its unique design. If you want to enhance your cooking experience without inhaling the harmful smoke around, this is the chimney your kitchen has been waiting for all this while.

Unlike most of the other best 90 cm kitchen chimneys in India, this one features a pale-white, grey and black combination, which fits into the neutral aesthetics in several modern Indian kitchens. The Nevio 90 is also backed with thermal auto-cleaning technology.

With a maximum suction power of 1200 m3/hr and a powerful metallic blower, you can be assured that your kitchen will stay in the best condition even after years of rigorous cooking. With a price tag of around INR 18,000, the chimney provides the best functionalities.

It is integrated with feather touch controls with energy-efficient LED lamps integrated into the chimney for an easy cooking experience. Unlike the Faber chimney, this one is integrated with stainless steel baffle filters that will need cleaning now and then.

The metal oil collector on the side ensures that your chimney stays in pristine condition without any complications along the way. With a single installation, you get to enjoy a smoke-free cooking experience like no other.

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  • Sleek and aesthetic design
  • Powerful suction
  • Feather touch controls
  • Separate metal oil collector
  • Energy-efficient LED lights
  • Installation is quite complicated

3: Elica 90 cm 1200 m3/hr Filterless Auto Clean Chimney 

Elica 90 cm chimney in india

Specifications to know –

  • 1 year of product and 5 years of motor warranty
  • 160 watts of motor
  • 58 Db of noise level
  • 1200 m3/hr

For the households looking for an OG kitchen chimney brand, we have the Elica 90 cm 1200 m3/hr Filterless Auto Clean Chimney. Elica is a reliable and extremely worthy brand, especially if you want a hassle-free installation and after-sales service.

Coming to this particular 90cm auto-clean kitchen chimney has everything that you’d need to operate a hassle-free cooking experience. Ideal for a smart and efficient kitchen, the chimney features the heat auto-clean function that solves more than half of your problems.

Also, like the Faber Everest, even this one features a filterless technology for an optimal cleaning experience like no other. Not once will you have to go around and worry about manually cleaning your filters inside the chimney.

Designed with the touch control panel and motion sensor technology, the chimney works and operates like magic. Not once will you have to worry about getting confused about the individual operation of the buttons on the appliance.

The unique motion sensor technology enables easy operation, especially when you enter the kitchen and don’t want to mess around with the controls. Integrated with baffle filters, the overall design of this chimney is one of a kind. You also get access to two striking LED lamps in the chimney, which further adds to the high-efficient functions. Also, the chimney comes with a separate metal oil collector that you can pull out from the side and clean now and then.

  • Easy auto clean technology
  • Striking and stunning design
  • Integrated with LED lamps
  • Powerful suction
  • Separate oil collector tray
  • Motion sensor takes a time to get used to

4: Faber 90 cm Hood Primus Plus Energy Kitchen Chimney  

Faber 90 CM Kitchen Chimney in india

Specifications to know –

  • 5 years of motor warranty and 1 year on product
  • 58 Db noise level
  • 220 Watts
  • 1500 m3/hr
  • Weight is approximately 14 kg

Next up on the list of best 90 cm kitchen chimney in India is another one of Faber’s bestsellers. The Hood Primus Plus Energy is your budget-friendly and powerful kitchen chimney that you won’t regret purchasing. Backed with the auto clean technology, maintenance of this kitchen chimney has never been easier.

However, what makes this kitchen chimney stand out from the rest is the high suction power of 1500 m3/hr. Not once will you have to complain or worry about leaving streaks of smoke or oil fumes around in the kitchen anymore.

Besides the curved glass design and the all-black exterior, the chimney is also integrated with baffle filters that ensure optimal cleaning and a smoke-free environment for your cooking experience.

The chimney comes with touch sensor controls with LED lights, which further add to the benefits of this product. Long gone are the days of button-based controls. Just a simple tap on the surface can operate the chimney without any delays.

Integrated with a powerful motor, the chimney works effortlessly without any complaints along the way. Also, it creates a maximum of 58 dB noise, which is again a benefit you can’t get enough of. No longer will you have to worry about the constant whirring noise from the chimney when is running. The chimney doesn’t come with a separate oil collector on the side, despite the high suction power. However, you can get the same cleaned up during the annual maintenance and servicing of the appliance.

  • Integrated with baffle filters
  • Comes with touch controls
  • Integrated LED lights
  • Low noise production
  • Easy to operate
  • A pipe cowl is not provided in some packages

5: Elica 90 cm 1425 m3/hr Filterless Auto Clean Chimney 

Elica 90 CM kitchen chimney in India

Specifications to know –

  • 5 year on motor and 1 year on product warranty
  • It weighs 16.2 kg
  • Touch and motions sensor available
  • Airflow (max) 1425 m3/h

Last on the list of the best 90cm kitchen chimneys in India is the Elica 90 cm 1425 m3/hr Filterless Auto Clean Chimney. This is another one of the best chimneys under 20,000. Despite the cheaper price point, the chimney features a high suction power of 1425 m3/hr, which is quite impressive.

Featuring a sleek and premium design, the auto-clean chimney is ideal for small to medium-sized family kitchens. The smart and efficient kitchen chimney comes with heat auto-clean technology that cleans every last drop of accumulated oil from scratch.

This is another one of Elica’s bestselling filterless models that enables you to make the most out of the cleaning results after cooking. With a max airflow of 1425 m3/hr, the chimney works effortlessly and without any restrictions along the way.

The sealed motor design of the chimney supports filterless suction for easy cleaning down the road. Not once will you have to worry about the oil deposition and water vapors collecting dust inside the chimney. 

Paired with a powerful and high-quality metal blower system, the chimney not just gets rid of the smoke but takes the bad odor along with it. Also, the chimney is designed with a motor field that protects the motor for long-term usage.

Coming to the controls, the appliance features motion sensor technology for a simple wave smart function. Also, it is integrated with a highly potent LED light system in the chimney that illuminates the kitchen while you are in the process of cooking.

What separates this kitchen chimney from Elica from the rest is the installation kit. The product comes with the entire installation kit as an accessory. The same includes an aluminum duct, cowl cover, and clamp and aluminum tape for optimal security following the installation.

  • Sleek and premium design
  • Durable motor functions
  • Filterless suction technology
  • Motion sensor technology
  • Comes with an installation kit
  • The noise level is quite high

FAQ About Best 90 cm chimney in India 2023

Which is the best 90 cm chimney in India?

If we had to pick our favorite, we’d recommend looking into the Faber Everest 90 cm kitchen chimney if you are on a budget and the Elica 90cm kitchen chimney if you want better functionalities.

What kind of kitchen suits a 90 cm chimney best?

A large and open kitchen featuring 3 or more burners in a gas stove will benefit from a 90cm kitchen chimney since they offer wider coverage.

Which is better – 60 cm or 90 cm kitchen chimney?

Both of these variants are best in their way. However, it is the functionalities, the kitchen space and the individual operation of the chimney that ascertains which one would be an ideal choice for your kitchen.

Who Should Choose 90 Cm Kitchen Chimney?

As we mentioned before, what sets apart the 90cm kitchen chimney from the staple 60 cm kitchen chimney is the design and the size.

The 90cm kitchen chimney is a larger and much wider variant with more coverage area. It features wider panels and filters that can suck in excess smoke from a wider area underneath.

So, who should consider a 90cm kitchen chimney?

If we work by common sense, we’d recommend you buy a 90cm kitchen chimney if you have a larger kitchen space. For the kitchens with 3 or more burner gas stoves, a 90cm kitchen chimney is ideal.

Not only will it clean up the smoke and the dirt that comes out, but a wider panel chimney will also eliminate unhealthy fumes and odor that come out of the gas stove while you are cooking your favorite meals. 

So, ideally, we’d recommend a best 90 cm kitchen chimneys in India for a medium to the large-sized kitchen. However, more than the size of the kitchen, the choice depends on the gas stove and the kind of area it covers on the kitchen island.


Buying a best 90cm kitchen chimneys in India can be an amazing decision if you want to keep your kitchen looking spotless year after year. Our curated list of the top 5 picks is the best in the market and the best part is that every product is priced under 20,000. So, not only are the products high in quality, they are extremely reasonably priced as well.

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