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7 Benefits of Ceiling Fan with Lights

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There is no way to go around it, admit the fact that ceiling fans with lights are comparatively better looking and efficient than ordinary ceiling fans. This would be the case in the future too. If the light incorporated into the ceiling fan is LED, the efficiency and the benefits increase exponentially. Let us admit that there is a unique style and attractiveness a ceiling fan with light offer.

A ceiling fan with light indeed has several advantages to offer and almost no drawbacks to hold you back. No electrical device is perfect, while it offers advantages, it would also disadvantage; however, in this case, disadvantages are negligible. Ceiling fan with light has been around for many years, but it gained attraction in recent years. Here is everything you need to know about a ceiling fan with light, along with their key benefits.

Ceiling Fan with Lights in India

1. Decorative in design –

One of the main reasons why we recommend customers to go for a ceiling fan with light is because they are decorative by design. Yes, when compared to ordinary or designer ceiling fan, a ceiling fan with light is comparatively very decorative and stylish. If you haven’t noticed it until now, compare the looks and you could find the difference yourself.

A majority of ceiling fans with light are designed to offer a maximum stylish look, this is not the same with ordinary ceiling fans, based on the model they could be stylish and sometimes simple. If your room requires a ceiling fan that looks very attractive and could match the modern room setting, then you might not be able to neglect the style offered by a ceiling fan with light.

2. Optimum use of space –

Personally, this is one of the key reasons why I purchase a ceiling fan with light. Installing lights around the room is a time-consuming and hectic process. However, if you could just skip these things, nothing more could offer a sense of relief. Since ceiling fans with lights already comes with an efficient light incorporated into, there is no need to install other lights on the wall. This reduces the time-consumed, labor charges, and also saves a lot of space.

3. The efficiency –

There are different types of ceiling fans with the light available on the market, the difference could be based on the type of fan motor or based on the type of light. We recommend going to ceiling fans with LED lights. When it comes to efficiency a ceiling fan with LED light is 75% more energy efficient. In simple words, a ceiling fan with LED light will consume around 70% less energy than a ceiling fan and two wall lights.

4. Longevity factor –

When it comes to lifespan a ceiling fan with LED, this device is designed to last long. Compared to an ordinary ceiling fan, a ceiling fan with LED light is expensive. But, this price increase is justified by the quality of light and the fan itself. While you might have to regularly replace your wall lights, a ceiling fan with LED light is designed to offer 80,000 hours.

5. Optimum positioning –

Most people might not understand this factor without using a ceiling fan with light. Commonly, lights are installed on the walls and this has been the case for a very long time. Most households follow this method, lights installed on the wall do not spread the light uniformly in the room. However, as you know, ceiling fans are commonly installed at the center of a room. Install a ceiling fan with light at the center of a room and switch it on and you will find the light on the fan spread uniformly in the room. While you enjoy a good flow of air in the room, you get a pleasant light too. Such uniform light distribution could only be enjoyed if you have a chandelier or install lights on every wall in the room.

6. Versatility –

There is a ceiling fan with lights available on the market that could allow the user to control the light’s brightness. If the user does not need to light to be too bright, he/she could tone down the brightness. On the other hand, there are ceiling fans with the light available on the market that is designed to deliver light to only a specific area. Such a ceiling fan with light could serve the purpose of a table lamp or could make the room look more attractive.

7. More diversity in design –

While there are more than 100 different models of decorative and ordinary ceiling fans available on the market today, a majority of them have a style and design that revolve around a basic structure itself. They would most commonly be a change in color and a slight difference in blade and motor housing’s overall looks. However, when it comes to ceiling fans with light, things are very different. They come with different types of motor housing, different types of blades, and different types of light housing. Some of the models are so elegant that we forget it is a fan. The diversity offered by ceiling fan with lights is comparatively better than other ceiling fans. For example, there are ceiling fans with lights available on the market that has lightly inbuilt into the motor housing and there are ceiling fans with light housing protruding outside the motor housing. The ones with protruded housing will have unique and exceptional exterior housing design, making them look elegant and an alternative to those expensive large chandeliers’.

If you are planning to purchase a ceiling fan any time soon, then we recommend that you go for ceiling fans with lights, they are the future and you help you reduce your electricity bill to a great extent.

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